Facebook Buried My Conservative Page and Labeled Me “Fake News”

It seems Facebook isn’t done silencing all dissenting opinions just yet.

After permanently removing several prominent conservative voices yesterday for no other reason then Facebook claiming that they were “dangerous…”


…the proudly liberal company has upped the ante it seems, by notifying me that it has demonetized my page and will be throttling my views because it has decidedly labeled me as “fake news.”

How convenient that a leftist company, uses leftist fact checkers to remove everything they disagree with on a platform that heavily influences public opinion. On top of that I’ve had over 100 followers this year tell me they had to “refollow” my page because Facebook took the liberty of “unliking” it for them, and they only caught on because they felt like they hadn’t seen my stuff in awhile and manually checked for it.

So what did I post that was “fake news” you ask? I posted the video of that man on the roof when Notre Dame was burning, and no one was supposed to be there. I never said it wasn’t a fireman….but my followers pulled comparison pictures and pointed out that it wasn’t. Facebook removed the post that went fairly viral, and declared it was a fireman and absolutely nothing else (even if that’s not what French fireman wear.) If it seems a bit over the top as a reaction, it’s because if they admitted that the church fire was Islamic terrorism (and it was, fires don’t accidentally start spontaneously in two different locations)…it would unite all of Judeo-Christianity into pushing back against the unvetted, unchecked migration of Muslims the EU pushed on Europe. I mean, that’s what I think, but it’s not what I ever said….I already know you are not allowed to criticize Islam on any level on FB even if you specify you’re talking about terrorism….it was one of my many bans, so I already know.

But I digress, so my opinion is “fake news” now but CNN and MSN can get caught lying and manipulating stories and that’s ok? I have never posted anything that was against their terms of service either. All my past bans were for typical bullshit things they hit conservatives for like criticizing Antifa, Shariah Law, and my favorite….the time I spoke out AGAINST Ilham Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks.


The fact I’m being labeled fake news, when debunking fake news is mostly what I do is just fucking hilarious at this point.

Even if you don’t care about conservatives getting kicked off social media and shadowbanned….you should. Because it’s only going to spread and get worse before it gets better, and they’ll be silencing EVERYONE that has a dissenting opinion against the Left’s NPC groupthink.

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  1. You would think every post claiming collusion would be verified would have been labeled fake news… ?

    • Facebook, like the MSM, has been systematically deleting conservative news and opinions, for years.
      As with political correctness, this is just another way, to shut you up.
      The Liberal/Communist/Democrat/gutter dwellers, love it.

  2. Facebook and Twitter are both run by scum that want to ban anybody who opposes their fake propaganda, and label the truth tellers “false news”

  3. This whole leftist thing really pisses me off. Wish someone would come up with another social media outlet. Fb would fall then. ?

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