NBC Just Did a Fluff Piece on a Pedophile and I’m Calling Them Out

NBC just did a fluff piece glorifying a pedo and vilifying the people that outed him, and I’m calling them out on their bullshit. I wish I were kidding, but it’s all right here….


Now, if you’re thinking that this sounds exactly like what NBC’s own show “To Catch a Predator” used to do all the time…you’d be right. But hypocrisy is something so rampant on the Left, I’m not even surprised at it anymore.

Let’s break this flowery, romance novel down, shall me?

“Alleged?” You know, some people go their whole lives without propositioning a child on a dating site and trying to hook up him with them in an vacant house. But thanks for telling me about the “cool evening” breeze that night, while breezing over the reason he was there in the first place.

The “American Dream?” You think just by saying that that it’s going to win over me and the rest of middle America? Yea no, we don’t care about the guy’s hobbies growing up…we care about the hobby he had that involved actively looking for teens to have sex with.

Oh he took selfies in 3 piece suits? Well fuck it, he was totally a stand up guy then…..continue to tell me how wonderful this douche bag is. How about a pic since you’ve already bragged about how “handsome” he was…

Oh? He’s reasonably good looking? Well then, there’s no way he could possibly be a bad guy then. That’s how it works, right? You judge someone based on how they look, and not how they behave? Is that the moral you’re pushing for this story, or nah?

A “sleepy town?” Oh, get the fuck out of here already with this overly dramatic language. Clearly the author doesn’t know the difference between writing a hard hitting journalistic piece, and an 8th grade essay about what you did last summer.

Oh c’mon, it’s Connecticut. It’s pretty damn easy being anything there…..except maybe Jehovah Witness…that always just sucks in general. But it wouldn’t be a leftist article if they didn’t try to make it about racism, amirite?

Oh…”going on 15” what a funny way to spell FOURTEEN! Let’s gloss over the fact he didn’t meet this kid on Facebook or Twitter….he met him on a DATING site. Let me repeat a DATING site, and a notoriously sexualized one at that.

There was no boy?! Well how disappointing it must have been for him then. I seriously just pulled an muscle rolling my eyes at that.

It sounds cold, but I just don’t give a shit. Most people just don’t give a shit. This guy intended to hook up with a 14 year old boy…I doubt it was his first, but it definitely wasn’t going to be his last.

Um…yea, most people hate pedophiles. And the law sure hasn’t caught up to internet crime so we’re glad someone is doing something about it. Whether exposes them helps parents to be more vigilant, or makes one perv think twice before doing something, at least it’s positive. This is LITERALLY why NBC’s own To Catch a Predator show was so popular. Watching pedos get publicly humiliated by Chris Hansen and clotheslined to the ground by law enforcement is personally satisfying to just about anyone that hates pedos.

…..and? Your point is?

You got to love that NBC went crying straight to Facebook in the defense of pedophiles….but doesn’t give a lick about the blatant harassment, censorship, wrongful banning, and black listing of conservatives all over the platform….and why should they? It doesn’t help their agenda. And “Cyberbullying?” You want to see the hate mail and death threats I get in my inbox from liberals? No you don’t, because the left doesn’t give a shit what happens to Trump supporters.

Hahahahahaha! That’s nothing, you should have seen what the patriots on my page said about it….cause they were way more creative.

That’s going to leave a mark, but I digress….

Huh? He was 20, the problem was that was trying to have sex with a “young kid” not that he was one himself. And you mean to tell me that law enforcement didn’t go through this guy’s phone and online messages…..or they did and you just don’t want to report on what they found? Maybe you shouldn’t write a nationally publicized story before you get all the facts first…..not that facts matter to NBC or this ultra liberal reporter Brandy Zadrozny….whose Twitter just as insufferable as her article is.

Prisoners getting dental care that hard working Americans have to pay for is “good news” to this broad? Let their teeth fall out of their heads like rotten jack o’ lanterns for all I give a shit.

I bet I can guess exactly what she looks like too…..

Yup, that’s about right. Anyway….

No it’s not, because you fucking suck at writing and I have absolutely no idea how you got a job at NBC….(though I can guess.) At least I know how you’re supposed to write a professional article if I needed to, it’s just not my personal style. Then again, I’m also not writing for a mega mainstream news media outlet at this point in my life so…..fuck it. I know my current audience thinks like I do anyway.

Let’s finish this up with a perfect quote from POPSquad’s Erdmann himself..”….



  1. There is no sin that is beyond the power of God’s forgiveness. Having said that, social stigma for abhorrent behavior is desperately needed in this sick, “anything goes” society.

    Shaming someone for something shameful is not wrong. A problem is that we also do not energetically offer the gospel as a solution to the grip of sin.

  2. POPSquad got a new follower in myself from Nothing But Communism’s…. NBC’s post.

  3. Mindy just go suck a cock and die you pathetic trump supporting devil whore. Alaine is a better human then you’ll ever be. Brandy sounds way more mature tha you too writing all that profanity. Fuck trump and fuck you hoe.

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