Meet Amos Yee, the Asylum-Seeking Pedophile Rights Activist the Government Won’t Do Anything About

Even the Government is turning a Blind Eye to Pedophiles…

By now you have all seen the lengths that websites like Twitter go to in order to protect pedophiles. Most of them are allowed to remain on the platform indefinitely despite the flagging by hundreds of concerned individuals, so long as they don’t post anything “too” illegal. And because of that Twitter offers a unique advantage to these degenerates: the ability to organize and connect to one another very efficiently. What does it take to put an end to this?

It turns out you need concerned people to coordinate in real-time and make such a public outcry that they literally have no choice but to act. Case in point: Amos Yee, the Singaporean pedophile that was granted asylum in the U.S.
He was being detained at age 16 after making a video critical of Singapore’s founder, Lee Kuan Yew. But upon arrival he has spent all of his free time taking up the fight for pedophiles, organizing them, and raising money for the cause of “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs). You know, the liberal euphemism for “pedophile” that makes them feel better about themselves. Why is he still allowed to be in the U.S.? Even his former sponsor wants him booted out of the country.

And this is where concerned people organize to take action and get the results Twitter SHOULD be delivering to its users. A single tweet from Amos Yee caused a diverse group of users to unite and take him down. Within a couple of hours, Yee had been banned from Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, GoFundMe, PayPal (yes, he was getting donations to help organize pedophiles), Proton Mail, and his Discord servers. In addition, Yee had also been geolocated. Prior to this, his whereabouts in the U.S. had been unknown. Here’s how it all started:

 Yee sends this tweet on Dec. 6

And it’s immediately picked up by average users and not those little fuckers at Twitter.

“We have to do something”

That was the response from this small group, following the tweet below. Who is this “we” and what were they planning to do? I reached out to the group and was able to take a look at how a few independent users were able to erase the dirtbag from the internet within a few hours, and locate him. Yes, seriously.

I was able to find out who two of them were. Ghost of Stew (pictured below) is Doug Stewart, a former contributor for various news websites. And PayPigPatrol turned out to be Spicci: an anonymous entity, cohost of The Right to Bryden Podcast, and an “all-around terror” on Twitter. And that’s about as much as anyone knows.

Oh, it’s probably a good time to mention it doesn’t end with sexual attraction to kids. Nope. This is an especially sick group. Don’t worry, these are the folks Twitter is bending over backwards to help!

That’s right, when being a pro-contact pedophilia advocate just isn’t “kinky” enough….this scumbag is actually getting off of crime scene photos of dead kids.

Clean Up

The group is fairly secretive for good reason. Any group that can remove you from your virtual existence doesn’t divulge too much information. But a look inside would be nice, and I am still puzzled as to why these guys need to do the job of Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Proton Mail, Discord, and our own damn government.

 The gist: Stewart told me that once they were ready, they had an hour before Yee’s accounts would be removed. How he knew this, he won’t say. But the accounts started being taken off line at midnight, precisely one hour from the start time. “We really had limited time on this one. I was surprised it worked as well as it did” Stewart said. He added “An Open Secret was a big help too, they were the force multiplier in getting this stuff taken offline.” Upon finally entering the Discord server, the main channels were spammed to so that no user was able to communicate. Stewart says he has no idea who this operator was but was grateful for his help. The “All hail” cries are in deference to the mystery user’s successful spam attack. 

Amos Yee, and other pedophiles and MAPs, use services like Discord and Telegram to have a more private conversations. And by “private conversation” use your imagination. But the starting points are sites like Twitter and Facebook. And its why it’s so infuriating that those sites turn a blind eye or even protect them!

 And then all of their usernames and profiles were posted to the internet (all 292) for everyone to see. If Twitter wont take these little kinderfickers down, someone has to.

Oh look, turns out he’s in California. At least the authorities can keep an eye on him now. Because we sure as hell know that Twitter won’t be doing any policing besides banning people for “misgendering” traitors.


 Turns out most of the people involved in this had their Twitter accounts suspended, locked, or timed out shortly after. Spicci aka “PayPigPatrol” was mysteriously removed by Twitter. His alerts showed him reporting himself repeatedly. ClydeeGB was locked for being rude to an admitted pedophile. And the rest? They either deactivated or were suspended. No one knows for sure. But I think we all know at this point, right?

It’s to the point, that I no longer believe it’s just “laziness” or complacency on the part of Twitter, Facebook, and our government….the powers that be are going out of their way to protect pedophiles, while suspiciously still having the time and manpower to harass and ban other users about “misgendering” American traitors, calling illegal immigrants “illegal” or….hell, just saying “God bless Trump….”

That last one was me, and who knows how many other people that day. When the bias is this heavy against good, honest Americans….maybe vigilante internet justice is the way to go.

Mindy Robinson

Twitter/Instagram @iHeartMindy

Contact: [email protected]
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