What the Mainstream Media is Covering Up About Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire coverup seems to be going in full force….

I’m honestly not one of those tin foil hat conspiracy types, but from the beginning here’s been something extremely misleading about how all of mainstream media is handling this tragedy.

There have been over 875 acts of some sort of vandalism on Catholic churches in a year….and that’s just in France alone. But in the very same breath the media is heavily pushing this as an “accident.”


875 churches have been vandalized….but this was definitely not one of them? Oh ok, thanks for insulting my intelligence.

It’s totally not odd that every channel was pushing suspiciously hard on this as an “accident” while it was literally still on fire and there was absolutely no way they would know.

I posted a video (I had to hard save it and upload it, because the links kept getting shut down) of a strange man walking around the roof of the Cathedral while it was on fire.

Instantly, people on my page were quick to point out that French firefighters wear silver helmets and all black outfits with bright reflective tape…this guy was not and he had absolutely no gear at all. The casual slow gait and nothing in his hands is what I had the biggest problem with.

And the priest that was going inside and saving relics was also a much larger man…

Oh look, a black outfit with reflective tape just like everyone was saying they wear.

Well, Facebook apparently didn’t like people pointing it out because they labeled it as fake news, stopped people from commenting, and threatened to further shadowban my page…like more than it already is?

Seems a bit severe for a video of a guy walking around a roof where no one’s supposed to be, don’t you think?

There’s also another security web cam that shows a shadowy figure lighting two sparks on the roof before the fire…

It’s not as clear, but you tell me what that looks like.

They’re even punishing people just for mentioning the previous rash of church vandalism in France.

Not to mention Islamic terrorists reveled in the historic cathedral’s destruction everywhere…even going as far as to make flyers celebrating it.

Even FOX news was suspiciously quick to shut down the idea that it could even possibly be anything other than an “accident…”

Now they’re saying the fire started in two different locations….but still trying to sell it as an “accident.”

Must be time to play the lotto with those chances going around, just saying. These weren’t minimum wage day workers either on the job either. They were about the highest level of skilled restoration workers as you can get. They weren’t even working on anything that could have started a fire at the time…


So what the hell is going on?

I think the powers that be know that this was another act of Islamic terrorism, and I think they know if it can be nailed down officially to it, that it will unite all of Judeo-Christianity into finally pushing back against radical Islam and it’s mass migration all over the world for good.

Ask yourself why you think Obama was bringing in and strategically dumping Muslim migrants in amounts huge enough where they did not have to assimilate on any level? Enough where they can even elect a raging and unapologetically anti-Semitic and open Islamic terrorism supporter like Ilham Omar. You want to tell me why we continue to allow them to scam welfare and send the money overseas, create their own police, and have “no go zones” that no one seems to be doing anything about? It’s not “racist” by the way, to point out when something’s wrong just because the Left insists it is. Islam is not even a race, it’s a religion….and it’s actively being used to suppress women, gays, and non-Muslims minorities on a state wide level in an entire region of the world.

Those orange places that make up the Middle East is where they still kill people for being gay…and it’s spreading. Brunei, a Muslim dominated country near Malaysia just passed their own death penalty for homosexuals under Shariah Law.


It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. But yet, our leftist driven media and American liberals are more upset about “micro aggressions” and plastic straws.

The enemy didn’t need tanks and planes to invade anyone this time…they literally just walked in. There’s a reason almost every picture you see of people mass migrating into Europe is of well dressed, well fed, military aged males.

Where are all their women and children, it’s not even close to a ratio. Also, if you’re allowed 4 wives….wouldn’t that leave a surplus of unwed and angrily disenfranchised men? What else are they supposed to do in life? I’ve always wondered.

There are also way more Muslims in the world than Catholics….so I have absolutely no idea where they get this minority protected status. I can’t even critique Shariah Law without getting a ban on Facebook, I did 30 days last time for it.


But why all this bullshit in the first place?

You see, a destabilized population is easier to rule.,,which is what I’m guessing is the Democrats end game in all this. Just look at our southern border. I’m supposed to feel sorry about well dressed and overweight migrants with iPhones because they’re “suffering?” Please. The only ones suffering are the children that are being used as pawns because the Left rewards them heavily if they do.

People need to turn off the news, start questioning everything, and deciding what the answers are for themselves. Denying that radical Islam is the largest danger to our world right now doesn’t make it go away…it enables it.


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  1. Okay, a little “tin-foil hat” but okay, thought provoking for sure. Let’s start here: WHO was working THAT DAY at THAT HOUR, DOING WHAT, WHERE? And don’t tell me nobody knows ’cause BS! that’s how these workers get paid.
    So WHO was up on the roof doing what? And again, don’t tell me no one knows ’cause if the contractor, the cathedral, the Diocese and the French authorities don’t know, then how valuable was the country’s greatest landmark to them if they didn’t have serious security??
    No, there shouldn’t be any questions about who was there and if they can’t or won’t say, then yeah, no tin foil hat required, it’s a coverup or blatant incompetence.

  2. You wrote a good, well reasoned, coherent article. Are those in the government really that afraid of the truthful consequences of this heinous act?

  3. Even IF those guys on the rooftop were ok you’d think security would like to know who they were and what they were doing. Logical huh?

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