Part 2: In Defense of Everything: Deflect, Attack, Lie, & Silence to Keep Pizzagate Money Flowing

In part one of our series on Pizzagate hypocrisy we learned that two YouTubers and one of their mods were outed as either convicted sexual deviants or currently had issues regarding sex crimes. David Todeschini (Net4Truth USA), Mr. Gunk (Fully Sourced), and his Discord moderator Markeis Gilmore were all the epitome of what they claimed to be fighting against. And this should be where our story ends. Or at least the disgraced would make a hasty exit. But in the kingdom of the eternal grift, being outed as a vile deviant requires no retreat. The lords hold on to their position with the help of unlikely allies. Well, seemingly unlikely at first glance. 

Before we get started with part we are going to need a video to illustrate a few things that happened after 3 pedophiles were exposed inside the Pizzagate community. Two groups formed: One demanded answers. The other, targeted those that asked the questions. And the below video contains a lot to unpack here. Its commentary by OG Wan Kenobi regarding Titus Frost. In it we’ll here justification of bad behavior, defamation, and calls for the much larger YouTubers to begin a campaign of censorship by flagging their videos down. In other words, shut these people up. Absolutely amazing. The motivations are clear: Save face, save the YouTube money. Understand that if they ever had any principles related to this cause they have evaporated. This clip is from OG Wan Kenobi’s YouTube is a reupload. The entire video can be found here. And it’s imperative to watch to understand the general disposition of the faction set on silencing criticism and dissent. You’ll hear the name “Honeybee”. We’ll address her below briefly and dedicate an entire section to her later. Keep in mind, channels and videos were false-flagged.

Nathan Stolpman / Lift the Veil

Embedded into part 1 is a video entitled “All Gunk’d Up” that features YouTuber Nathan Stolpman (“Lift the Veil“). The channel description is direct and trusting of the audience. The channel description reads “You can handle the truth”. It instantly brings to mind the classic scene in A Few Good Men when the young JAG played by Tom Cruise finally breaks Jack Nicholson’s character. A powerful scene from American cinema no doubt. And it’s one that stays with anyone who has seen it. Stolpman imbibes in the visitor a triumph before they have even been tested; putting trust and confidence into the newcomer, whom he has never met. And if we could stop there and review Stolpman’s upload history, real-world activism, and dedication to the community we could end on a high mark. But of course, there’s a bit of nastiness here that we have to address. See, once Mr. Gunk was exposed being a possible offender, researchers in the community wanted answers. And it’s here that the records kept by OG Wan Kenobi need to guide us. After 8 months, everyone has dropped off. And he is the last one to tell the story in its entirety.

Stolpman was confronted on his show. And the response from him is truly outstanding. This clip is taken from, and includes narration from the caller YouTuber “Skooby Doom”. The entire video can be found here

And it wasn’t the only time Nathan Stolpman (Lift the Veil) had to deal with confrontation on this exact issue. The first was with the Mr. Gunk issue. And in the video below we have YouTuber Fkn Freddy calling in to address the entire situation. Some of the same issues in our first video are of concern to Freddy. Here, Freddy confronts their tactics and tackles every bit of underhandedness head-on. Stolpman is on the defensive. As a result, his claims fall short and are entirely subverted when presented with straight facts. In a nutshell, and at this point in the story, one faction has dug in and decided to attack those asking questions about pedophiles inside of the Pizzagate community. All of the problems of the past few months are coming to a head. You’ll hear the “Honeybee” name again. No clipping. Full video below. Wait until you hear what Nathan calls Fkn Freddy…the one trying to bring light to the dark corners of this hypocritical grift. Still justifying and minimizing. Still trying to spin. It doesn’t work. And it was handled masterfully by Fkn Freddy.



As you can see from the videos, it was many months of inaction and spin. But the answers eventually came. Some were direct (when pressed) while others were not. . When Fkn Freddy confronted a central figure in the Pizzagate community about Mr. Gunk, the response he received was as shocking as the Mr. Gunk revelation. The popular figure he had this amazing exchange with was Melissa Zaccaria aka Honeybee. Here we will briefly detail the role she played in these instances. Later, we will dedicate an entire installment to her. For now, a primer on Honeybee in relation to their “defense of everything”.

Rather than receive answers regarding Mr. Gunk, a new revelation came out. Of course there was push back first. Next he received a shocking bit of news from what could only be described as a down-playing with a bit one-upping terrible news. Honeybee’s response to the Gunk allegation (of him sexting an underage girl) was to out another sex offender within the Pizzagate community that she was aware of and had said nothing about. Allow this to register…A group of pedophile hunters learns of a possible offender in their community. Desperate for answers and accountability they go well-established members and learn that there is a second one, that some knew about and said nothing. This is how David Todeschini was revealed to be a level 3 sex offender to the rest of the Pizzagate community. And it came in a YouTube comment response. It speaks for itself. Downplayed first. Then a near justification of Gunk by deflection. Below is that response to Fkn Freddy. It speaks for itself

Melissa Zaccaria aka Honeybee, is a curious figure in the Pizzagate community. At least to an outsider. Everyone knows her. And from what I can tell the opinion of her is pretty mixed. For the true believers, shes generally well-regarded. While the opposite is true for apostates and contrarians. But no matter what your opinion is of her, she is an example of a success story. And there is no doubt others have tried to achieve the same results because of her. She is seen everywhere from basic streams done from cell phones, to hangouts, to higher-production videos of the larger streams and shows hosted online. Zaccaria is also the producer of a crowd-funded documentary called Kids Inc. Parlaying her success from the popularity of Pizzagate she branched out beyond the world of YouTube. If anyone should be adamant about removing child sex offenders from this community it should be her.

It’s at this time everyone is shocked. Rightly so. And it is also when everything starts to change: The documentary is behind schedule. More questions arise from within the community: “Didn’t Honeybee claim to have downloaded and archived a child snuff film?”  “Was that even true?”  “Where is the money?”  “Why has she switched her twitter handle and been absent?” Her Kids Inc documentary was slated to release in Sept 2018. To date, only a trailer has been produced. The website for the venture was only registered in July of 2018 and it uses a free template from Wix. Not that that means anything per se; other than it shows them being budget conscious. She did raise money from an alleged snuff film of a child. She also claimed to have downloaded and archived it.

For all her efforts Honeybee found herself on the red carpet with Liz Crokin, a fiction romance author who has gained a substantial following in the QAnon and Pizzagate community. Crokin appears to be the Hollywood gatekeeper to the “Truther” community. And Honeybee has been welcomed through. As she is helping to minimize, and arguably cover-up child sex offenders, she appears on the red carpet at a function geared towards bringing awareness to stopping child abuse and trafficking. Ironic no? Pictured below we find Liz Crokin, Melissa Zaccaria (Honey Bee), Heather Middendorf, Anthony Cadorniga, and a tall guy (unnamed). Draped behind them appear the logos for Tracy Beanz and SGT Report. Both are YouTube channels that have received their growth through Pizzagate and QAnon coverage. (Note: SGT Report came to the defense of anti-Semite Adam Green/”Know More” News who recently called me a Mossad agent and Zionist for suggesting he looked like the arson suspect in the recent Comet Pink Pong fire…the restaurant at the center of the Pizzagate conspiracy).


Honeybee goes further than just revealing Dave Todeschini as a deflection from Mr. Gunk. She and others, wrongly defended Mr. Gunk’s actions as being legal according to the Age of Consent laws based on his jurisdiction. This point has been brought up multiple times and was proven incorrect. We saw it once in the above video with Fkn Freddy and Nathan Stolpman. And we learn from the video that Mr. Gunk could even possibly be under investigation. To which Stolpman’s reply is to suggest that Freddy is like a “snitch”. It seems while this is happening, this loosely associated network of YouTube channels are talking to each other. They cover the same content, they know each other, and they have the same talking points and poor tactics. Here is Honeybee making the same Age of Consent argument after making many previous incorrect assumptions on the victim’s real age.

“Yeah OG Wan Kenobi, whats your deal man? Why won’t you just going away? We’re going to have to use our network of multiple channels to go after you. Just buy the lies and go away!” is how I read that. Luckily for us, OG didn’t go away. He kept logging, recording, asking questions, and tried to tell the world. And here we are. We stand at the beginning stages of a full series on the Multichannel Network of Lies, Deceit, and Immoral Hypocrisy. Next, we’ll dedicate an entire installment to Honeybee…possibly two. I need to talk to my attorney again as we have just received info regarding her, and her group, that requires counsel before publication. And since Jamie DLux was nice enough to reach out to us we’ll finally get his perspective on this whole scenario. He was after all, an unwilling participant in this entire affair. And he received heat from both factions. Also we’re are going to talk to a person with a provable track record in hunting sex offenders online. You may remember him from our Amos Yee series. He has more than a decade doing this and he’s starting to see some problems with their methods. Until next time folks remember, Pizzagate is a lie pushed by frauds that cover-up and minimize child sex crimes. And all to retain that sweet e-fame and a little bit of money.