“Pedo Hunters” Become the Hunted

This is part of a developing and ongoing investigative series on fraudulent “pedo hunters”. When finished, this will reveal the dark world of a quest for e-fame, the most immoral degeneracy, and how viral marketing lines the pockets of the worst among us

Part 1: Revelations & Riposte

The online conspiracy theory known as “Pizzagate” has had some luck, finally. This group of “pedo hunters” found and exposed a child rapist, a collector of child pornography, and one potentially current offender. One small problem…all three were in their circles and claiming to be “saving children”. The man who put his investigative skills to the test was cheered by the Pizzagate community and quickly rose through their ranks garnering immeasurable success and respect. Just kidding. Rather, he was shunned, pigeonholed, and buried under a propaganda network while these alleged saviors of children hid the revelations, justified them, minimized, and then finally, when all other options were exhausted, addressed them. This entire scenario is stunning to watch play out. And lucky for us, it is all documented and easily provable. After all, the offenders admitted to what they had done once it was revealed. And over the course of the past 8 months one investigator never let up. The story of a YouTuber named OG Wan Kenobi needs to be told and shared. All of the information in this series comes from his relentless pursuit to get answers surrounding this scandal.

But first, a little background for those unfamiliar with this lunacy. “Pizzagate” is a strange one. And I think Esquire did a good job of hitting the key points.  In a nutshell, the Pizzagate community believes that the elites in both the public and private sectors are part of a secret cabal that needs children to feed their twisted desires. From sex, to sacrifice, or anything the imagination can produce, seems to be within bounds and probable to this crowd. Something that started on 4Chan quickly spiraled outward and captured followers, and eventually their money, as it grew. At the height of its popularity is about the time Edgar Maddison Welch strolled into Comet Ping Pong in D.C. with guns to investigate the place. Why? Well, the restaurant had been linked – via 4chan and Reddit posts – to an international child sex trafficking ring according to this community. Luckily no one was injured. Employees fled and one shot was fired. Welch was arrested again shortly after for hitting a 13 year-old with his car and it appeared to be intentional. This total contradiction of the overall mission of the “Pizzagaters” now appears to have been a predictor of a trend. The defenders of children were actually the offenders.

That was real-word fallout. Pizzagate thrived mostly online. And while it did a group of YouTubers loosely coined “Truthers” were gaining popularity as the arbiters of information vs “disinformation”. Going beyond their initial roles as commentators on developments, many started adopting the self-professed role of being a “pedo hunter”; the last line of defense for “saving children” from the evil cabal who needed their little bodies for sexual gratification. These YouTubers now had a mission that would merge the online investigation with real-world results. Before long, they would be able to claim victory for the destruction of a powerful consortium that thrived in the most powerful nations on Earth, right? Well, no. To date, the number of actual pedophiles arrested due to the efforts of the community stands at 0. The number of child sex offenders they exposed is also 0. Sobering to say the least. However, a victory was finally approaching. They were  closer than they thought to uncovering a real-life degenerate. Three actually. They just needed to look inward. In this first installment we’ll strictly name the parties and their allegations and/or convictions. When the next part of the series drops it will show the lengths at which larger YouTubers and Pizzagate inspired non-profit organizations went to cover up crimes they were fighting almost exclusively. Let’s get down to naming the creeps.

USA Net4Truth 

YouTuber David Todeschini  goes by the handle USA Net4Truth or Net4Truth USA. I don’t think he can decide which because it appears both ways. His forte? PizzaGate and some QAnon. His mission? To protect and/or save children from elite pedophiles. Oddly enough, Todeschini is a level 3 sex offender; the most dangerous classification available. His crime? 2nd Degree Sodomy. Victim: 8 year old male. At the time of the revelation, David had roughly 1,500 subscribers on YouTube. During the revelation of his past, the most influential peer in the community tried their best to bury the story and continued to promote him. His subscriber base grew to a stunning 27,000. In the past 30 days, as this issue has garnered much more attention, he has added 9, 813 subscribers according to Social Blade. Try to imagine this: an entire network with influential figures, promoted him during the revelation that he was a sexual deviant of the worst kind. His confrontation and admission was done on a Google Hangouts video chat with other concerned and principled Pizzagate YouTubers, albeit less influential than David’s promoters, they achieved the evidence while holding true to their stated goal of protecting children. His confrontation and admission is below. And if you watch until the end you will get a peak into the second part of this series: the lies, cover-up, minimizing, and accusing the whistleblowers of actually being pedophiles. An anonymous internet user has also registered davidtodeschini.com and it forwards to the below video as well. Here is his admission:

Todeschni is an odd mix of character. He seems to want to take out the “global elite” pedophiles and child traffickers that are running rampant (according to Pizzagate folks), but his own page pleads with viewers to accept his summation that false sexual assault allegations are rampant and actually done by the government. The page for Child Sexual Abuse on his site is outdated. A video interview he did was removed on this subject and the link to his previous YouTube channel advises the visitor that the channel has been removed (archive) for term of service violations. We can only wonder what he did to lose the channel. Here is David tuning into a live stream on YouTube with girls of a questionable age. Notice one viewer immediately identifies him as “pedo man”.

David Todeschini runs an online ministry. He also appears to also sell almost everything on his site. In addition to growing his YouTube channel he also has a GoFundMe page that has a lofty goal of $100,000. Before you scoff and roll your eyes, you may want to verify that he has raised $4,000 to date. And the page was created when Dave’s outreach was minimal. On the surface it seems like a noble cause and may have the best possible intentions. However, doubt sets in fast. Anyone willing to jump into fringe movements like Pizzagate and QAnon as a content creator is more likely to be capitalizing on a trend versus displaying a true passion for the topic. Add to that the fact that David’s own website links to an array of products. One starts to get the feeling that David has been looking for anything to take off and get popular for years. And he has finally found it.

Mr. Gunk of Fully Sourced

If it wasn’t for the actions of Mr. Gunk (previously Filthy Eskimo) of the YouTube channel Fully Sourced, no one may have ever learned of David Todeschini. Ironic to say the least but the chain of events which caused all of them to be revealed come directly back to Mr. Gunk and his Discord “head moderator” Markies Gilmore aka “Train” or “NOFUXGIVEN” (more on him below). The channel boasts a healthy subscriber base of 71,832 subscribers. And it is financially supported by Pizzagate personalities further up the hierarchy. But it turns out that Mr. Gunk, while making videos about the global conspiracy of Pizzagate, and railing against the evils of child porn, was actually receiving images himself from an underage girl. When pushed, he made a video explaining the ordeal and then deleted it. Why? Well, lets let him explain. After all, he was thoroughly interrogated and that was documented.

He, like David Todeschini above, admitted to it. So you see, unlike Pizzagate where baseless accusations are thrown around and never confirmed, here the claims are substantiated by the alleged offender themselves. The first open conversation about this behavior by Mr. Gunk was revealed on a live stream with Markeis Gilmore “Train”, with Jamie DLux as a guest, and that can be heard here. (4:00) It turns out that Mr Gunk was alleged by his head Discord moderator to have started inappropriately messaging a girl when she was 15 years old. And Mr. Gunk can’t claim ignorance on her age. He claimed she was 17 and that this ordeal had been going on for 2 years. You will notice the video starts off with JamieDlux in shambles. His account has been taken away. And he believes it was falsely flagged by Mr. Gunk as retribution for doing a video outlining what Mr. Gunk had already admitted to doing. It is followed immediately by Gunk’s second known confession to sexting an underage girl.


Mr. Gunk’s channel Fully Sourced, hasn’t seemed to fare too poorly under these revelations. Social blade scores him as still receiving a net gain of subscribers and averaging 168 new subscribers per day in the past 30 days. It seems that being an actual sex offender on YouTube has its rewards. But his growth was a little slower than David’s, as far as percent grown. However, his total view count flirts with the 1 million mark for the past 30 days alone. Mr. Gunk will become more relevant in the second part of this series as will other key figures entwined in this conspiracy of silence first, intimidation second. For now, our goal is to get the reader familiar with the names and their crimes in preparation for part two.

Markeis Gilmore aka “Train” aka “NOFUXGIVEN”

As we have just read above and heard in the linked live stream, Markeis Gilmore had thought the situation with Fully Sourced’s Mr. Gunk important enough to warrant a group discussion. And Gilmore even sounds apprehensive saying he saw him almost as a “brother”. The tone of if regret lingers about as Gilmore explains the scenario. And for anyone catching this live, they must’ve been heartbroken to learn of these allegations. Gilmore gives the impression of being a fighter for children here. Acting on principles and willing to risk throwing away a bond not easily found through online public squares. If you felt that way about Gilmore and began to hold him in high esteem then it is high time for your sentiment to be corrected.

On October 2013, Markies Gilmore was arrested for possession of Child Pornography and sentenced in 2015 to 3 years. So the whistle blower on Gunk contacting underage girls was a man who himself was caught with underage pornography. The file name on his computer suggested the child was 5 years old. I’ve provided two of the relevant documents and the entire collection is linked here.



Part Two: A Primer

In the intro I teased a YouTuber named OG Wan Kenobi and told you nothing beyond him being the source. That was intentional. With the foundation now laid we can begin to show you how these offenders have been protected by the community. And how curious and principled whistle-blowers were attacked and maligned with the hopes of them being driven into total silence. It has been 8 months of lies, deflection, projection, attacks and more. Not on the actual degenerates, but against the one person who wouldn’t give up exposing them. Next, you’ll meet OG Wan Kenobi and hear a story that reads like the most absurd fiction you could dream. In the course of retelling these astonishing events we’ll be able to clearly see the investment made to protect this conspiracy and try to keep it appear untainted. Their livelihood depends on it.




  1. Interesting article, but why no mention of the real HIllary verified email WikiLeaks released discussing a sacrifice to Moloch, when Moloch is clearly the God of child sacrifice? You try to make it sound like this conspiracy was born out of thin air. You said it started on 4-chan, but I beg to differ because it started with real verified emails that were blamed on Russian hacking. I still deserve to know exactly what was meant by that email, as does everyone else who cares about the lives of innocent children. How about all the other suspicious wikileaks emails you failed to mention? How do we know you’re not a pedophile purposely covering this up by neglecting to tell the whole story?

  2. Very pleased to see this getting much needed airtime. My personal battle with these scumbags has been a nightmare since it started 8 months ago. Im glad some good people were as disgusted as i was and have decided to shite a light on this dreadful situation. I am looking forward to seeing the next part. Thankyou again ?

  3. Excellent article ! Keep up the great work . Good will shine a light on this perverse darkness. May God bless you and your family with protection of the holy spirit

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