District Attorney in Dallas Wants to Decriminalize Theft

Dallas County Criminal District Attorney John Creuzot has decided to basically legalize petty theft. Of course his idea of “petty” is anything under $750, which last I checked is a lot to most people.

He’s a Democrat (of course) that ran on a platform of criminal justice reform….unfortunately the only reforming he’s doing is to the benefit of the criminals. Think I’m kidding? From CBS 11 News in DFW….

Economic gain? So….I can rob anyone of anything I want so long as I don’t what…..sell it on EBay? I could keep it and use it, or just trade it for drugs? Yea, I have no idea what could go wrong with this thought process.

So you know, California did something very similar with Prop 47. It made stealing anything under $950 a misdemeanor, with no jail time and no pursuit of punishment. Shop lifting skyrocketed.


Of course property crime and larcenies increased too…but California politicians were happy that they were saving so much money on jails!

I’m so glad they were able to make money off of it….business owners and property owners, not so much. But Dems do love pandering to the degenerates of society for their votes, don’t they?

I don’t understand how these politicians don’t see the correlation of lack of punishment to increased crime. They only know that they can’t have their constituents rising above the poverty line, otherwise they might turn into responsible entrepreneurs and fiscal conservatives.

I get the feeling this idea of “just rob someone a little if you need it” is basically the Democrats sneaky way of creating a self-service form of socialism….which by nature is unfair, un-American, and always doomed to failure.

I expected this commie garbage from California, but et tu Texas? Get a hold of your voter fraud before leftists turn you into a shithole.

Also….does anyone know where this guy lives?

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  1. So I can walk out of Best Buy with my new tv, someone walks up and takes it out of hands and runs off, I can’t prosecute them in Dallas? I don’t think so.

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