PopSquad is Exposing Online Pedos and Confronting Them in Real Life

I used to love watching NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.” There was something so satisfying about watching vile, soulless, pedophiles getting their just desserts as Chris Hansen grilled them on a kitchen stool….and then watching them get clotheslined to the ground by law enforcement as soon as they tried to leave.

But NBC did away with the show, they in fact turned to defending those kinds of pedos….going as far as to do a recent fluff piece on one .


The group that little miss Brandy Zadrozny felt the need to bash in her garbage article was PopSquad which stands for Prey on Predators. If you haven’t heard of them you should, they basically picked up where To Catch a Predator left off, and it raises a bigger question….why is it so easy to get men to meet up with kids online for sex? Why hasn’t law enforcement caught up to social media?

In a recent sting, PopSquad uncovered a pedophile on video, that thought he was meeting up with a 13 year old girl.

Meet #141 Steven

He’s guilty AF

You can watch the entire video of what happens when he showed up to meet a young girl right here….


The fact that he’s the 141 douche that was caught by the group alone, is a screaming sign that these kinds of preventable sexual crimes need to be prioritized more to the local authorities.

Of course, no matter how many videos, and chat logs serve as proof….there’s always that dumb family member that can barely spell, decrying the guilty party “dindu nuffin!”

“She” can’t sue for anything, actually. It was public, and didn’t involve her.“Tittle?” ?

So….they’re completely racist, and Trump’s “Not their president” shocker.

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