Twitter Quietly Reinstates Leftist Account That Was Permanently Banned For Hate Speech

Meet “Bishop” Talbert Swan…..and his circlestache (?)

Obviously he’s not a real man of God, but it’s all about that tax exempt status, amirite?

He’s your typical run-of-the-mill “tolerant and loving” leftist racist. He’s supposed to be permanently banned on Twitter for multiple violations of some pretty blatant racism. Yet, here he is….

Of course every regressive leftist has to have their picture taken with the Anti-Semitic, Shariah Law loving scab herself…Linda Sarsour. It’s just the “woke” thing to do…

And brag about how much money he has….

Look, I was raised Catholic and the church has its own problems….but I will never understand Protestant preachers that live lives of luxury, tax free, off the charity of other people. What a true piece of shit, honestly.

He’s got no problem calling white people nazis, clan members, and Becky’s (a derogatory name for white girls) either…

He’s talking to me in that last one, by the way. His racism is so hypocritical and convoluted that you’d literally have to go through the whole thread to make it make sense.

And forget about bringing up the soldiers that died to free slaves either. He believes Wypipo (that means “white people” if you don’t speak Ignorant Fuck) SHOULD have died…..cause fuck your veteran Union ancestors that died trying to right a wrong.

He also has a penchant for calling black conservatives coons because of “tolerance,” or something.

He actually got in trouble for calling Candace Owens a “coon” in the media, with even leftists agreeing it was out of line (holy shit, right?) and Twitter agreed to permanently shut down his account for racism.

Except that it wasn’t for very long…..they snuck him back on as the minute the public outrage from it died down.

Now he’s back spouting racist rhetoric to white and black people alike, and all from his Twitter verified blue check account. He his after all, fulfilling the false narrative of the Left, no double standard at all there Jack. I mean, I could list off all the conservative account that have been kicked off for imaginary hate speech like Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Roger Stone….but a fake preacher that managed to piss people off on a bipartisan level? Nah, he’s cool and no one will probably notice.

He LOVES accusing everyone else as racist too, even though HE was the one that got busted for it.

I’m literally defending people against his vile racist comments but, yea…..I’m clearly the “racist” here.

Haha, of course you don’t, Twitter. I’m a female conservative…..feminists and leftists don’t give a shit about what people say to me, ever.

This “Bishop” isn’t above making vulgar comments about my body either…

There’s nothing wrong with my ass, but there is something wrong about some “man of God” talking about it, or calling me a “ho.”

His followers are real pieces of work too…

Yes they can, obviously. But this is the hate filled vitriol the fake bishop sells and people buy, perpetuating the racial divide in our country.

And good luck reporting it too, Twitter seems to be protecting them from EVERYTHING now, no matter how much it’s against their precious terms of service that only conservatives seem to break….

Nice creepy sexual comment about my body, bro. Liberals seriously need to come up better insults toward me than saying I look like Barbie….it’s not really an insult, y’all.

I’m feminine, skinny, and have blonde hair, of course the Left would think this is “gross.” They much prefer their women to be green haired feminist thunderbeasts.

Haha, that’s actually pretty funny.

The Bishop also declared that the Proud Boys were racist….

Yea, because lots of white supremacist marry black women and have their children for a “cover story.”

Anyway, it’s long since been debunked….

You know it killed the chronically liberal Washington Post to write that too.

And his uneducated minions fell in line of course….

Killers? When, where? Oh yea, never….

How ignorant I am? Let’s blow up that picture you keep posting as proof the Proud Boys are white supremacists, shall we?

Colorful looking crowd for “white supremacists” don’t ya think?

Then there are the “insults” that are so nonsensical, that they’re just hilarious…

Huh? What the actual fuck does any of that even mean?

You know, in retrospect, MAGAFUCKERY sounds like an awesome word that I kind of want to make a thing now. Got to think of some t-shirt ideas….

But I digress, his followers also have no problem sending death threats to whoever he disagrees with either….

Which prompted his congregation to do this….

Bad enough the FBI got itself involved, must be all the “love and tolerance” the bishop spreads. I must have missed the part of the Bible that said “send death and rape threats to single moms you politically disagree with online.” It must be part of the fake Bishop’s hate riddled sermons every week.

After I wrote this article he went on a pretty big tirade. Accused me of “stalking” him by responding 43 times to my tweet. That’s normal, right?


He’s not alone either, there’s a “rapper” whose music no one’s ever heard of, who also spouts daily racist rhetoric like this….just scroll through his Twitter it’s ridiculous.

His hatred for white people knows no bounds…

Although the time he accused a guy of being racist over the 88 in his Twitter handle was my favorite.

Then he post this attached to it….

So you see, racism IS allowed on Twitter….so long as you’re a person of color and liberal anyway. Even though racism by definition is hating someone based solely on race….the Left won’t hear it.

Because if the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some MAGAFUCKERY to do!

If you’ve got a story about conservative discrimination that that needs telling, write me at [email protected]

Mindy Robinson

Twitter/Instagram @iHeartMindy


  1. Great story. The grievance industry does not want to hear or read that America is not a white supremacist haven. That they have no reason to exist or make money for fomenting race hatred. There’s no money in peace for them. Thanks for your bravery and MAGAfuckery! Cheers!

  2. This is a whole load of bullshit. Bishop Talbert Swan is an amazing man doing great things for the American people!

    • If you mean that exposing yourself as a black phony racist f*** is a good thing for the American people then yes I agree Bishop swan is doing great work exposing himself.

  3. You are a fucking clown. You habe never experienced dirent racism as a beautiful white woman. Never. Some people may have said some nasty things to you on the interent. But you WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A MINORITY. you are a barbie will. Yourlife is easy. Stop bitching because a black person has access to something that some white people dont. Its headscratching to be why someone is your position would even write this article. You are fucked in the head

  4. Mindy, what do you think will happen when people start organizing to help the white farmers and other racial minorities in South Africa escape from that country to seek refugee status here? These are people with skills and can easily get sponsorship into quite a few states in this country. It would also force the MSM and the world acknowledge that there is an ethnic and racial cleansing going on over there, which qualifies under the rule for refugee status. Oh, and I am a Black man who doesn’t see color, I only see stupidity when it rears its ugly head and identifies itself as the true source of racism.

    And in response to the illiterate illiberals here who can’t put together a single sentence that doesn’t run on, or write a paragraph that fails to resort to expletives, shame on them. They are responsible for their own destinies and fate, they can be whomever they want or what they want, less they continue to be nothing but race hustlers or victims thereof.

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