Wanna Be MAGA Grifters Paid to Slander Conservatives

The conservative movement is no stranger to grifters. I have not been shy in the past to call out people that are supposed to be my peers when I felt like their behavior is fraudulent, disingenuous, illegal, and thus hurtful to the movement.

We get mad when leftists don’t call out their own, so it would be hypocritical for conservatives not to do the same.

I’ve called out Omar Navarro…who is now being charged with the crimes I had originally reported on.

I called out Bill Mitchell, when he held a fake a gofundme for what was supposed to be for a move into a new studio in DC but never actually happened.

And I spent a hell of a lot of time calling out Bill Pulte, a fake Twitter philanthropist that passes off sweepstakes as “philanthropy” to shamelessly promote himself using other people’s money and often not giving out the prizes he promises to boot. You can read all about that…here.

Now, in the midst of me doing months long research into the fraud that is Bill Pulte, I quickly learned that many of my conservative peers were living directly out of his pocket. I know, because they all felt the need to message me about “laying off him” or worse defended and still promoted him even after they knew what he was. I’d name all of them, but I’m pretty sure you already know who most of them are. (cough cough Charlie Kirk) OK I named one.

It’s disappointing personally as I had considered many of them friends and peers. But yet here we are.

Scott Adams (Ok I named two) came to Pulte’s defense and got shut down after I proved he was lying. He was trying to say a certain woman wasn’t working for Pulte, so then I posted proof that she absolutely was, Scott Adams then cowardly blocked himself and sent in his dog “Ali Alexander.”

My expose on Pulte was damning for many reasons you can see if you read it. That’s why Pulte went into full defense mode and paid Ali Alexander to slander me in attempt to discredit my work and continue on with his giant fraud.

Let me tell you a little about Ali Alexander….

His real name is Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar, and he’s not only a convicted criminal…but nefariously known for pulling fake publicity stunts and attacking and damaging other conservatives reputations for online attention, personal gain, and excuses to raise gofundme’s.

He’s also a legitimate racist that has no problem appealing to white supremacist trolls (don’t ask me how that relationship works) as it’s the only following he can get these days.

Because that’s what the conservative movement needs, fuel for the leftist fire with dumb shit like this.

He claimed Will Chamberlain was on opioids and was about to be the next “mass shooter.”


He also slandered Gabe Hoffman for defending me by saying on video that Gabe was “on the spectrum” (autistic) and that he must have been sexually “molested as a child.”

Ali also claimed that Gabe Hoffman was ripping off other conservatives. A lie he never backs up nor of course has any evidence for.

Gabe didn’t take too kindly to that defamation by the way…

Also, in one of his worst PR stunts I’ve ever seen, Ali convinced an underage-at-the-time CJ Pearson to manufacture an entire fake story about being harassed just to get media attention.

I beg to differ that Ali Alexander is on our “side.” He feels more like controlled opposition, but that will become more apparent as this article goes on.

He also had conservative influencer Ashley St. Clair pose with his good buddy, and known anti-Semitic white supremacist Nick Fuentes, in a controversial picture that Ali’s also conveniently in…that literally cost her a job at Turning Point USA.

He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his shameless self publicity in.

He called Ian Miles Long “Satanic” for daring to point out his own raging hypocrisy.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone in the MAGA movement who respects their reputation would even be seen with Ali. He spends more time dragging down the conservative movement than anything else.

Since the day I called out Pulte and shut down Scott Adams…Ali has vulgarly slandered me online nonstop.

He has made dozens of posts and videos calling me a “married whore” a prostitute that cheats at conventions and that I actively “cosplay as a porn star” at these conventions, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

I’m not married, and the only convention I had ever even traveled to at the time of his accusation was CPac, where I happen to stay off location in a B&B with Christian conservative commentator Anna Khait. I’ve never done porn. Apparently the sexy pictures I took while professionally modeling or theatrical films I did that appeared on Netflix and were rated no more than “R” equates as “porn” to these sexless, women hating incels. Someone should probably inform these low IQ mouth breathers that we’re also not really killing people when we make movies either.

Oh, now it’s escalated to “gang porn.” Cause when you’re already lying, just fuck it and go full throttle. I’m still trying to figure out what the “Science matters!” he writes at the end is supposed to mean.

You’ll notice that this lie was then retweeted by Bill Pulte, the man who paid him to do it in the first place. A libelous lie that was now being shared to almost a million of Pulte’s followers on Twitter.

Pulte then doubled down and made his own slanderous post about me…

Yea, ok.

We’ll get back to that video in a bit.

If you want a good, funny read on how I owned Pulte’s lawyers who had the balls to threaten me for libel, you can read about all that…here.

Ali also claimed I have ties to Nazism…

….yea, I called them “Nazis” because they were being raging anti-Semites and were actively denying the Holocaust.

And my favorite…

Yes, he’s actually implying that Auschwitz was a sort of “country club” for Jews.

What a bunch of solid “good Christian boys” as Ali likes to put it.

Oh, and that “Nazi” thing that he was trying to pin on me, was actually a screenshot from an action movie I did where some skin heads were the bad guys in it. I kid you not.

It was a lie he ran with until he got caught. Even Medium had the good sense to pull it.

Try to click on it and…

Big League Politics also perpetuated the lie I was a porn star in a link I will not post because they do not deserve the traffic. Here’s a screenshot instead.

I never attacked Denise McAllister and they refused to retract and apologize even after it was all proven false. What a garbage fake news site.

He also claimed that I was a “cam girl” and a “porn star” more times that I can count. The porn star lie is still being repeated to this day by his own little racist, women hating trolls.

Including his racist buddy Nick Fuentes.

I’d pull up the tweet, but he erased it and then blocked me like a fucking coward.

You see, Ali made the mistake of saying things that anyone in the world can google and find out the truth about…and if you don’t think guys aren’t going to try to find the “porn” I’m in…well then you don’t know men.

The hypocrisy of the fact he supports actual porn stars like Jenna Jameson, but is shaming me did not go unnoticed either.

Ali began almost immediately hemorrhaging followers because conservatives aren’t Libs…they’re actually going to check on the what you’re saying.

So, Ali needing assistance then had Henry Davis who had just called out Bill Pulte for all his lies in a video, and paid him not only to take down the damaging video he made of Pulte…but to make a new one with a mop on his head to slander me that’s so creepy, sexual, and vulgar I won’t even post it here. Here’s the original tweet though. The importance of the mop will come into play later.

You’ll notice that Ali is directly tagged in the tweet. It was a bad look to say the least, and between that and his backpedaling of Pulte ended up costing him even more followers.

Henry made it worse for himself by DMing me that he’d talk to me and wouldn’t make the video if I paid him. That sounds like extortion to me, but OK.

Now Ali has sworn up and down the street that he isn’t being paid by Pulte to fix his reputation, and that he specifically didn’t pay Henry Davis (who will literally do anything for money and you can read all about that…here) to defame me…but alas, I have all the proof I need.

In a video that’s so mindlessly long and full of him talking about himself that it did not get the initial bombshell attention it deserved, including by me…Henry Davis admits on camera that he was paid by Ali to slander me amidst this damage control deal he was doing for Pulte. This is the end of an insufferable half hour long rant in this link right here….


By the way, Ali certainly likes to pass a lot of moral judgment and push celibacy before marriage for a someone that had a profile up on the gay dating hookup app Grindr.

Ali is garbage, and if you want to continue to hang around him despite knowing all the conservatives he damaged to line his own pocket and get clicks…then I’m going to safely assume you’re a garbage excuse of a grifter too.

I’m not even sure he’s a “conservative.” He spends more time attacking us then he does liberals. He gets “triggered” and hysterical in his videos, he resorts to ad hominem attacks and lies rather than actual debate. He’s a racist and a woman hater, and now he’s pretending to be against porn and sex and pushing himself as some sort of conveyer of “Christian values” because clearly that’s he’s what he’s all about. He will literally do ANYTHING for attention and money, and I think it’s high time time that conservatives and the MAGA movement shun him for the fraud that is before the Left uses him against us.

And just in case you needed any further proof of his delusions and insanity, check out this video where he claims rock stars and celebrities follow him, that he has to humble himself with all this power that he wields, and my favorite…how “sexy” he thinks he is. It’s a good watch…

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