Proof that Facebook is Shadowbanning Conservative Accounts

Censorship of conservative and anti-liberal media on Facebook is unfortunately nothing new. You can read these previous articles for blatant examples of how biased getting blocked, banned, or unpublished here…..

But there’s a much sneakier way that left leaning Facebook has been manipulating your content and news feed…..and it’s called “shadow banning.”

When you block, ban, or unpublish people’s pages they know immediately…trust me I’ve been hit 5 times already. That’s why Zuckerberg didn’t have much to stand on trying to explain himself and his company before congress.

So how do you prove that something’s up because you’re just not reaching the audience you used to? After all, that could be blamed on all kinds of reasons….less interesting content, change in trends, etc.

I felt like my likes/shares were a fraction of what they had been because of my politics opinions but how can I truly “prove” it? Then this happened….

I had received messages from avid subscribers who felt like my content wasn’t showing up on their newsfeed…..and upon manually checking they discovered that Facebook had taken the liberty of “un-liking” my page for them. Seriously Zuckerberg?

Upon making a public post about the issue…I realized it wasn’t just one or two people either. It was A LOT.

And it’s clearly not just happening to my page….but other conservative sites as well.

And just for shits and giggles, it seems Facebook even decided to not only leave the liberal pages alone but magically liked it for people that didn’t want them either…

Facebook has also been asking people for no reason if they “really wanted to follow” my page as well…

Facebook has also prevented people from re-liking certain pages…

Not to mention we’ll never know how many people were affected that can’t comment because they never saw this post in the first place thanks to Facebook.

This is straight up manipulation for political means by the Left. Zuckerberg needs to answer for a lot more than just a “slight bias…” with the platform.

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