Bill Pulte and the Problem with “Twitter Philanthropy”

When I first saw Bill Pulte’s tweets I thought, “Well, that looks scammy” and brushed it off. But after I kept seeing his posts I decided to check it out for myself.

The back story that he was some multi-millionaire that just wanted to “give” his money away to strangers for purely holy and philanthropic reasons just sounded so suspect to me. Then again, I’m a Catholic from Massachusetts so I was born to be leery of anything sounding too good to be true.

But ultimately, he must have paid out something to someone…because people were swarming at him for the chance to receive more cash.

But with every post Bill Pulte made, it began to look less and less like philanthropy…and more like something much more selfish and self-serving was going on.

His very latest….

First off, you don’t need someone to follow you on Twitter for them to DM you, so this is definitely a ploy to increase his own follower count. Also, why spell out the web address instead of attaching a link unless you really don’t want people easily seeing the disclaimer? And third, why is this “philanthropy” void in certain states….unless it was never really philanthropy at all?

As you might already know, I dug around and found a pretty raging dumpster fire surrounding this guy. The only reason he’s even gotten as far as he did is because he hooked desperate people in with promises of money, while simultaneously paying off certain “influencers” to defend him and promote him. But hey, at least I know what “conservative” Twitter personalities are in this guy’s pocket now.

As I continued down the rabbit hole with all the things that didn’t add up, these very same “influencers” felt the need to contact me to “back off of him” or write on my wall defending him quite hopelessly to the point they looked like a bunch of assholes. (I’ll get to you sell-outs later ?.)

So let me break it all down since it’s complicated….

I don’t think Pulte is giving away all his own money. In fact, I can prove that he’s not. Aside from asking his already desperate followers to donate their own money for his “cause” (that he’ll gladly take all the glory for later on Twitter) he’s also not above taking all the credit for work a veteran’s charity does either, you can read all about that fiasco…here.

In short Code of Vets raised the money for a car (several actually, but it was the last one that I’m referencing here) and all Pulte actually did was retweet it. But then he goes on in a long MSN article rant about how great he is for doing it while COV gets a one sentence mention. People donated to their cause to help out veterans, not make some douchebag famous on Twitter.

He also publicly slandered them for “breaking into his account” even though he gave them access to it previously to help promote.

He’s also a very shameless and prolific liar. Tell me, what kind of person lies about being personally responsible for putting a helicopter in the air for a missing Marine…and then never addresses or explains it when it comes out that he actually didn’t?

That’s just one of the many weird and blatant lies from Bill Pulte.

And whatever you do don’t question him about anything…because it’s an instablock.

There has to be hundreds, maybe thousands of people on his block list right now. Even commenting on a negative post about him will garner a block. Because that’s normal for someone on the up and up, am I right?

There were even a few accounts that “mysteriously” got suspended or dismantled for calling him out as well.

He also threatens to sue anyone that goes up against him, but claims he’ll give the money to charity if he wins in what he’s now calling “philanthropy suits” …as if that makes what he’s saying sound a little less malicious and evil.

The defense to libel is the truth, buddy, and it’s only on one of our sides here.

Because I was one of the larger verified account that were calling him out, he chose to personally slander me in an attempt to discredit me instead. In both video and written format, he openly called me as a “terrorist” a “stalker” and a “porn star.”

He also paid two other influencers to personally attack and slander me in videos as well….a tactic that has cost all of them to hemorrhage followers because all anyone had to do was spend 30 seconds on Google for the truth.

He also went on to slam a veteran’s charity for no reason…a charity that had previously cut ties with him for taking the bulk of the credit for work they had actually done.

It started when he accused a U.S. Marine of “doxxing” him…over accidentally posting a business number that was literally PUBLIC and all over the internet. Pulte had promised this vet’s autistic son a therapy puppy, and when he blew him off he posted the screenshots of the convo as proof and accidentally revealed what turned out to be Pulte’s publicly listed number.

This threw Pulte into complete hysterics on Twitter, where he pleaded for sympathy from his followers using his wife, and went on to trash the veteran…and then me, and then Gretchen (who runs the veteran’s charity) for absolutely no other reason other then we were defending the guy.

And I mean, hysterics.

Keep in mind this was over a number that could be found at anytime whatsoever on the internet.

Pulte writes like a child, it’s weird I know. But Gretchen’s only “crime” here was posting that they guy probably just did it by accident.

To this day, I don’t know even how that third person got dragged into all this…and I’m the one that’s been researching these articles. ??‍♀️ Then again, I don’t understand half this shit this guy does.

You’ll also notice that he intentionally misspells my name every single time, so that people cannot find me and ask for the truth.

Law enforcement over what? A tweet supporting his mom? Gretchen’s son made a heartfelt post defending her….but apparently that’s tantamount to “stalking?!” Get the fuck out of here bro, and learn how Twitter works.

I’m explicitly DEFENDING veteran’s here, but OK. ??

Terrorist? TERRORIST?! I’m a terrorist for proving someone lied now? You’ll notice not once…not ONCE does he address any of the lies that came out from all this. It’s just deflect, deflect, and “Woah is me.”

Wait, what? It wasn’t even her number that got out. How the hell is anyone even texting her? Did you forget that simple little fact while you were begging people for sympathy?

You can’t play music for your baby…because you’re getting texts you can turn off? Oh for fucks sake, get out of here already.

As if people seeing through his bullshit and his liberal antics weren’t costing him followers enough, he felt the need to double down on it all….which was definitely not the way go.

All anyone had to do was ask me or read my timeline for the truth…so he did this Hail Mary attempt to discredit me by publicly slandering me to over 750k of his followers in both video and in writing.

Your mom didn’t Google shit.

Well isn’t that nice? Bill Pulte paid two other wannabe conservative figures to lie on me and publicly defame me on Twitter to distract from all the truth I was revealing about him. When all the other lies failed to stick they went for a good old fashion slut shame. I don’t think my fan base cares about my old topless photos (let’s keep it real, it’s probably the opposite.) But they DO care about the trashy, libelous, vile way you’re dealing with what amounts to honest criticism.

But yea, so Bill Pulte paid this guy to slander me in a string of unhinged videos and posts as punishment for questioning him. See ya in court, douchebag. ??

But I digress, clearly there’s a lot going on that’s wrong here…but honestly, I’m not even half done.

So those small cash prizes he gives out all the time? Yea, well to actually receive it he requires people to sign up with Cashapp. If you’re not familiar with Cashapp, it’s a garbage version of PayPal that makes money off every transaction made. Now this whole “follow and retweet me for money” shenanigans that Pulte does is actually a tactic that Cashapp has been doing for awhile to attract new people and get downloads on their app. They did it using celebrities and rappers last year.

I’ve never even heard of this rapper Travis Scott guy, but Cashapp gave him 100k anyway to give away in sweepstakes prizes using the exact same promotional tactic that Pulte is using right now.

By the way, that’s also the EXACT SAME AMOUNT that Pulte is claiming to be giving away of his own money. What a coincidence!

Oh, and the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey just so happens to own Cashapp. Kind of makes sense now why Twitter is magically looking the other way on all this bullshit, doesn’t it?

On a worse note, Pulte also doesn’t seem to be giving out all of the big cash prizes to the sweepstakes he promotes either. There were several large prize sweepstakes whose deadlines have passed…with no winner announced and no verification of payment posted that I’ve found anywhere.

So you mean to tell me that the guy who brags about every grocery he buys someone or $50 bucks he gives out…isn’t going to milk and promote the large prizes when they’re won?

Other than the author that won 11k that was also suspiciously promoting a book at the time….I can’t honestly find the announcement of most of these “winners.”

Ok, this was 11 days ago. Who won it? Did I miss it?

This was 8 days, so who won it? Did I miss it?

This contest ended a day ago, so who won it?

Who won this? There’s also no mention of it anywhere.

Or this?

Who’s the lucky kid that supposedly got his tuition paid off?

That’s a weird fucking choice for an amount, but ok… who won it?

Oh….”Vanessa?” That’s it? ??‍♀️ The guy who literally can’t do anything without virtue signaling online just passively gives out a huge chunk of change to a person…without anyway people know he’s actually doing it? Sucks that his followers can’t even ask him about it without getting blocked either.

You can’t actually hold a national sweepstakes and hide who ends up winning (if anyone won at all) …it’s actually a requirement to publicly list and announce it in certain states.

If you’ll notice too, somewhere amidst all this this “philanthropy” it becomes a straight up “sweepstakes” somehow….for which Pulte is in no way, shape, or form following the legal guidelines.

If he blocks people and retweeting him is how you enter the sweepstakes…then he is illegally preventing people from entering the sweepstakes. Never mind it’s not even valid in NY and FL because they have much stricter laws regarding sweepstakes (like publicly posting the announced winners, etc.)

So much for his so called “charity” going to any of the people in need in those states, I guess.

Once people started catching on to the grift, he began to hemorrhage followers.

Do you know how bad you have to screw up in life to lose followers when you’re actively bribing people to follow you in the first place?

Of course his ego was hurt, but lo and behold….it suddenly jumps up magically despite the worst women and veteran bashing PR event that could have ever happen to him!

You want to see some of these high quality new followers he acquired?

There’s a ton of accounts that have done nothing in life but magically followed Pulte at the same time, that seems normal right?

You can’t claim they created an account just to enter his latest contest either, hell one of these bot accounts that’s highlighted is from 2014. These are just the cheap garbage bot accounts too. There are others that strangely only retweet other spam-like looking contest but at least they have pictures up.

Then there’s the problem with the actual Cashapp itself. For an app that’s been doing the same type of cash money giveaways for awhile…you’d think they’d have it nailed down. But the way Pulte asks people to publicly post their Cashapp ID’s instead of just private messaging like a normal human being…has opened a Pandora’s Box of fraud.

The most popular being someone pretending to be Bill Pulte asking for a small amount like $10 to be sent to them to verify their account for a much larger prize.

Naturally this shit app has no way for the person to really verify that it’s him, and for what it looks like it does actually seem to appear legit at first. But then a few days go by and the person hasn’t received their prize money and that’s when they realize they’re SOL. And don’t try getting it back through Cashapp either…there is no recourse and they know that no one is going to sue over losing $10.

Now isn’t that set up just ripe for the picking for a clever scam artist? Gee, you’d think Pulte after a few complaints would stop telling people to publicly post their ID’s but for some (dare I say suspicious reason) he never does. It’s not just Cashapp fraud either, scam artists across the board have flocked to Pulte since he can’t be bothered to vet anyone.

Check out some of these oh-so-deserving “winners” Pulte has rewarded with his charity too…

He gave 3k to this pervert.

He gave a Tesla to this one.

He got his followers to pay off this woman’s “wish list.” A woman who claimed she was married to a 100% disabled veteran….but wasn’t. She also wasn’t just “let go” by a heartless company either, she stole another employees ID and used their benefits…not because they didn’t want to give her “maternity leave.” Google can be and amazing tool…

If you’re in a bad spot, just say it. Don’t just lie to everyone so they give you money, because that takes away from someone honest that needs it more.

Oh, and then there was the time he helped a 16 year old run away from home…

Seems highly immoral, but OK. ??

Then there’s this fraud.

After this person got called out for things that weren’t adding up, they went back and edited their entire Gofundme description and changed the story. Here are the changes side by side.

And this one.

I don’t know what happened to the money they collected for that guy either, all the tweets from this account are now gone. Actually several of Pulte’s team members went through and deleted every single tweet they ever made after my first article came out. That’s normal, right?

Oh, and then the woman in that tweet that he had helping him…who had for some suspicious need put all the gofundme’s Pulte was pushing at the time in her name….

…was not only panhandling his followers for her own needs. But suspiciously happen to need the exact same peculiar amount paid on her electric bill as an “emergency victim” his team were posting about.

Oh, and if that wasn’t fishy enough as it is, if you Google this woman you’ll notice it’s also the exact same power company on the bill of the town she happens to live in. Totally not sketch, am I right?

According to Pulte sell-out Scott Adams though, the two women involved in these fishy charity posts and gofundme’s and pretending to vet the winners don’t work for him.

He blocked me after I posted proof that she did. Hey Scott, you’re a fucking hack. ??

And don’t ask me why he needs control of their gofundme’s in the first place either, or why he wants them to lower their original asking amounts either….

All of this bullshit has not gone unnoticed by honest people on Twitter either. Between the lies, inconsistencies, the blocking of everyone that so much as questions him, the hyperventilating bitch fit he threw all over Twitter, the obvious slander, and the overall complete disingenuous nature of this guy’s so called “philanthropy” …Bill Pulte days as an online grifter are numbered.

It doesn’t help that he seems to love surrounding himself with the MAGA dregs of the movements either. Everyone from the guy he paid to slander me, Ali Alexander…who’s a criminal known for lying and creating fake scenarios to gain publicity. To Bill Mitchell who was outed for his own gofundme scam that you can read all about…here. To Henry Davis…who originally made an hour long cry fest video where he details how Pulte screwed him over…who after getting paid to take that video down (it’s ok, we still have it) then got paid to slander me too. He also goes on to threaten the life of someone that was defending me, you can read all about that ridiculousness…here.

The worst part of it is, that even if Bill Pulte was using all of his inheritance to give away (which for obvious reasons already stated I sincerely doubt) it’s blood money at best.

Pulte’s wealth comes at the cost of honest and innocent American homeowners. You see, the Pulte family’s great fortune was made by building super shoddy, mold ridden homes all over Florida and practicing shady lending practices that robbed people of their down payments. In fact, they just lost a huge almost $80 million dollar lawsuit over it. Makes you wonder how much money is really left after a loss like that.

What’s even more messed up is that it’s not even the worst scandal to hit the PulteGroup. Obama awarded the family company with a $900 million dollar grant that was supposed to spur blue collar construction jobs….except that money was never accounted for, and the PulteGroup laid off people instead of hiring them.

I’m sorry, let me repeat that….his family’s company stole $900 million fucking dollars of our tax money and NOTHING ever came from it.

Look, I don’t know what this guy’s end game is, but I know it can’t be good. For the most part I think he just enjoys the attention that everyone gives him by begging for his fake charity like he’s Jesus Christ Superstar. His refusal to vet anyone that he gives to, or works with has escalated this whole shit show on Twitter like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Is he going to make a run for office? He certainly does love power.

Is he going to use this new found fame to acquire government grants to make his company big money? You tell me….

Does he plan to divide the MAGA movement and hurt Trump’s re-election? Between his love of censorship and over the top liberal behavior he’s certainly not good at pretending to be a Trump supporter. Plus why is he so chummy with Andrew Yang?

Maybe it’s a power play to control social media masses…

Maybe he’s broke and this is his way of hiding it? I heard how cheap he can be for even simple things like picking up a lunch tab.

Is he just a pawn someone’s using to mine everyone’s personal data? (That’s the most popular theory by the way, and you can read about it…here.)

And so you know, I’ve seen a lot of complaints from people that entered his sweepstakes and are now getting calls or spam (and simply retweeting him qualifies as an entry.) It’s important to mention that this gives him the right to collect and use your personal information. That’s what was buried in the link that he was trying to hide.

Ah, the tiny print. Have fun trying to read it!

He owns everything about your “entry” in perpetuity without and I quote “any consideration to the entrant.”

And this was the same guy complaining that his “private data” was being stolen and used too.

What’s the worse that could happen entering his philanthropic “sweepstakes?”

This MUST be what pure honest philanthropy looks like.

And don’t give me the “But he’s such a nice guy” gimic either. Pulte becomes an ego-maniac the minute someone threatens his limelight.

Scott Pressler is one of the most amazingly nice and sincere person I’ve ever met…and this douche just publicly accused him of “extortion” for daring to ask a so called philanthropist for supplies to help clean up a big city….which is supposed to be one of Pulte’s main things.

Fuck off already, Bill Pulte, fuck off right into the sunset.

Some say that the whole Twitter Philanthropy comes off a straight up cult. In fact #PulteCult has its own hashtag. Pulte constantly talks about himself in third person, refuses to answer questions, demands unity by assimilation, and behaves like an angry child anytime something goes wrong or he feels like he’s losing attention.

I don’t know, you read the signs of a cult following and tell me how many he hits.

He pretty much hits all 10 of these.

Yea, that’s normal.

Look, I don’t know what the goal is or what happens from here. I just want people to have full transparency about what they’re really dealing with with this guy.

The only thing I know for sure is….that this is NOT philanthropy.

This is a popularity-buying contest masquerading as charity….and I do not like seeing honest and giving people taken advantage because some douchebag wants to be famous on Twitter.

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