Twitter “Philanthropist” Claims He Was Doxxed: Leaves Out Full Story

It’s come to my attention that Bill Pulte is complaining loudly on Twitter (he’s blocked me and everyone that questions him so you might have missed it) about how he has been “maliciously” doxxed online.

There’s one big problem with that story that he “accidentally” left out though…..

You see, Bill Pulte promised a veteran (actually it turned out to be an active duty Marine) that he would get his autistic son a special needs therapy dog…..and then he didn’t.

The same guy who gave 3k to an online sexual pervert who claimed to have sex with his mom and daughter….(you can read about all that bullshit here)….couldn’t scrape together enough of other people’s money (you really think he’s spending all his own money on this?) to get this already promised kid a puppy.

Rather than make empty claims, this veteran actually posted the DM’s as proof….which also accidentally revealed Pulte’s number.

This act does not seem to be done in malice, and people that aren’t investigative journalists wouldn’t know to black out such things. I’m not even sure it’s illegal because his identity was already known and most numbers can be pulled off the Internet.

But that didn’t stop Pulte from getting lawyers to threaten this veteran that he has already sadly fucked over about it.

But wait, there’s more. This asshole actually made this post just last month….

Yea, he’s “really” worried about his phone number getting out there. ??

If you’ve missed any of this Bill Pulte “Twitter Philanthropy” scam you can get caught up right….here.

If you don’t know, Pulte has been PAYING Twitter “influencers” to promote and defend him, so keep that in mind if you see one doing so online. It means that they’re a MAGA hack and will do anything for $1500 no matter how fishy it looks or how many conservatives get dragged down with it.

He even paid a degenerate convicted criminal (technically he paid two degenerate criminals) to slander me to get me to stop exposing him, and if you know me then you know I obviously don’t give a fuck. You can read about that bullshit that’s going to end up in court right….here.

I’m coming for you Pulte. You will not divide the MAGA movement and fuck up the election for Trump on my fucking America-loving watch.

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