Facebook Banned Me For Speaking Out AGAINST Anti-Semitism


Once again, I’m on another bullshit 30 day Facebook ban. The heavily leftist biased platform has previously banned me for speaking out against Antifa, critiquing Shariah Law, denouncing Islamic terrorism, for posting a video where my followers identified a woman that was wrongfully demeaning a veteran over his service dog (I’m still not sure what Facebook’s problem was with that one, but BLM kept flagging the post because the woman that was demeaning the vet was black) and now…I’ve been banned for speaking out AGAINST anti-Semitism.

In response to a leftist rag declaring that we need to accept this awful, terrorist supporting, immigration cheating broad’s raging anti-semitism….I dared say no. I also said “Fuck that anti-Semite” in a hashtag….it’s not against the rules to actually say “fuck” so it has to be the “hating anti-Semitism” that got the Zuck’s goat this time.

Bottom line, what the fuck? Why are liberals allowed to say anything awful they want, but every time conservatives have SANE opinions on something….we get silenced. The powers that be will not be satisfied until the only thing the masses see, is the destructive, leftist false narrative they’re pushing down the world’s throat.


  1. this is typical since you are conservative and are telling the truth about what is going on in this country. keep it up. there are millions who feel the same way you do. our time will come.

  2. If the bans listed are inclusive of *all* your 30 days, then Im two ahead of you. If the list is complete this is now your 5th. Im now just starting my 7th as of 730PM on the 13th. My 5th and 6th were separated by only 5 days, and the 6th ended on Jan 9th, so here I am again 35 days later. My first came Nov 7, 17, so in 399 days Ive been banned 7 times.

  3. I’ve been banned 4 times for the word Muslim and the last one I didn’t even say the word I just said all those who go out in the streets with the intention of killing others should expect to lose there life and got banned for 30days again it’s getting ridiculous even a hint of Islam in your post and that’s it

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