Beto is Targeting Mexican Citizens in New Campaign Ads

As brought to my attention by Amy over at @RightHookUSA

You see, Facebook now requires “transparency” in their ads. Which I’m going to guess no one at Beto’s team knew about. Because the very Irish “Robert Frances O’Rourke” has been badly attempting to win over the Hispanic vote by….pretending to be one I guess. Maybe he’s 1/1024, who knows.

But considering how “close” the red state of Texas came to voting him in, on top of election fraud charges that went as deep as a town’s own mayor….

Texas also tried legalizing petty theft recently…I wish I was kidding but….

Beto’s intentions in targeting Mexican citizens seems more suspect than usual. It’s always the Dems after all, that are pushing for having no voter ID, and welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms (unless it’s in their own rich neighborhoods, amirite Cher and Alyssa?)

When will the crooked Dems House of Cards start to fall? It already has. America is awakening to this leftist bullshit.

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