Brunei to Implement Murdering Gays Under Shariah Law

If you’ve never heard of the tiny country of Brunei before, it’s ok….it’s because it’s complete shithole.

What do I mean it’s a shithole? Well, not in the usual sense that it physically looks like 29 Palms and Venezuela had a baby, it’s actually an oil rich island near Malaysia.

But the fact it’s ruled by a sultan who implements strict Shariah Law….well, you know what kind of backwoods, dark ages mindset you’re already dealing with here.

Is it me, or does he totally look like the Lopan from Big Trouble in Little China?

That just seems like a lot of military awards for a country no one can find on a map.

But I digress, so why aren’t people more outraged over this? I mean, I’m a conservative Trump supporter who’s not supposed to care about anyone else according to the left, and I think it’s this a fucking blatant human rights travesty. I think any country practicing Shariah Law, should be bulldozed to the ground and forced to start again. So where’s the outrage?

Well there are two reasons you won’t see it.

The first being, that no one is actually allowed to criticize anything relating to Islam anywhere on social media. One of my latest FB bans was for speaking out about how Shariah Law is used to subjugate women and LGBT in the Middle East….which is true.

Another one of my bans was for speaking out against a radical Islam terrorist attack that had just recently happened. Like WTF? I can’t even say anything negative about Islam even when I specifically state that I’m talking about a terrorist attack?

You can criticize any other religion in this world for it’s faults both true and not (as you should)…..but under no circumstances can someone point out that women are getting beat in Iran for not wearing the same hijab idiots feminists think are “empowering” here. So anyone that wants to truthfully object and criticize Shariah Law….is not able to without getting censored, shadowbanned, or eventually removed off a platform entirely.

The other reason being, that these elitist so called “progressives” don’t actually care about anything that does not directly relate to them. They don’t actually want a flood of unvetted criminals blowing across the border….they want their votes so that they can remain in power…that, and they know it’ll be more of a problem to everyone else way before it reaches them.

They can’t acknowledge that fundamental Islam is being used to suppress, punish and murder women and LGBT across Asia and Africa…because it would mean agreeing with Trump supporters on something, and Lord knows they’re incapable of that. It’s the same reason that they’ve recently refused to disavow anti-Semitic remarks within their own ranks…because their love affair of everything Muslim, trumps defending Isreal by proxy.

So, since I’m not allowed to say it anywhere online, I’ll say it safely from inside this offshore website article….FUCK YOUR SHARIAH LAW.

No one should be murdered for who they have consensual sex with. Women should not be beaten for refusing to wear a burlap sack, anymore than they should be raped because their sex starved shitty culture can’t even look at an ankle without becoming a degenerate rapist piece of shit. Gays should not be thrown off roofs. Women are not pieces of property. Fuck your terrorism, and the 72 virgins that aren’t going to be there for you when you die….that’s something they made up so you’d feel better about blowing yourself up.

I live in the country of the free, and I’m tired of giving a fuck about what regressive leftists and destructive globalists have to say about it.