“Twitter Philanthropist” Bill Pulte Goes On Veteran Trashing Rant

Anyone that’s been following this Bill Pulte “Twitter Philanthropy” thing on Twitter will notice that he always seems to put a lot of focus on our veterans.

There are few causes nearer and dearer to the hearts of conservative Americans than taking care of our vets. In a world where regressive leftists fight for the rights of illegal immigrants, criminals, and plastic straws….it’s usually those on the right that are the first to point out that taking care of those that risked their lives for our freedom should receive priority in this country…not the people who break the law.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Bill Pulte would ingratiate helping veterans into his bullshit Twitter philanthropy sweepstakes for gaining followers. He knows it’s a cause people are willing to overlook certain sketchy practices for…and man, Bill Pulte’s actions sure are sketch.

From the constant spamming of CEO Jack Dorsey’s Cashapp giveaways, to such deep philosophical tweets like “Who likes pizza” the disingenuous nature of Pulte’s self serving “philanthropy” has become the biggest cringefest on Twitter.

If Bill Pulte wants to win any kind of normal person over, he’s going to have to legitimize what he’s doing. Of course, the fastest and easiest way for anyone to do that is to attach themselves onto something that already exist like that.

In comes Code of Vets, a wonderful charity that focuses on helping combat vets.

If you’ve been following the mellodrama that is the #PulteScam then you already know something went down…but you might not know what exactly.

It all started when Pulte tweeted to Trump that he would donate 30k to a veteran…but only if Trump would retweet him back.

Who knew true blue, genuine philanthropy required everyone to know about it?

But you know our military-loving president wasn’t going to “not tweet” something if it meant it could help a veteran out, so he understandably did.

So basically, Bill Pulte just paid 30k to gain legitimacy on Twitter and by proxy gain the endorsement of the president of the United States.

Money well spent if this grift is going to work.

Now Pulte has to find a deserving vet to give it to, and if you’ve seen some of the gems that Pulte has already given money to before…

…then you understand why he needed help vetting this one. It was just too important for him not to, and Lord knows he’s not going to do it.

So COV steps in, does their research, and recognizes a veteran in need in Tennessee. Pulte as per agreement (and because this would be a short run grift if he hadn’t) provided the veteran with a vehicle and 10k.

Well, sort of.

You see, I don’t think Pulte is actually giving away his own money. I’m sure he’s spent some of his own money setting himself up for all this to get started. But Cashapp itself is known to pay out the money prizes for these “sign up and win” sweepstakes. I believe Pulte avoids using his own money whenever possible, hoping other people will do it instead so that he can still take all the credit. That theory is proven by the fact it took Pulte 2-3 weeks after the delivery of the car to actually pay the veteran the 10k they needed. He even tried to shove that 10k bill to Code of Vets to pay and that he’d “pay them back later” but they weren’t having that, and weren’t exactly in a position to anyway at that point. They were after all just originally brought on to locate and vet a person in need…not spend their own charity money to promote this self serving douchebag on Twitter.

But ultimately a veteran in need did get what they needed and the opportunity to help more veterans by having the charity’s presence amplified by this newfound Twitter celebrity appeared to be a great opportunity for everyone.

Well, it could have been great except for two things….Pulte doesn’t have or want to spend his own money, and his ego doesn’t like to share the spotlight.

Then eventually came the car in Louisiana. After COV did their research to find a vet in need and put in $16500 donated dollars that they raised…Pulte and COV came together to give it away. Everything was fine until the press came out about it and it was revealed that Pulte had taken almost all the credit.

Instead of recognizing the hard work and effort COV put into it, the entire article was about how great Pulte was.

Code of Vets was mentioned in one sentence that I can find in the entire MSN article. Kylie Jenner got mentioned more than that and all she did was retweet it. But do you know who got mentioned or talked about in 8 paragraphs? Scott Adams, the guy that so poorly defended Pulte on my post and then blocked me once I proved he was wrong. (I explain it further down in this article.)

They then interview him for 7 boring paragraphs all praising Pulte. We are truly staring in the face of selfless charity here. ?

If you read between the lines amidst the cacophony of Pulte self praises in the article, you’ll notice this little hidden gem.

Don’t mention how COV and their generous donors paid for all of it, and definitely don’t word it like Pulte got a lot of other people to donate so he could take the glory. That would hurt the grift this guy clearly has going on. Other people are paying this guy to become famous off the innocent backs of their generous nature.

After all this success, Pulte actually turned to the person running COV (and who he’s currently slandering on Twitter) and said that “He didn’t need her to accomplish all this” in a car full of people.


So for understandable reasons, this arrangement just wasn’t going to work. People donated money to help veterans out….not to make some asshole on Twitter famous and grow his brand.

A charity cannot continue to raise money without people seeing the good that they can do, and Code of Vets quite frankly is better off without Pulte.

But in what should be a pretty mutual separation turned into a shot at Pulte’s ego that he just couldn’t have. He decided to go online and publicly blast COV and the person who runs it for “breaking into his accounts.”

Of course Pulte failed to mention that he GAVE his log-in information to COV to use…but as I’ve already learned from personal experience…Pulte is not above slandering other people’s names to try to save his own.

People obviously had caught on that something was wrong, but any attempt to ask Pulte questions about his inconsistencies or lies resulted in being instantly blocked.

Even commenting on COV posts was a blockable offense to Pulte.

But wait, there’s more.

After digging into Pulte for a week I kept running into people (particularly veterans) that he promised to help but didn’t.

One such active duty Marine made a post about how Pulte promised his autistic son a therapy puppy.

Amidst posting DM’s to prove what he was saying was true, the service member accidentally also posted Pulte’s phone number…for which the self proclaimed philanthropist went ape shit on Twitter claiming he was maliciously doxxed and was receiving threats.

Doesn’t matter cell phone numbers can be looked up online and aren’t considered personal data, or that Pulte literally posted this a few weeks ago….

It also doesn’t matter he had previously already posted his phone number by accident himself in one of his PayPal screenshots he posted that several people caught but didn’t save. (All his tweets have been archived so if you remember the date let me know.)



You get the point.

So in order to deflect with the bad press of not giving a veteran’s autistic son a puppy….he threw the military member under the bus instead…all while milking undeserving sympathy from his cult-like followers.

Isn’t that ripe? The guy collecting all your personal info and linking it to your social media through his scammy sweepstakes so that Jack Dorsey can data mine you on his crappy Cashapp (that Pulte also happens to own stake in) is complaining about data leaks and their misuse.

And whatever you do, don’t you dare come to the defense of this wronged Marine he’s slandering either.

Wait, so he’s dragging COV through the mud again for daring to stick up for this vet? Let’s look at this “offensive” tweet, shall we?


So now Pulte is trash talking a veteran’s charity over them defending a service member that HE screwed over. Wrap your mind around that level of assholeness.

Something isn’t right here.

I’ve never seen so much stuff not add up in my life.

Pulte claims he put a helicopter in the sky for a missing Marine….except he didn’t.

Pulte claimed to have put the money in the account for a kid to go to Disneyland….except he lied.

This guy has absolutely no problem taking the glory of other people’s charity while watching people grovel for his help doing it.

Now he’s asking his “teammates” (his douchy word for followers) to pay for all the charity he brings forth so he can pat himself on the back for it…even assuming it gets done at all. Now his popularity can grow and nothing will come out of his pocket for it.

He gets to walk around like Jesus Christ Superstar off the backs of people trying to do good. Not to mention since he researches and vets absolutely NO ONE that he’s surrounded by scam artists lining their own pockets while building his brand.

Explain to me why he demands people hand over all their gofundme’s to a woman who’s also panhandling for herself?

This same woman also tried collecting a bill for an “emergency victim” that so happened to not only be for the exact same amount she said she needed for her electric bill…but in the exact same city she also lives in.

Kemberly Creager whose parents can’t spell, used to work as a volunteer for Code of Vets. That is until the Pulte gravy train rolled in. She was ultimately let go as a volunteer because she started demanding to be paid (even though no one was) and because it was a severe conflict of interest.

Imagine how bad you have to be to get fired from doing charity work. Class act grifter there.

Notice I said “working with Pulte” because that’s when Scott Adams decides to jump on my post and claim that she didn’t work for Pulte….that they were “strangers.”

Mmmm yea, ok.

So I posted the above proof and then he blocked me like a Lib.

You see, Pulte’s been paying influencers to promote and defend him online. Every time they come after me they end up looking like a bunch of assholes and sellouts. But at least now I know who’s a hack in this movement and who isn’t (more to come on that later ?.)

But I digress, so did Pulte screw over and defame an honest veteran’s charity? Yes, absolutely.

Has he let other veterans down by promising them something and collecting the glory for it on Twitter…without actually coming through for them at all? Yes, multiple times.

Have Pulte’s followers been scammed into supporting veterans and other people that Pulte has endorsed but failed to vet on any level and turned out to be fraudulent?

Also, yes.

Will Pulte just find another veteran charity to abuse, or just make up one of his own to fix this publicity disaster? Oh, I bet my next paycheck on it.

I don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes. I’ve been working nonstop for a week and it seems like every hour I’m sent something else damning about the guy.

Pulte is using veterans to legitimize his fraud….but screwing them over is going to be his down fall. Just you watch.

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