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Why does the media bury stories about Somali refugee violence in America?

There have been several incredibly bold and violent attacks on American citizens by mobs of Somalians that have all been buried by the mainstream media. Unless you were following my page, or someone like me…I doubt you saw it. Hell, I wouldn’t know about it myself if it wasn’t for the fact that followers that live in those areas send me what few news clippings they can find on it.

This week a mob of 8-10 Somali males attacked citizens in Minneapolis with pipes and hammers. You’d think that something like that would make the news…..but since it doesn’t fit the narrative, it was buried.

Yea….. “males.” Thank you oh so informative news source. I’m sure that if they were wearing MAGA hats you’d be way more descriptive than that.

Prolly doesn’t help that the police report is redacted to kingdom come.

Let’s dig a little deeper shall we?

This right here, is why I conceal carry. If this had happened in Texas the headline would read “10 dead scumbags brought a hammer to a gun fight.”

This is a crazy story, and the only reason anyone knows about it is because conservatives found it and shared it on social media….kind of makes sense why Facebook is censoring and throttling our opinions now, doesn’t it? I’m down 88% in reach myself thanks to Zuck’s new censorship methods. That’s over 6.2 million less people than I was reaching 2 weeks ago.

(Facebook notified me they’d be restricting my page over a real news video clip I posted that looks like a man in Imam garb was on the Notre Dame epic as it was on fire. I never said what I thought it was, but they feverishly removed all the clips of it off the platform.)

Anyway, I went to share an article about it from the Federalist Papers because they quoted me….and Twitter wouldn’t let me tweet the link.

It won’t even let me send it in a private message….

In fact, it won’t anyone tweet it at all….

Nothing to see here folks, just the leftist media hiding what a bad fucking idea it was to drop tens of thousands of Somali refugees in one concentrated spot, in numbers so large they don’t need or have to assimilate.

Lefties are quick to call anyone who criticizes it “racists” and “islamaphobes” for which it is neither. It has something to do with culture and ideology for sure, but it has nothing to do with race.

Thanks leftist news media source that I won’t cite because I don’t want you to get a clicks for it, clearly the “problem” is nice, but “racist” citizens that agreed to take them in in the first place.

Look, Somalia is an absolute, violent, inhospitable, backwards, utter shithole.

Don’t tell me it isn’t…because we both know no one’s buying timeshares there anytime soon.

We lost US troops fighting warlords there that were starving, beating, and raping their own people. If you don’t vet the people escaping that good enough….then you’re just importing the same violent bullshit that actual, decent refugees are trying to escape.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t the only incident. Last fall mobs of Somalis attacked people and rioted at Valley Scare Amusement Park. The entire place was shut down, and helicopters and SWAT were brought in. You’d think that’d be all over the news….but instead the social media powers that be buried, censored, and removed almost all the eye witness accounts and videos of it. I saved what I could find here….

It’s not just a few instances either, the violence of Somalia is clearly on our doorstep.

Authorities blame Somali gangs for the violence, because apparently escaping a shit hole wasn’t good enough, they had to make whatever they were going next a shit hole too.

The “Hot Boyz?” These sounds more like 90’s boy band names, but whatever.

Maine is another sleepy, peaceful state that is experiencing new found violence from Somalis refugees that the left lovingly refers to as “New Mainers.”

It’s a pretty upsetting video, you can watch it here.

The violence as gotten so bad, and the leftist controlled law enforcement is so weak and feeble from political correctness that they suggest the best answer for (white) people is to just not go to the park.

Maine is full of the nicest people in the world, it’s where almost all my family lives…..this is bullshit.

If you’re wondering “why the hell are we even taking on so many unvetted refugees in the first place” it has a lot to do with the crooked left. Importing an ideology that inherently hates freedom, American values, women, gays, etc seems like I don’t know….a pretty bad fucking idea. But it allowed for destabilizing what were once pretty solid, middle America type blue collar communities. Do you think American patriots voted for the vile anti-Semitic Ilham Omar or the self proclaimed holocaust lover Rashida Tlaib?

No, but imported hateful turds that hate America and Israel did.

We need to not be afraid to criticize the problem anymore.

We need to hold social media accountable for this grand scale, mass manipulation of news where you can shit all over Trump supporters, conservatives, Jews, and Christians….but you cannot highlight the glaring inherent flaws within fundamental Islam and Shariah Law.

I’m a Catholic, I hate the pope and I criticize my church all the time….I also welcome criticism of my religion. The idea that it’s “blasphemy” to question Islam in any manner, topped by the fact the leftist media is helping them enforce it is entirely unacceptable.

As a Patriotic American I will stand for it no more. Fuck your anti-American ideals, fuck your destructive leftist globalist agenda, and fuck your Shariah Law….and anyone who supports it.

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  1. I’m from Maine. Those Somolians KILLED one of the guys in the park. They FINALLY “caught” the kid and only charged him (supposedly) with manslaughter…. or some such bullshit. Those same kids, the older ones, had been shooting at people in the park & surrounding areas with bb guns… I’m currently halfway through a 30 FB suspension for calling out our shithead governor Mills for wanting to import more of these scumbags.

  2. I have a friend who lives in tiny Grand Forks ND. Same somali shit up there. 15 years ago they didnt even have crime. Now the pilice radio is nothing but “skinny black male”.

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