YouTube Created a Playground for Pedophiles and Looked the Other Way

You wouldn’t expect giant media bombshells to come to light via a comedy clip show, but that’s exactly what happened when Daniel Tosh pointed out a slew of creepy kid videos on a YouTube channel that scarily had over 12 billion views….

It’s no surprise that the internet is a terrifying place for kids these days, but what I feel makes it worse is that there’s this false sense of security that they’re not going to find something that bad on YouTube, especially if they’re on what’s supposed to be a safer site…YouTube Kids.

But they’re not, and there are all kinds of ways young children can be exposed to predators on the site that you need to know about….and the worst I think starts off with parents that are knowingly exploiting their children for profit…

138 million views? I hate humanity sometimes….

Yea, none of this shit’s normal…

Sometimes the problem is that kids are uploading innocent enough videos by themselves…..which attract predators that are actively searching for them online.

You can’t prosecute perverts for just clicking on those vids, but why aren’t they even trying to track down the ones that are messaging them directly? You still can’t send indecent materials or solicit minors for sex!! Just cause it’s online it doesn’t what….like count or something? Why do people feel so safe behind their IP addresses? This really makes me wish To Catch a Predator was still on, at least it was trying to do something to crack down on this shit.

Not only do you have to worry about perverts in general, you also have to be careful about content that’s just masquerading as being kid friendly…..

Oh look it’s Mickey getting his ears cut off…there’s others of like people in kids costumes having sex which I’ll spare you of, but you get the picture….

So we’re all supposed to believe that YouTube had no idea that all this was going on? This is the same site that regularly censors anything right wing they don’t like, for absolutely no reason…

There was nothing graphic in his video, no foul language, it was informational but Youtube (which is owned by Google) found the time to censor it.

This is the same site that dismantled TWO of my accounts because of “copy write infringement” over acting reels I legally have the right of use. Hell, the second time they were even listed as private…and they still found and deleted all my videos. I wrote them about it and everything…they didn’t care.

But they didn’t notice that creepy kid videos were getting BILLIONS of views? None of the vile comments people made to children got flagged and blocked by any sort of safety algorithm?

No. You know why? Because they were making TONS of money off web traffic and advertisers.

Advertisers that indefinitely pulled out until they fixed that shit.

YouTube wasn’t just complacent about the playground for pedophiles it created, it was also promoting it by automatically suggesting similar type videos to the viewer….

It’s like that time I looked up what a fer de lance snakebite looks like and because I watched it YouTube kept “suggesting that’d I’d also like……(insert extremely fucked up shit here)” my fav being “guy saws off his own leg.” Like, WTF YouTube? Why’s that even on there? I lost my account over highlight clips from my TV shows but that shit’s ok?

This definitely leaves the internet open for a new and better platform to take over…..and honestly, YouTube (which is owned by Google) deserves to be replaced…

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