Claiming Trump Retweeted the “Alt-Right” Was the Biggest Mistake The Left Could Make

As the wave of conservative deplatforming occurred this week, I started to notice a change. After Facebook banned Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and anything related to Infowars….people had a hard time understanding “why?” Certainly a Jewish activist wasn’t a “Nazi.” Certainly a gay man married to a black man, wasn’t a “bigot.” It made people nervously think “Well….who’s next?”

(Farrakhan wasn’t actually removed from Twitter by the way, so this definitely was an act against right leaning thought. The Nation of Islam is still on Facebook posting for him.)

The social media powers that be continued on all week with shadowbanning and removing conservatives…even going as far as to suspend conservative parody accounts even though they’re directly allowed in the terms of service.

What? We can’t even have parody accounts even though liberals can? The Left is like that child that can’t win at chess, so instead they just kick the whole fucking board in the air.

I was faced with heavy page restrictions by Facebook…who couldn’t seem to find anything wrong enough to outright ban me with so they labeled me as “fake news” and said they’d be burying my content, they demonetized me too.

Who knows what else we haven’t even noticed yet, because unless you know someone off the platform…you can’t contact them.

So all of this has finally got the attention of the president, and ultimately…the whole world. Check out this super controversial “alt-right” tweets the President retweeted…

Crazy talk, amirite?

Almost immediately leftist rags ripped into Trump for retweeting “alt-right” personalities (that were ultimately just regular vocal conservatives)…and it was honestly the worst mistake they could have ever made.

That’s CNN’s Brian Stelter. He blocked me on Twitter for no reason that I can remember. ??‍♀️

First of all, we are not “alt-right” personalities, we are everyday, typical conservatives that just happen to be proud and vocal about it.

Got to love how VOX correctly labeled me as “right wing” inside the article, but still lumps me and everyone else under the false title of “alt-right” in the misleading headline.

I was defending James Woods getting kicked off for quoting a poem…which they chose to play semantics with instead of mentioning anything about the hypocritical comparison I was making about Twitter in the first place.


Secondly, it is not “Islamaphobic” to want to protect our country from terrorism and Shariah Law….nor is it “racist” to want border control and voter ID, nor “dangerous” to believe in the 2nd amendment and free speech….those are sensible, reasonable, very American things that most people in this country agree with. You know, all us people that Hillary called “deplorables.”

The fact that the Left deemed us as extremists in need of persecution and censorship was the biggest mistake they could have ever made. They just unintentionally also told the majority of American people that their reasonable thoughts and American values shouldn’t be allowed and will be punished and persecuted under Democrat rule.

You dumb fucks. Your quick knee jerk reaction to slander conservatives and paint Trump as “orange man bad” just opened the of eyes the nation and unified the masses that you’ve spent all that money on buying out social media platforms and news stations to lie to them….and showed them who the real threat to this nation is. The Democratic Party. You just undid all the lies the fake news media spent years brainwashing the public with, in one fell swoop….and at a time when the corruption, illegal spying, and presidential election rigging fraud that involves the highest members possible of the Democratic party and the DOJ are about to unfold before us.

This is the beginning of the end of the Deep State’s tyranny. I expect indictments of a nature this country has never seen before. I predict a unification and re-education of Americans across the nation as the powers that be stop dividing us with hate as we purge the regressive Left from power. I foresee that we will indeed Make America Great Again, and this time with conservatives and liberals working hand in hand.

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