Texas Mayor Charged With Rigging His Own Election

More charges involving that voter fraud that according to the left “never happens.”

They arrested the mayor of Edinburg which is a border town near the taint of Texas.

Mayor Richard Molina was charged with election fraud, and in particular rigging his own election by using varying means, such as registering people that didn’t live in his district to an apartment complex he owned so they could illegally vote for him.

It’s true, I’m sure it kills CNN to report on it too.

I know you’re thinking “Wow, they’re actually reporting on it.” But the truth is his position was nonpartisan and can’t be blamed on either Republicans or Democrats technically…..but c’mon, it’s been the Dems that have been fighting voter ID and all the other things needed to secure voter integrity this entire time.

They’re working overtime to flip Texas the same way they bought off Colorado….most educational video you’ll watch all year with Michelle Markin, right here.


Voter fraud is rampant and comes in many shapes.

In North Carolina there were issues of abuse of the absentee ballot system.

In Nevada we had 117 year old voting at the polls apparently, I did a whole segment on that (it’s also a no voter ID state that went mysteriously blue despite being normally business, tax, and gun friendly.)


Or how ballot harvesting in California that’s giving Democrats a green light to manipulate the outcomes on everything they ever vote on to go their way.


I could go on, but we will only degrade our country more by allowing election fraud to run rampant. Now they’re trying to abolish the electoral college so that only NY and CA will have a voice….are you going to let it happen?

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