Bill Pulte: Twitter Philanthropist or Narcissistic Conman?

Bill Pulte is gaining fame fast as a “Twitter Philanthropist.” But people are growing very suspicious of his tactics and motivation….and hang on tight because this goes downhill fast.

Pulte mostly tweets to people in need claiming that if they message him, follow him, constantly retweet him, and use his hashtags that that maybe, just maybe he’ll throw them a crumb and give them some money they need.

Who knew true philanthropy required forcing people to lick your virtual boots?

If Pulte wants to help people and gaining followers helps him do more of it, then OK…I totally get it. But there seems to be something very, very manipulative and fishy going on here.

Wow! He just gave a veteran 30k toward a car just because Trump retweeted him?!

Kinda. Actually he gave the veteran a car and 10k….although he tried to weasel out and get Code of Vets to cover it. It took him 2-3 weeks to finally give it to her too for some reason.

He then he publicly accused them of breaking into his account with the log in he gave them and blocked Code of Vets in a huge blow out online now since deleted on Twitter.

That’s nice. I suspect the reason everything got deleted and Code of Vets has to back off and play nice is because Bill Pulte makes everyone sign a NDA and threatens to sue anyone that goes against him (more about all that jazz later.)

All that’s left are a lot of pro-military supporters left feeling pissed off and rightly so.

That’s shady as hell, but maybe it was just a fluke, amirite? He is after all “helping people” as everyone likes to remind me.

Certainly some people have jumped through all his crazy requirements and been paid something…..otherwise this would be a short lived scam indeed.

But can we talk about these “requirements?”

If Pulte gives you money, you have to agree to let him pimp out how awesome he was to do it.

You also apparently have to give him the “right” to modify and edit your entry in any way he pleases. That’s….a little weird.

You also almost always have to download Cashapp, which is owned by guess who?

That’s right, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey…the man that lives to censor conservatives on his platform.

What is Cashapp, you ask? It’s a competitor to PayPal and Venmo which absolutely no one has a reason to use if they’re already happy with one of those other services. So how do you get people to sign up for something they don’t particularly need and isn’t currently that popular?

Bring on the marketing ploy!

You see, it’s not an accident that Pulte gives away money using this stupid app no one’s heard of, it’s an old trick actually.

Hmmm, that looks familiar.

Now, do you think that rapper is giving out his own money…or do you think Cashapp is giving him money to give out so that people will sign up en masse?

C’mon, you already knew.

Plus, he knows that if he stops ever giving the money out they’ll cut that gravy train right off faster than Kanye did Taylor Swift.

Don’t worry, they got what they wanted out of it.

Now….do you think Pulte is “only” using the money out of his pocket, or do you think he’s getting greased to fluff it’s stock? We already know he has no problem taking the glory for his own.

It’s not Pulte’s only demand either, he also makes people hand over control of their gofundme accounts and often lowering their original amount goals to boot.

Now it’s getting weird, right?

If these people are truly in need why would Pulte ask them to lower their goals? Wouldn’t he want them to get the help they need instead of him just looking like a hero without having to help with the full amount?

And why is the Kemberly Creager person who claims she’s never had a gofundme in her life….

….in charge of all the accounts?

But at least people get the money, right?

Except that guy, I guess. No explanation as to what happened to the money in it? I’d like to know but I can’t find the original tweet.

And whatever that’s about.

Wait, what?!

Why is this woman controlling the Gofundme accounts? She literally does nothing but beg other people to give her money all day to her Cashapp account.

Although the one where a “mysterious” anonymous account with three followers and no picture tries to get her car is my favorite.

Wait a fucking minute….is there a reason that her ridiculous $778 electric bill that she’s already admitted was hers several times, is the EXACT same amount that she’s asking people to donate to some mystery domestic abuse survivor?ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

I guess we weren’t supposed to read the fine print. THIS is why people who will say and do anything for money, shouldn’t be responsible for collecting donations of any sort.

But certainly SOME good is coming out of all this, right?

This guy’s post got the most likes but Pulte gave it to someone else instead.

You see, Pulte has a team of people that are supposed to vet winners. The problem is that a member of his team got upset that a guy living in his car with his two dogs didn’t respond “fast enough” to FaceTiming with Pulte…and by fast enough, I mean this broad got mad after only two minutes of waiting and then gave up on him totally after a whole 30 minutes.

She literally writes the guy off because he walked his dogs who are stuck in a car off after a half hour. Unreal.

There was no bashing you read it, she wrote him off immediately.

Cleary this is true philanthropy speaking right here.

But at least they’re vetting people, right?

Yea about that.

Check out the type of person the winner of Bill Pulte’s 3k is….

What the actual fuck, bro? It took seconds for other people to find this out, but his ridiculously picky “checkers” didn’t catch this?

So you know, the guy also claimed he was hacked…but then retweets a post about nudes moments later.

Surely it’s just a fluke, right? Wrong. Pulte seems to have a penchant for giving sexual deviants money while avoiding actual people in real need.

The winner of that famed Tesla by the way…..

Conservatives get kicked off of twitter for absolutely no reason at all…but this degenerate shit is ok? Whatever at this point.

Then he gave the author of some book a ton of money….

But then only puts $100 toward a guy’s wheelchair and asked the poor people following him to pay the rest? Interesting how he gives scraps to a guy that can’t walk, but a huge chunk of change to an author with 20k followers though.

Pulte also gave a 16 year old girl $400 to run away from home….because that totally solves the problem on how her situation should be handled, amirite?

That’s not the root of the problem here, bro. If that girl needs help the state needs to move in and do something because she’s a minor. But honestly, this account looks fake as hell in the first place so who knows.

He also likes to pretend he’s helping when he’s really not.

Except he didn’t, Disney already did…but he never removed the tweet claiming he did it.

Then there’s this….

Who lies about something like that? It’s outrageous.

But whatever you do…don’t question Bill Pulte about anything, not even a polite legitimate question. He will block you.

Actually, he’ll do more than just block you if you’re a threat. He had my blue check mark friend’s entire Twitter account dismantled for “daring” to point out Bill Pulte’s inconsistencies.

And he wasn’t alone….

There wasn’t an offensive tweet or anything, Leo Daniels had his entire account deleted for some blanket reason that his account went against Twitter’s terms of biased service.

I should also mention that I called out Bill Pulte and am fresh out on a week long suspension for a week old tweet using the B word (a word that shouldn’t have even set off the Twitter algorithm even if it was flagged.) Interesting indeed.

Pulte, if something happens permanently to my Twitter I swear I will go on every talk show imaginable and expose your corruption. I will interview everyone you ripped off with your shoddy, uninhabitable homes. Sue me maliciously all you want, the defense to libel is the truth.

Oh? You don’t think a millionaire philanthropist would be so petty and vengeful to sue us commoners?

He’s also actually publicly threaten already to sue anyone that calls him out on his bullshit.

Philanthropy suits? Are you fucking kidding me? Threatening to maliciously sue anyone that talks against you is kosher on Twitter now? Oh yeah that’s right, he’s besties with Dorsey.

You have no idea how many conservatives I reached out to about this that told me not to go after him. Some have already received money from him, some even said that he donates to the GOP so they didn’t care what he did. But this isn’t the first time I’ve called out my own. I have called out Omar Navarro and Bill Mitchell on previous occasions.

Bill Mitchell is a pro-red flag law fake conservative pundit that was ripping off fellow patriots with a gofundme he claimed was for a move to DC that never happened. Want to guess who he’s friends with and pushes content for nonstop?

The chances Pulte has given this guy money to defend and promote him are so high, I’d bet my next paycheck on it. You can read all about how Bill Mitchell scammed, blocked, and reported conservative accounts in the exact same manner….here.

But I digress, this isn’t Pulte’s first scam nor his biggest. Want to guess who’s company is involved with a missing $900 million dollar grant from Obama that was supposed to create jobs but was pocketed instead?

Oh yeah. He ripped our country off 8 years ago for $900 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS.

That’s on top of some home lending fraud tons of other people are going after him for.

I’m just going to let Twitter take over from here.

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