British Commissioner Wants to Relax Laws on Pedophylia

I wish I were kidding, but The UK crime Victim’s Commissioner Vera Baird, pictured here….

…wants to pass legislation to “go easier” on convicted pedophiles instead of cracking down harder on them. She’s even going so far as to push for the decriminalization of watching child porn.

Why? I don’t know. There seems to be no discernible benefit to society that she can actually proclaim…which is why I find the entire idea super suspect.

The reason child porn is illegal and not just immoral to look at in the first place, is because it’s illegal to make. Some poor child is getting molested and raped on camera for it! That’s the reason why there cannot, and should not ever be a market for this evil.

Let’s keep it real, no one that’s not already a fucking sicko, gets their jollies off watching little kids getting raped by adults. Perhaps Miss (because I refuse to refer to her as “Dame”) Vera Baird should be reminded why it’s evil in the first place.

The truth is that the extreme Left has been attempting to normalize pedophylia for quite some time now.

They’ve done everything from claiming it’s just another sexual orientation, to even trying to legalize virtual child porn.

The same Leftist-run social media sites that are notorious for deplatforning and harassing me and my peers into oblivion, actually do very little if anything when open pedophiles get flagged on their sites.

Hell, YouTube is a haven for soft kiddie porn…which are creeper video of little girls doing splits in leotards, etc that pervs leave time stamps on so that other pervs now exactly what “good parts” to watch.

It often takes hundreds of individuals mass flagging the same account or page for anything to actually be done about it. I’ve literally been on Infowars several times already, trying to explain how parents can spot these pedophile profiles to protect their kids.

Why is it that private citizens like Popsquad, end up doing more to publicly out sexual predators online than our own law enforcement sometimes?

Clearly the laws have not caught up to technology and social media. It’s an issue not helped when mainstream media like NBC, side on the behalf of the pedo either.

You see, these pedo accounts all talk and signify to each other using certain swords and euphemisms like MAPS (minor attracted person) or NOMAPS (no contact minor attracted person) and use tons of liberal labels to boot. Here’s a typical one…

“AoA” means “age of interest” which this profile declares as age 3-7, either gender. They also claim to be a Zoophile, which is a euphemism for beastiality. They also just love listing their mental illnesses, as if you couldn’t tell they were fucked up already.

This one is into pre-pubescent children, animals, and dead bodies.

Most of them already know to block me, so that I can’t report their account to Twitter…not that Twitter obviously does anything about them anyway.

Explain to me why social media platforms would rather go after Infowars, Laura Loomer, Milo, and Roger Stone…but don’t have the desire or manpower to stop sexual predators that literally say in their bio that they’re proud and open pedophiles?

And what government official in good conscious would even push sick legislature like this along? Is she getting paid by elite pedos to do it? Could it have something to do with the certain ideology the UK imported in droves, that all worship a guy that married a 9 year old girl? Is this a way so that such said ideology doesn’t ruin crime statistics with the growing problem of rape grooming gangs there? Maybe.

The only thing I will guarantee you though, is that honest, upstanding citizens and patriots will not stand for this! You will not hurt our children so that you can appear “woke” before your liberal douchebag friends. We will not let this happen!


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  1. Keep up the great work Mindy. Those of us in the real world would never know shit like this if it were not for you!! Btw AoA bothered me… Are you sure it’s not Age of Attraction rather than interest?

  2. Legalized marijuana, gender arguments, “politicians calling for the incarceration of anyone voting against their ideologies, telling teens to experiment sexually, killing babies, pushing God out of the Country, giving illegal aliens bent on killing us voting rights and benefits, promoting Communism, legalization of pedophilia. Does anyone see the slippery slope we are on?

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