Henry Davis: Bill Pulte’s MAGA Panhandling Bum

Henry Davis is a pro-Trump activist that makes videos about wanting to better the neighborhoods in St. Louis. He’s funny, passionate, and always seems to be working hard at something….but also always seems to be perpetually unable to get on his feet.

You feel bad for Henry, you want to help him, you want to see him do well….but chances are that if you’ve ever tried to actually talk or message him, all he will do is demand money.

You see, “Twitter Philanthropist” Bill Pulte screwed Henry Davis out of some money. In an hour long cry fest, Henry complained about how he made the videos Pulte wanted but that he was not paying for him like he was supposed to (Henry gets paid to do his “charity” videos, keep that in mind) and it was at a time he needed it most.

You can watch my friend’s edited for time clip with comments …..here.

It tugged at the heartstrings and everyone felt for this guy. I was in the middle of exposing all the inconsistencies and lies around Pulte anyway, so I reached out to Henry to see if I could help.

As you saw, he only had one concern….give him money.

I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking it too. Why doesn’t Henry Davis just get a fucking job?

Because he owes back child support and they’d garnish his wages over it. C’mon, he can’t be out here supporting all his own kids and shit. Well THAT, and he also just doesn’t want to work.

Now, people have tried very hard to help this man. They send him money, someone bought him a van to get around with, they did lots of nice things for him and gave him some wonderful opportunities…..and every time Henry Davis will say or do something to fuck it all up, and then go back to panhandling strangers online. Every time.

One man even paid for him to go to Hawaii. But Henry Davis decided to get belligerently piss drunk and ended up getting left on the side of the road for punching the back seat of the driver.

And that time Henry was invited to the White House and he claimed he couldn’t get in because of his “license?”

Henry wasn’t allowed in because his son is a bonafide, convicted mother fucking terrorist.

Remember the story about the foiled terrorist attempt to blow up the St. Louis arch? Yup, that’s Henry Davis’ number one son on the right Olajuwon Ali Davis. I understand parents aren’t perfect….but can you imagine what kind of shit bag you have to be to raise an American Islamic terrorist?

Starting to see the picture now?

So we’re at this point where Henry has completely disavowed Bill Pulte and publicly called him out for lying, broken promises of money, etc.

I’ve been exposing Pulte’s lies for about a week. I’ve been collecting intel, evidence, and doing research to figure out why nothing’s adding up and what it all really means.

Because I’ve been doing that, I’ve been low key threatened by other conservative “influencers” that are sponsored by Pulte (AKA they’re in his pocket.) It was pretty entertaining to watch them post on my thread all week and come out looking like a bunch of assholes. Scott Adams tried to claim the scam artist working for Pulte didn’t work for Pulte…so I posted proof that she did and Scott blocked me. Mature. ??

Well, one of these assholes decided to slander me in a series of fairly unhinged videos making claims easily debunked by spending 30 seconds on Google. He said I was a porn star (sorry guys, I’m not) claimed I was married and a cheater (I am neither) claiming I was a cam girl (I’d have a lot more money.) I mean, you get the point.

After losing the respect of pretty much anyone decent left following them (I’d say his name, but I quite enjoy not giving him the attention he wants) he proceeded to continue with this um, “damage control” he’s getting paid to do for Pulte.

His next awful idea was to pay Henry Davis to take down his video. Yea, it was bad press for Pulte….but Henry had to know the backlash from within his own fan base for pulling on their heartstrings and then selling out after this same guy they saw just shamelessly slandered me admittedly “changed his mind” in a video.

Hell, I even defended Henry on his post when people called him out on it. (I hadn’t known about the lack of child support, drug dealing, etc at this point yet.)

And what was my reward?

Henry said he would make a video slamming me, and ends the conversation by asking for money.

Sounds illegal, but OK.

Yea, he’s dumb enough to give a shout out to the guy getting paid to slander me in the video he made slandering me. What won’t this fool shamelessly do for a buck?

So Henry repeated the same libelous remarks about me made by this other fake MAGA shill in a disgusting video that pissed off even his own followers (who were already pissed off about his Pulte reversal.)

I guess I’m not the only one this douche maliciously slandered.

It was at about this time, that people were fucking done with this guy.

Then Rampage95 over at @steelrain95 made a video in my defense for being a porn star (I’m not one, but at this fucking point everyone thinks so.)

It’s right here.

Then Henry Davis decides to make his own video. After about 30 seconds of what looks like him having a stroke, and taking off his shirt to reveal his tub for some reason…he outright threatens the guy by saying he’s going to show up to his house and finishes it off by saying how easy it would be to make the guy disappear.

Clearly, a true patriot and class act.

Henry David is the online equivalent of that bum on the corner that wants money…but doesn’t want any food or jobs you offer him.

This isn’t “infighting” either, this is taking the trash out of the MAGA movement before it comes back and hits us.

Something tells me Henry Davis’ grift is up.


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