Bill Mitchell: The Scam, the Grift, the Legend (In His Own Mind)

I’m not happy about having to call out a fellow (self-proclaimed) conservative pundit, but I think it’s important that unlike the Left we call out our side when they’re acting a fool…and to put it quite frankly, Bill Mitchell is acting the fool.

It started when he went on a week long pro-red flag, anti-2A, anti-gun tirade.

Originally we had all tried to explain to him why it was a bad idea.

Then he started spewing the same ill-informed anti-2A rhetoric the Left does….

Again, we tried to educate him.

Then he went full liberal, never go full liberal.

Wait, what?

By now he had started blocking people and doubling down on the anti-gun rhetoric.

Not to mention that driving is a privilege not a right, but he had become a lost cause by now and he was losing followers by the thousands.

Then it gets interesting.

Apparently Billy boy was running some type of gofundme scam. He had asked his followers to help him move to DC to build a new studio raising over 15k…but never did either of those things and spent the money in Miami instead.

Obviously people were pissed that he lied and kept the money.

And what was his “defense” to all this? He claims that he never said the money was going to be used for DC.


He was smart in not attaching it to his gofundme so he wouldn’t get hit for fraud. But he did a little more than send a “few tweets” about it (later he claims it was just one)….he actually ran a full campaign for it specifically being for moving to DC and building a studio.

And how did it end?

He spent it in Miami instead. Keep in mind, he already lived in Florida so it couldn’t have been that much of a move….not 15k anyway.

And when his followers asked questions as to why the switch….they were met with rudeness, a condescending bourgeois attitude, and many just got simply blocked.

Nice. He claims no one asked for their money back yet, but how can they if he blocks anyone who even politely asks?

Turns out this isn’t Bill Mitchell’s first panhandling rodeo either…

Yea guys, just get over it already. ?

Of course Bill sent me a bunch of douchy private messages, accusing me of slander (everything is true) demanding an apology (never going to happen) and implying he was a more popular conservative than me…..oh really?

Above my paygrade? I’m not the one panhandling online for a living, but ok. ?? Here’s some more highlights.

Only 1 tweet said it was for DC? We literally just saw a shit ton of them. Also…..


Oh? You want to talk about your follower count, bro? Ok….

Well, I guess we know what Bill Mitchell spent that money on.

I found more of the same thing when I checked who was following him myself….

He’s also turned to trashing everyone that calls him out on it as being “anti-Trump” etc. More highlights from my inbox…

He’s “destroying” me on Twitter? Oh ok. ??

He’s also apparently fond of plagiarizing his tweets word for word from articles without giving reference or credit.

And I mean….

It goes on and on, I got tired of reading them.

And his big “Yippy” conservative based search engine he thinks is going to change the world?

It’s 10 year old, out dated technology seemingly run by another grifter, Rich Granville. It will never do anything other than bleed money siphoned through investors.

But wait there’s more…..

Bill Mitchell then turned to reporting anyone that called him out on his fraud to Twitter…..

Reporting other conservatives to Twitter KNOWING there’s already a bias against us. And yes, it did cost her account.

“Whoever got her suspended?” He literally told her he was reporting all her tweets. Just cause one got turned down by Twitter doesn’t mean the others he reported didn’t get her banned.

Oh, and he threatened to report me too….

I’m sure he did try to report me, but as a blue check I have a little bit more clout for those things. So when reporting me failed he blocked me…which is hilarious given how he publicly announced he was unblocking everyone just the day before.

He also went on to claim that anyone that made a post asking for people to “unfollow” him would also be reported to Twitter.

Which is funny coming from a guy that tells people to unfollow other people all the time…

Turns out that’s not even against Twitter rules, he just made it up to scare people into not calling him out.

This isn’t even close the the end of the train wreck. After continuing to bleed followers from his new “I’ll report any of you that are negative to me” liberal stance….

He started….completely losing his mind.

In a series of seemingly coked out 3am tweets that he ended up mostly deleting, he started blaming all the negative attention he was getting on “bots” that are out to get him.

Yea, after we proved that he bought those fake followers all in one night…he’s blaming it on an army of bots that just wanted to make him look bad out of the blue.

Long criminal record? Who the fuck is he even talking about?

There’s not trolls, homie. These are pissed off conservatives.

He also accused me, Gorka, and John Cardillo of plotting to take out MAGA supporters cause….well I don’t even fucking know, honestly.

Then he just got fucking weird and started talking about how Trump is chosen by God.

No amount of him faking to be religious is going to save his career now.

He even had one of the most insane Libs in the world come to his defense while he was pushing anti-gun rhetoric.

He also pimps Q merchandise for profit…then turns around and disavows them. Clearly a man of great moral turpitude here.

I honestly think that the most telling incident about Bill Mitchell is that when Twitter shut down the Power of Ten program that unnaturally boost views….his “viewership” went from 100,000 mythical views per airing….down to 2k.

I shit you not.

But wait, theres more…

That’s right. The biggest false ego pretending to be part of the movement is….a nobody. I can’t imagine the bottle of scotch he killed off that night.

The people are on to this fake MAGA grifter, and honestly the fall out has been most entertaining.

And um, whatever this is about….