“Twitter Philanthropist” Threatens Everyone That Questions Him Including Me

I’ve been exposing the fraud behind “Twitter Philanthropy” and Bill Pulte for awhile now. Basically the deal is that he bribes people to follow and retweet him for cash prizes, occasionally gives out some money and usually to sketch accounts at that, blocks anyone that even politely questions him, and utilizes his amassed army of followers to threaten, slander, and doxx anyone that gets in his way. He’s quite the gem, you can read all about it…..here.

Well apparently that awful behavior wasn’t bad enough for him, because now he’s decided to send threatening cease and desist letters through lawyers to everyone prominent that “dared” to publicly call him out on his suspicious activity.

His list of 12 demands from me is such complete and utter bullshit, that I’ve decided that the only way to respond to it…is to break it down line by line and make fun of what complete utter bullshit it actually is.

This will be fun…

1. Pulte’s first issue with me is over my response to this tweet…

He’s claiming I stated that he never gave that specific veteran 30k over that tweet.

Actually, I stated that he DID give that veteran a car….but I clarified that he also only RELUCTANTLY gave the other 10k he was supposed to give to cover bills. He tried to get Code of Vets to “loan” him that 10k for some reason…which they very wisely turned down.

It also took Pulte 2-3 weeks to come up with the check, which is one of the many reasons I suspect that he doesn’t quite have the millions in cash flow he pretends to have online.

My exact quote from the article

In a different article I also mention again that Pulte covered the 30k as promised by the tweet.

In actuality, my entire issue with the whole Pulte “giving cars to veterans” thing, was that later down the road he began to take full credit for buying cars that were actually raised almost entirely through a veteran’s charity and other people’s donations. Good people are donating to help our service members in need…not make some douchebag on Twitter famous. That’s why he’s only mentioning this specific tweet because several of the other ones he took credit for later didn’t come out of his pocket, and he knows it.

Oh, and since he brought it up…I looked directly into exactly how much the cost for that specific car giveaway was out of pocket for him…and it came to 17k. Which technically means he spent 27k and not the full 30k on that veteran, so even if I had said that he didn’t pay the full 30k, I would have been technically right.

He also promised an additional 10k to a veteran off that tweet in a follow up post, for which I never saw it mentioned again of how that 10k was spent…or if it ever was.

Transparency is not Bill Pulte’s forte.

We know Trump tweeted it, so where did that extra 10k go? Pulte brags and makes a show about every $20 bucks he gives away…but not this? Oh ok. ??

2. Now read this one carefully….

This is worded very tricky. I did indeed state that Bill Pulte demands control of people’s gofundme’s as a requirement before helping them…because he does. I did not at any point anywhere say that he puts them in his own name as his lawyer’s response wrongfully implies.

He has third party “team members” do that for him, I imagine so he can wash his hands of them if they turn out fraudulent…which many did.

Those are 5 different GFM’s under the same Pulte team member, one of which was shut down and was never revealed where those collected funds ever went.

The fact Pulte promoted them and had his team members in charge of them…means he was in fact, ultimately in control of them….just like I said.

3. Now this one is just petty….

The guy that requires people to retweet and follow him for help as he uses their sad stories to shamelessly promote himself…doesn’t think he’s benefiting the most from this?

First off, that’s my opinion…which last I checked in America, I’m allowed to have.

Secondly, most of Pulte’s large cash prizes (when he actually follows through in giving them out) go to completely random and unvetted people, not the people in need begging him for help. He’s also counting money that other people donated and put toward causes and taking all the credit and glory to promote himself. How is that philanthropy? I stand by my opinion that Pulte benefits from this “Twitter Philanthropy” more than anyone, and good luck suing me over an educated opinion based on fact.

4. And because I dared to not believe in coincidences…

I do actually believe Pulte did something to pull those accounts, the timing was too suspicious and Leo Daniels in particular was not given an official reason from Twitter as to why his verified account was completely dismantled nor even given a chance to appeal it.

Oh, and the woman I’m told who runs three of Pulte’s many Twitter accounts admitted she overheard that a call was made by Pulte or someone from his camp to Jack Dorsey to have Leo’s account pulled, so there’s that.

She’s also the winner of that infamous Tesla Pulte gave away, and honestly I think it’s quite odd that she ended up working for him, but hey… ??‍♀️ …those damn coincidences again.

So if Bill Pulte has a problem with people thinking he’s pulling favors at Twitter to get accounts that challenge him suspended, then he should take it up with one of his own employees for saying it….not me for repeating what she wrote me.

5. This one is fun…

So….everything I said was true by your own admittance? Oh, OK. ??‍♀️ So what’s your problem?

Pulte did in fact take full credit for the boys Disney vacation….and obviously BEFORE he even checked into it.

Where did Bill Pulte ever address or correct this statement once he found out Disney already paid for it? Why did he leave this tweet up claiming he did? Why did he block people who questioned him about it?

Sorry, but Bill Pulte doesn’t get to lead people on, never correct his statement, and then get mad when he gets called out about it. As a wise man once said, “Grow the fuck up already.”

6. If Pulte was actually smart he would have left this one alone….

Fake conservative Pulte shills came out of the woodwork to defend him and threaten me to shut up about him. Apparently he “donates” to their causes (themselves) and I’m supposed to care that I’m cutting them off from their golden goose (I don’t, I prefer my morality.)

So lo and behold, Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar Alexander (or whatever name he’s going by these days) magically comes on the scene to defend Pulte after Scott Adams crashes and burns defending him on my post.

Ali goes on this giant, slanderous, obscene rant on video claiming that I’m a cheating married whore, a cam girl, a porn star…in a slander tornado that continues in posts and videos to this day.

I’ve never advocated for porn in my life, nevermind “gang” porn. Nor do I know what any of that would have to do with “Science!” But hey, no one ever accused this guy of being smart nor having an ounce of moral integrity. He’s actually run several publicity scams before, once he even went as low as to convince a minor to publicly lie for attention.

I’m not even married and I’ve never done porn, but naturally his followers went to check for it and figured out pretty quick that Ali was lying to them.

It wasn’t a tactic that worked out too well for him and cost him tons of followers, and it also begs the question “Why would someone I did not personally know…be willing to blatantly and openly slander me in a way I could so easily prove in court?”

Well unfortunately for Bill Pulte, Ali ran his mouth and bragged that he got paid by him (and in turn paid Henry Davis) to defend him by slandering to discredit me. I was also told he mentioned it on one of the long, annoying videos he made about me.

Now….personally I don’t feel like sitting through all of Ali’s videos about me that I had to find him saying that, nor do I feel like asking my peers to go on record about what Ali told them if they don’t have to….but I sure as hell will if this goes to court.

But not too long after that later anyway, Henry Davis has a blow out with Ali and admitted the whole thing on tape anyway. He specifically mentions my video and that Ali paid him to make it because he was running damage control for Bill Pulte. Now it all makes sense.

You can read all about that glorious article right….here.

Which means Mr. Bill Pulte’s Lawyer, that I will also simultaneously prove my slander, libel, and defamation of character that was done in malice against me by your client. So yes, please push this if you want to, I know how it ends.

It doesn’t help that your client also repeated the same libel about me being a “porn star” from his own personal account.

And before you try to defend it by saying “How did people know it was me he was talking about?” Pulte was actually dumb enough to retweet Ali’s libelous remarks on Twitter right after it.

Pulte escalated his deflation of me by also referring to me as a “stalker” and “terrorist” as well. Strange how the only two people in this world slandering me as a “porn star” happen to be Ali and Bill Pulte. He even tried to mobilize his 800k followers to harass me…all because I was defending a veteran and a veteran’s charity he was wrongfully slandering.

And trust me, you do not want Pulte’s unhinged cult-like following after you….

Pulte went into complete hysterics over being “doxxed” although he wasn’t, the whole breakdown is…here.

So you want to keep pushing this, or nah?

Oh, and in case you needed even more proof, when it came out that Ali got served his own cease and desist for defaming another conservative Gabe Hoffman in a similar manner…

Guess who was begging his followers to donate for a “legal defense” the very next day?

He “doesn’t need your money” but would you give it to him anyway?

Yea, that’s not weird.

7. This one actually has to do with someone else, but ok….??‍♀️

Pulte had promised a Marine that he would get his autistic son a therapy dog…but didn’t. We can argue why up and down the street about why he didn’t, but my statement is true. The Marine claimed Pulte blew him off and posted screenshots…which lead to the hysterics mentioned above where Pulte goes helter skelter because what turned out to be his PUBLICLY POSTED PHONE NUMBER THAT CAN BE FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE WEB was in those screenshots.

So instead of dealing with why the puppy was never bought, Pulte cried that he had been “doxxed” and his security and life were threatened to the point he couldn’t function. When I stood up for the guy, Pulte began publicly slandering me…so yea, please “go there” and let’s see what happens.

8. This might be the dumbest one of all.

But he is collecting people’s personal info for his own use, he admits it in the terms of service he reluctantly posted on his site after he got called out for initially hiding the rules (an error screen saying #404 used to come up instead.)

And since he personally admitted on Twitter that he shouldn’t be expected to vet the people he promotes in his own posts….

Yea guys just need to “do your own research” apparently. You can’t expect Bill Pulte to stand by the causes he promotes and wants others to donate to while virtue signaling and basking in his personal glory about how amazing he is for doing it.

So if he’s not vetting anyone, then the ONLY reason we can surmise that he collects anyone’s info would to be to use it for his own promotional needs….which is literally stated anyway under his own terms and conditions anyway. So get the fuck out of here about this.

9. This one’s my favorite….

I did claim that Pulte bought followers, want to know why?

After going on a tear calling me a porn star and slandering innocent veterans, Pulte despite bribing people to follow him…

…managed to run negative in followers 3 different days that week. At the end of the week though his follower count magically explodes, so I took a closer look at some of his new “followers….”

These are just some of the bot accounts that were too lazy to upload a profile picture, I didn’t even take the time to go through the rest. The accounts above have either never tweeted in their lives despite the fact that they were not that new (they exist only to follow and nothing else) or their first and only tweet was a single retweet of Pulte himself. Although those kinds of bot followers can show up on anyone’s account…they only show up in numbers this high a frequency when they are purchased to pad an account.

I mean, I could be wrong when I guess the number of bot accounts following Pulte is around 50k….

But then again, according to this app that measures inactive and spammy accounts…Pulte has over 86k fake followers. So not only am I not wrong, but it’s actually way worse than I thought. You probably should have left that one alone too, genius. ??

10. The kicker….

Oh? Bill Pulte doesn’t skim off the gofundme’s he promotes? Then what the hell is this?

Read that carefully….needy children with get toys for Christmas AFTER he gets the 2k he needs for those darn legal fees again.

It gets better actually, then this asshole (technically one of his “team members”) shuts down the GFM almost immediately after the personal goal is hit….

….so after the fees GFM charges, only about $80 bucks will go to toys. But that’s totally not him “skimming” am I right?

My God, did that go to the lawyers for the cease and desist I’m literally replying to right now? Because that would really be peak Bill Pulte.

Not to mention that there was also a lady that came forward and stated that she was contacted by someone from Pulte’s team to take control over of her sick child’s gofundme. The grift was that Pulte would cover whatever was left they needed, but Pulte would get all the credit, the rights to her sick child’s story for his own promotion, and that he’d get to “keep” any extra that was earned beyond her need.

Oh yea, that happened.

You can read the whole thread….here.

Pulte recently no longer uses GFM…the fees were clearly cutting into his profit. He has now created his own GFM-like site where people plug in their personal info (but he’s totally not collecting data) and there’s this itty bitty disclaimer that’s hidden….

Let’s blow that up and see his “terms…”

That’s right, just because you’re donating to a cause…doesn’t mean it goes to that cause. Totally not deceptive at all, am I right?

And since we already know that Pulte isn’t beyond promoting and collecting money for himself and his own team’s legal fees…who the hell knows what this guy (who already says he doesn’t vet anything) will actually put the money towards.

Oh, and on top of that he charges a “fee” on every transaction on his own site!

So yes, I stand by my statement that Pulte is skimming off these gofundme’s…because he is.

11. This one’s good too…

If retweeting is how you enter Pulte’s sweepstakes…and he blocks people for asking questions or challenging him thus prohibiting them from entering…them yes, he’s running an illegal sweepstakes. The fact he didn’t tell people it was void in NY and FL until much later, added rules about the contest AFTER he had been running it for quite some time, did not prove how he was picking all these “random” completely unvetted winners….

He gave this guy 3k….

…nor announced the actual winners of half a dozen big money prizes as is required by law (until my last article came out exposing him and putting pressure on him to.)

So yea, this is looking like it’s not a very legal sweepstakes. That’s also probably why several people have already filed complaints with their state attorneys over it.

Have fun with that, by the way. ??

12. And lastly…I bruised his ego.

Actually, I said he wasn’t a billionaire…which he’s not, even by his own admission.

Although after he started panhandling for his own legal fees recently, I started wondering if he’s even the “millionaire” he claims to be. You can be a multi-millionaire on paper and not have the free flowing cash to go with it because your assets are tied up in property, etc.

Pulte doesn’t get to act like he’s got money falling out of the sky and then drag his feet when it comes to actually giving it out…because yea, people are going to thinking you’re faking how rich you are.

If you can explain to me why a “millionaire” needs to beg his already needy followers for 2k in legal fees under the guise of helping children for Christmas, then please do so. I would LOVE to hear it.

So yes, these are the 12 stupid fucking things that Bill Pulte thinks he can threaten to sue me for…and there isn’t a single valid thing among them.

Considering everything I said was either completely provable or an educated opinion based on the facts before me….let me be the first to tell you to go fuck yourself Bill Pulte.

No seriously, let me reiterate that…

Go fuck yourself Bill Pulte.

I’m going to guess you didn’t explain to your lawyer all the things I have just stated, or he wouldn’t have suggested kicking this bee’s nest.

You can’t sue me over my opinion and you can’t sue me about things I’ve stated that I’ve proved through here. I CAN however sue you for libel, slander, and defamation because you were dumb enough to provably lie about me in written posts and videos.

Have fun dealing with all those state attorney generals, the IRS, angry veterans, people you slandered and doxxed, and disappointed followers though. Because although I am vocal….I’m the least of your upcoming problems. ?????