Huge Coverup of Somali Riot at Minnesota ValleyFair Amusement Park

A huge riot between 50-100 people broke out at ValleyFair in Minnesota Sept 22….but don’t expect to hear much about it on the news or a description of the attackers anytime soon.

Ah yes, “individuals…”

Eyewitness accounts actually state that about 100 Somalis were jumping fences, spitting on people, stealing, and assaulting people en masse…..but videos, comments, and posts pertaining to those details are being actively scrubbed from social media. I tried to screenshot as much as I could before it was removed. I’m sorry in advance for how disjointed this article is, I had to pull stuff the hidden depths of the internet….the censorship is strong on this topic.

“USA Really” also did an expose….

And also interviewed an eyewitness that was there….

And as also reported by Laura Loomer with an accompanying video of the aftermath …

Yup, and this was in her state.

So why is it being censored? Well, because it looks hella bad for the Left’s narrative that we should be taking in even more refugees and conveniently placing them in states to gain more blue votes for the Democrats. Last time I was at the Mall of America it straight up looked like Mogadishu….full burkas everywhere and filthy looks from men because I wasn’t.

But not only are they censoring who started the riot….they are also censoring how bad it actually was.

Seems pretty tame, right?

Seriously, if you have to call in SWAT and helicopters…..shits hit the fan, just saying.

ValleyFair also seems to be lying about whether there were any injuries or not…

No injuries….you know, minus the girl that can’t walk and the guy knocked consciousness, no biggie there amirite?

And good luck finding videos on it too. Facebook and Twitter seem to be actively removing links and uploads….because “muh narrative” and all.

I guess I’m not the only one struggling to find the truth today.

Also….how is this legal? You can’t give someone a race based discount.

Ugh. Someone save that state.

It’s not even the first Somali riot the mainstream news covered up there…

Just an angry race riot, I bet it never made your news feed either. Don’t forget to bring the kids!

No matter the color or religion, this county’s number one priority needs to be it’s own citizens. If you’re a refugee or an asylum seeker and you feel the need to act up, riot, and assault innocent people….you should get a one-way ticket back to wherever the hell hole you came from, end of story.

It’s not just there either, it happened in Maine and they covered it up there as well.

Here’s the article and video….

We do ourselves no favors when we look the other way against violence just because the Left tells us we’re supposed to. Everyone left and right, should be questioning their agenda.


  1. Send them all back to that hole they crawled out of. If they are not here to be American and assimilate into the American culture, then they are here to freeload and riot! Deport them now!

  2. I’d just like to say to my Liberal friends that stand firmly no matter what with the far left liberal Democrats that after seeing what the Somali Muslims are capable of 1st hand here in our own fun park & to still deny they pose a danger to us & our way of life is total insanity & from now on I’d like you liberal backers of these Muslim Somalis that would threaten our lives on in our own communities to unfriend me now because I no longer stand with you, I no longer respect you & will no longer associate with you. The line has been drawn & i’m on America’s side 100 % !!! I welcome none of you or them ( Somalis ) ever in my home or neighborhood ?? I’ve had all I care to be forced upon me & my brotherhood & respect ends here for good with you liberals. God Bless America , the land that I love ????

  3. I would love to know all that u have found out as one of my kids was there that night as well and she told me that she saw all kinds of Somalian people jumping fences she didn’t see the fight but song jumping the fences

  4. Look into the ScreamTown issue as well. Somali teens causing issues there and the owner spoke of it to his security team and had his business shut down by the county. He has since reopened but has had to hire his own security, parking and traffic control instead of the county providing it.

  5. This makes me happy that finally someone actually is bringing this back in to light. The Somali culture has abused their privlege for entirely too long. We as Americans have been stomped on by the “refugees” for too long. Speak english, take a shower, stop wearing bed sheets or get the fuck out!

  6. WTF happened to our country somali people are not special so WHY do we have to cater to them, they say our customs offend them well what about how much they offend the people who lived in this country long before some worthless government official opened the border and let them in. Shows how screwed up the left is the Democrats will do anything for votes even destroy our country.

  7. It’s a sad state of affairs when citizens born in the USA need to move to afford health care, be free of violence, be able to maintain our natural born rights and be treated with respect from others, including the younger generations. That’s what we did to avoid and maintain a decent life in our golden years.

  8. My daughter works at ValleyScare. She said they were throwing weapons over the fence to avoid security. I think Valley Fair minimized it because it would be bad for business. Also, see the news about Scream Town getting shut down. Barely a mention of what the problem was with a group of Somalis there. Made the owner look like a bigot.

  9. How sad it is that you cannot allow your children to enjoy their childhood because ungrateful immigrants have to ruin it, with no consequences for bad behavior. I don’t care what color you are, teach your children respect for others. It will continue until they are held accountable.

  10. MSM is being run by Arab world…This is why Koshaggi was tortured, beheaded, and dismembered by an assassination squad from Saudi Arabia. He spoke out against it from the pulpit they controlled. Pay attention people….this is an internal attack on our basic American freedom by Islam to control every person on the planet.

  11. Absolutley despicable!! We most certainly need to have the truth layed out in front of us as Americans we have that right! I certainly smell media and political coverup here.

      if you had a brain you would actually know they are actively playing war games it’s an invasion asshat not a warm and fuzzy situation.

  12. This was also part of the problem at the Haunted House that they tried to shut down because the owner told employees not to put up with trouble from the Somalians. apparently last year and this year they did some of the same things as Valley Fair, creating havoc, pushing people, spitting, destroying things.

  13. There seems to be a crisis in our Country today concerning what is politically correct, and what is just wrong. Anyone who upholds this madness needs to go somewhere else to live and leave My Country alone!!! If we stay on this path of injustice, My Country will be just like Somalia and or Afghanistan Afghanistan. #stopbreakingMyCountry

  14. More to come with increased Somali Muslim immigration. Liberal politicians and media keeping it under wraps so citizens don’t react to this sort of criminal bahavior.

  15. be a great day when we rid ourselves of governor Goofy & all his Somalian friends who think they will own this state.

  16. I live in a apartment complex with nothing but these a**holes arms we have violence here all the time. We need to stop letting them in and stay getting rid of them. I’m sick of worrying about my safety and my life every time I walk outside or even into the hallway.

  17. America has to dump all its Democrat politicians or be overrun by muslim gangs and similar from way down south.
    Any msm burying stories that challenge the ” peaceful religion/noble refugee ” narrative must be punished.
    They and corrupt Democrats are abandoning their post- they are supposed to be sentinels guarding America’s true interests but they routinely betray that duty and endanger the people.

  18. This has had me outraged. I know people who were there, took videos and posted them on Facebook, only for Facebook to take the videos off and deny anything happened. It took the news media in Minnesota two weeks to even acknowledge the events, however totally denied the severity and violence that actually took place. I’m fed up with the media and politicians in Minnesota protecting violent criminals for votes.

  19. When the refugees came from Somali, they should have first been informed that : We will financially take care of you and your family for 2 years. By then, you need to :Both husband and wife have jobs, pay for your own housing, medical and dental insurance, and food.AND IF YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN BREAK OUR LAWS,YOU WILL RECEIVE A 1-WAY TICKET BACK TO SOMALIA!

    • Why should we pay for them for two years nobody is paying for me and my family. I pay my fair share of taxes this shit needs to stop. If they can’t afford to make it here then stay home.

    • no they don’t need to be here period you really think any of them give a crap about following rules and regulations? I’ll give you credit though you’re halfway there just keep going to the American first
      side lol

  20. This is “ALL TRUE” there was a COMPLETE COVER UP BY THE MINNESOTA / MINNEAPOLIS LIBERAL PRESS. I KNOW BECAUSE I LIVE ABOUT 5 MILES FROM WHERE IT HAPPENED. The Liberal press and the Minnesota Demo Party has done their best to cover up this incident.

  21. The way this country is going, I am afraid for my Grandchildren! St. Cloud is now the worst city in MN and has a huge immigrant population! I moved just North of it after selling my house in St. Cloud due to hearing gun shots and seeing it have more crime. I heard there are thousands more coming in. I know teachers who left the profession due to the immigrant children talk back and refuse to follow rules. I talked to a police officer who said they are limited by what they can do which puts the good citizens at risk. I have been kind to all and gotten looks of hatred because I am a female (in my “free” birth country)! My female friend was assaulted by young teenage/adult immigrant men but nothing was done!
    Our Governor doesn’t care and says if we don’t like it leave! I pray something is done soon or I see a civil war happening. Look to Dearborn, MI and now other parts of the country that are no-go zones. God bless America, what’s left of it! I love ALL people but will stand for our Constitution and our laws!

    • just wow reading your comment hurts it’s really hard to see the situation like your’s so up close and personal this is not the country I grew up in. it’s heartbreaking to remember what it was cause I’m afraid it will never be again.

  22. That last comment really sucked!!! They’re already here so voting “red” is such a uncalled for comment. And on another note, criminals come in all colors. Look what America got voting red. The biggest dysfunctional idiot on planet earth for president!!! #notmypresident

  23. Why do people, like this author, state a negative thing (basically hiding the truth) and associate it to a large mass of people? Not all dems want to hide the truth. This kind of rhetoric causes division and is very shallow thinking. It insults a huge group of people, many of whom are innocent. Why not list sources that cover it up and ask why?

  24. The number of law enforcement being reported as 260 + is actually a bit incorrect. There were a lot of law enforcement present as were a lot of fire personnel, but they were there because it was law enforcement appreciation day at Valleyscare. So, 260 law enforcement were not actually called to the scene. Yes law enforcement was called in from surrounding cities, and the state troopers sent in personnel as well but all together the agencies that sent Representatives to deal with the issue did not number 260 Plus. However, if you add in the people who were called in to the Leos who were already enjoying the night at Valleyscare then you might come up with 260 Plus people. Plus the kids that were also there. So just clarifying A little bit on the numbers that are being thrown around. also, I was listening on the scanner and I was also outside the park in my car watching the activities and yes there were people running all over in the parking lot. Although I could not tell from the distance I was at, who was who or who was running from or towards anything.

  25. What has the honorable Keith Ellison had to say about it? He should have been at the forefront of the discussion!

  26. This is an inaccurate account of what took place. Yes, there was an incident but not close to what is espoused here.
    This is an attempt to bolster the anti immigrant rhetoric sentiment in the Country!

  27. I’ll take Anachronisms for $200, Alex.

    “cover up”

    What is something conservative women used to do?

    You are correct.

    • looks like a
      clean up crew came into the thread lol I guess they’re keeping watch on the “protected classes”

  28. All these people wanting something to be done about these Somali immigrants. Yet they themselves do nothing but post on social media with their way of dealing with this Menace. Here’s a little heads up, stand up to these pests yourselves. By you people doing nothing, it only encouraged these pests to terrorize more. You call yourselves Americans but do nothing to these immigrant pests, but post on social media…..pathetic…..

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