Two Somali Men Attack Pedestrians With Vehicle At Minneapolis Hospital

On June 8th, two Somali men were witnessed attempting to run down pedestrians in front of a Minneapolis hospital, driving straight up onto the sidewalk and everything.

Now, you’d think this kind of incident would make at least the local news….but not in Minneapolis where crime committed by Somalis migrants often gets covered up or ignored completely.

Remember the Somali riot at Valley Fair amusement park that got scrubbed off of social media? I sure do….

It’s also worth mentioning that there was also a shooting in front of the same hospital just hours earlier. Are they related? Who knows. Because neither were reported on, and neither made the news outside of a crime watch site on Facebook.

It’s important to the powers that be that you don’t notice an influx of crime in places that have taken in a large muslim immigrant population like Minneapolis and Maine. Otherwise American people would ask to hault taking in so many…and that effects Democrats from gaining the new constituents they need.

They don’t want citizens to know about the “no go zones” we already have here in America, or wonder how raging anti-Semitic, pro-terrorism congresswomen like Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib get elected to office.

The Left cares more about seeming “woke” than they do acknowledging that Shariah Law is used to murder gays and subjugate women across a giant chunk of continent.

Too bad for them, that honest citizens aren’t going to just shut up and play their politically correct game anymore of calling everyone that disagrees with them bigots, or anyone that criticizes Shariah Law as “islamophobes.”

America has spoken, and America is done with leftist fake news.

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