Omar Navarro Stalks Ex; Runs Fake Smear Story on Proud Boys

Political unhopeful Omar Navarro, best known as “some guy running against Maxine Waters” who finished dead last in a 16 person race behind a guy in a chicken suit and another person that did no campaigning at all (I shit you not, read it here) is on a new delusional tear it seems.

You see, there was a Demand Free Speech event in DC where Omar Navarro thought it’d be a great idea to get drunk and angrily stalk his ex-girlfriend. He managed to get kicked out of a bar AND removed from a yacht all on the same day.

Here’s the video he threatened to sue me over if I post, even though it was public and already on Twitter. Also considering what he tries to do later, it makes it much more hilarious, just wait.

Haha whatever, here it is…

That bartender though. ?

So Omar got his ego bruised that his ex didn’t want him back and that the Proud Boys were there making sure he left her alone.

What does he decide to do?

Publicly calls her a whore, and implies the Proud Boys are all drug addicts on Twitter. He then threatens her with incriminating photos and videos that he will send out vengefully to the media.


He’s also apparently reporting everyone that points out he’s lying…

He also threatened to release incriminating photos of the woman in question if she didn’t comply and get back with him.

Well that sounds hella illegal. Now you understand why his other comment about suing me for posting a (public) video is hilarious.

He also thought it would be a good idea to take his jealousy-ridden, made up story about the Proud Boys all the way to Will “soy boy” Sommer over at the Daily Beast.

It’s both funny and sad how desperate the left is for a negative story about the Proud Boys, even when there’s ZERO proof and it all looks like a giant revenge plot….and the douche ran with it!

Congratulations Will Sommer, you fucking limp dick, I can’t believe you ran with it without any proof.

You see that part where he says he “believed” it to be true? That’s double talk for “unfounded rumor he’ll never be able to back up, but used it to lie to people anyway.”

Though to be fair in true liberal fashion, Sommer trashes Omar in the same very same article. That’s actually a good one Will. ???

Threatened his life? What exactly did they do, you say?

They made funny memes about him….

Anyway, I found myself laughing through the entire Daily Beast article, perhaps at the choice of graphics the most.

“Rocked.” Even if it was true who the hell would care, their critics? Because if there’s one thing Hollywood leftists have a problem with most….its cocaine use and excessive partying. ?

Omar isn’t going to stop either.

The female in question ended up having to get a TRO because the stalking and the threats were that serious….and apparently it’s not the first time Omar has had a TRO over threatening and stalking an ex.

He was previously CONVICTED of stalking and even placing a tracking device on his ex-wife’s vehicle.

Yea Valentine’s Day, totally not a coincidence that he wanted to know exactly where she was going that night.

Also….how did Omar know EVERYWHERE his latest ex was going to be at in DC? Might want to check your electronics girl.

It gets worse.

This write up in the Daily Breeze explains everything you need to know about Omar…

Omar, I gave you a chance to back off and publicly apologize and make things right. You didn’t want to do it.

You ran to the leftist media to lie and smear conservatives over your own disturbing personal issues, watch us all support whatever republican runs against you next time.

On top of all that, he was willing to PAY people to set up the Proud Boys.

According to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, 3 separate and unrelated women came forth to claim that Navarro was willing to pay them up to 5k to either dig up or set the Proud Boys up for a scandal. Wrap your mind around that level of Fatal Attraction.

UPDATE 6/13/2019: So it turns out our buddy Omar here, is also a racist….not in the “everything is racist” way that the Left always screams about. I mean, he’s a legitimate fucking racist…

Don’t ever accuse conservatives of not calling out our own, online media fame brings out the worst in people. He’s not a conservative, he’s already said he’d run as a Dem if it meant money, you are not part of the cause, bro.

Oh? And what’s going to be his excuse for this?

“It wasn’t him!” ? Yea, no. We didn’t fake all these different messages and somehow a video. Hey Omar, we also have you on tape saying some pretty bad things, I just didn’t know how to rip it and imbed it into article format. But I will if you feel the need to keep this up.

Milo not only agrees, but managed to find even MORE dirt about Omar’s shady and personal use of campaign funds…here. He even talks about running a fake charity to collect money.

Enjoy the attention you ordered, sorry it’s not going to be the kind you wanted.


All of us. ?

Including Milo too it seems.

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  1. Wow.. and I was hoping he would beat Maxine Twatters. At least she only shoots her ignorant mouth off, and she isn’t going around stalking people.

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