Facebook Didn’t Actually Ban Louis Farrakhan

Amid a chaotic week where conservatives were purged and silenced left and right on social media…..the one major leftist that Facebook also managed to deplatform as a token so that they could say “Well, it wasn’t all just conservatives” was the raging anti-Semite himself, Louis Farrakhan.

Imagine how bad he must be for the raging leftists at the Southern Law Poverty Center to say this…

I have never seen anyone quote him, or share his personal content ever….and I talk about politics did a reason. So this seemed a way to people, where FB could just pretend it wasn’t biased…..and they were right.

Behold, the page for the anti-Semitic, racist “Nation of Islam” is still up on Facebook.

So while any mention of clip of Infowars that’s positive will be scrubbed from the platform….

Farrakhan gets to have his voice heard through the same people that were probably running his media anyway.

Yea, that doesn’t look like culty at all.

Well that’s hella cryptic, and an army? Oh ok. If it makes you feel better they only have 14k followers on Facebook, I have almost 180,000 despite all the censorship and shadowbanning. So I’ll go with patriots for the win here. ??

You can even pick up some anti-Semitic swag….

Guaranteed you’d get less harassment for wearing that then I will wearing a MAGA hat any day of the week.

Facebook is manipulating you, they own Instagram it’s all the same. If we go down this road there’s no going back, a company can’t discriminate against its users just so they can control what a country thinks. We have not broken any terms of agreement….we are being silenced over our opinions, and it’s discrimination.


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