Facebook Purges Prominent Conservative Voices From All Platforms

While I was literally traveling to speak at a free speech rally about unfair biased censorship online….I started receiving panicked messages from friends and followers asking me if I was part of the conservative purge on Facebook. Shockingly, I wasn’t. Although Facebook did decide yesterday to demonetized my page over my conservative opinions.

Thanks Facebook, it’s not hard enough to keep my show Red, White, and F You: Unapologetically Patriotic going as it is.

Under the guise of fighting hate speech (which is any speech that goes against leftist opinion) Facebook (which also owns Instagram) permanently removed several vocal conservatives including Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Alex Jones from all it’s platforms.

I’ve been on Milo’s show before…it was about unfair conservative censorship of all things.

They also decided to not only ban Infowars…..but they intend to purge any positive mention of it anywhere by its followers.

I’ve actually been on Infowars several times, with Alex Jones and Roger Stone (who was already unfairly removed from social media for no reason other than the Democrats hate him.) They were the ONLY major outlet that would have me on when I was outing open and “proud” pedophiles on Twitter.

It’s actually a battle I still fight to this day. Getting Twitter to remove the profiles of pedophiles (they proudly declare to be sexually attracted to little children in their profile, sometimes even animals…alive or dead) was damn near impossible. I got a temporary ban for “misgendering” but these raging leftist pedos got to stay on.

The removal of a news program because it challenges your narrative is about as fascist as it gets. I didn’t have to agree with everything that Infowars put out, to see that it was providing a huge service to open political debates in our country.

And why were all these conservative voices removed according to Facebook? Because they were “dangerous” apparently. Dangerous to what, the left’s narrative?

You know who was actually dangerous but still had an account up since yesterday?

The guy sending credible, racist death threats to Ben Shapiro. So you tell me it’s about getting rid of people that are “dangerous.”

None of these posts hit off any red flags?

There are tons more, all here via Turtleboy Sports who ironically has been banned 39 times on different platforms for no reason….once, it was over a Christmas Tree profile pic.

I should also mention, that to make this purge seem less one sided, Facebook also decided to ban Louis Farrakhan….who I didn’t even know was on social media, because I’ve never seen anyone even post, point out, or share his stuff. Facebook claims it was over his anti-Semitic comments.

Oh really, Facebook? Now you care about fighting anti-Semitism? Because you didn’t mind doling out me a 30 day ban for speaking out against Ilham Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks.


We are at war. You can claim that social media companies are privately owned and can do whatever they want…..but if they’re applying their terms of service differently across the board (which they are) then I believe that’s a form of illegal discrimination.

Expect the censorship to only increase, as the corruption of the Democrats, the DOJ, and the Deep State continues to unfold in DC.

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