Liberal Caught Publicly Doxxing Conservatives, Now Upset That People Know

Liberal Hollywood Hypocrisy: Take 3

Awhile back I had written an article after receiving a message for help, from 2A supporters that were getting doxxed and harassed by a rich housewife liberal douchebag “activist” named Lysa Heslov.

She had publicly admitted to calling one guy’s job 17 times, until they fired him, and that’s according to her own words….

Well, that’s pretty fucking illegal.

You can check out the original article on all this bullshit here…

She did the same to me, telling people I was a Nazi, porn star, etc.

So after I wrote that article, Lysa’s psychopathic attention became solely focused on me, and in order to “prove” she doesn’t doxx and harass people….she personally doxxed and harassed me, my employers, and my significant other.

Grab the popcorn because you can read about that whole other shit show, right here….

Well, after several months had passed, and little Mrs. Psycho seemed to have learned her lesson….an admin for the page had been recycling old articles people might have missed from my website, and had accidentally posted the original article again.

So I thought, well….is she still maliciously doxxing people online? If not, I was just going to delete it. But…

Yup. She sure was. Explain to me why someone writing MAGA on an Instagram post constitutes a parade of hate and targeted harassment in the first place? There’s this thing called a “block” button, and it works.

Ironically Lysa Heslov has been leaving shitty messages all over my Instagram even after I put her on notice via a reply to a threatening email she sent.

That’s “gross?” She left about two dozen messages, all typical petty jealous housewife bullshit.

I look old? What the fuck is this bitch on?

Yea, I don’t know what she thought was going to happen on my page when she commented either but…. ??‍♀️

So anyway I thought “Well, fuck it.” Might as well post the second article because now people are going to want to know how bad this lunatic got, so I posted the follow up article also listed above, where she sent emails out to directors and producers I was currently working with and told them I was a criminal, a Nazi, and all the other usual liberal go-to’s.

Shit, well I’m the original Josey Wales it seems. Actually she pulled the wrong person in some cheap internet search and has been defaming me based on whatever the hell that says. I’m not completely sure myself.

But she’s convinced I was born with a different last name…although my parents Mr. and Mrs. Robinson would have to disagree.

So what happened after that article started making the rounds again?

Complete insanity. Not kidding, like holy shit….

I literally never mention her kids anywhere. I’ve never threatened her family, and if I had…where are those screenshots? Where are any of these screen shots of “death threats?” You mean to tell me that this same broad that screenshots everything so she can dox people…didn’t keep any screenshots of that? Yea ok, whatever Jussie.

My response is as eloquent as you’d imagine it would be from me, after all this shit…

I say “cunt” three times, this is stupid but if will play again later down the road….

So yes, the same woman that was upset that I included a public photo (that I’m not even sure has been in that article for months..and in fact I’m pretty sure I replaced it with a direct link to her google images, which literally anyone can do themselves like this… ) has herself, posted my picture on FB she got from Instagram, but yet still wants to sue me for “copyright infringement” and harassment.

She also did this….

I’ll take “Things that never fucking happened for $500, Alex…”

I’m not a porn star, I’m not a white supremacist, and I’ve never gone after her family…although she did feel the need to call the cops on mine for no reason.

So, she’s definitely insane….but sadly, not alone. Check out the hyper reaction from raging liberals over something NONE OF THEM, bothered to research/read/or comprehend at all. They literally just blindly believe whatever this leftist turd tells them. Even though I’ve perfectly documented everything as proof, proved this bitch a liar multiple times over, and she’s literally doing the exact same thing to me, that I was reporting on in the first place.

So grab some popcorn, and watch the insanity unravel on her public FB post….

I never once invited violence, but her friends openly do so to me, further down inside the post….

Ah yes, and so begins the malicious mass reporting of my page that these idiots announce from a public platform. I’m also apparently a “terrorist” for writing that article.

For the record, I was under the impression that all her “kids” are adults, and they’re literally not named anywhere…..but I don’t know because I’ve LITERALLY NEVER EVEN LOOKED THEM UP. ?

Because why keep your targeted harassment to just one platform, amirite?

I’m not going to jail for writing an expose on a vindictive bitch that was wildly breaking the law and harassing openly people in the first place, you fucking mouth-breather.?

The police? The FBI? She must be lying out her ass in these reports, cause I feel like someone would have pulled her aside by now and been, “Hey Bitch, you’re actually the one breaking the law…so you might not want to do this.”

She’s the one that’s been the aggressor and attacking me via any platform she can find, but yea…clearly it’s me.

Kick my ass? And then Lysa tells her to do it? But it’s MY direct fault that strangers (maybe) sent this broad mean messages? Even though I never say that anywhere? Yea ok. ?

I’m dangerous? ? Wait….I’m “toast?” Oh no, anything but toast.

Terrorism? Shit, I wish these people actually did care as much about terrorism than they do conservative website articles.

Also, do none of these people know what libel is?

Nothing creepy about posting where I’ll be to people out to “kick my ass.” Although as a proud 2A supporter, I don’t think that’s the brightest of ideas.

Notice the laugh reacts? Even her own friends don’t buy this bull shit story.

Is that a threat? Sounds like a threat to me douche lord.

I’m so “ignorant” but this guy can’t even spell “slip ons?” And I actually raised $2200 for a wounded veteran charity last month…but of course these virtue signaling leftists would still find a reason to shit on me for it. So much love and tolerance….

Anyone seen these any of these “threats” I’ve supposedly sent yet? Because I sure haven’t.

Wishing you peace? The fuck is wrong with these people? It’s like a circle jerk of who can be the most victimized.

Arrested for what? I wrote a truthful, informative article. Of which I do not regret. This vile bitch was having a good ol’ time getting conservatives fired for no reason. If people think she’s an asshole for it, it’s because she is.

Lysa hasn’t figured out yet, that her encouraging people to maliciously report my page under the false pretense that I’m threatening her and her family….is very actionable. Especially considering it’s how I make my living, and if my page is down I lose revenue.

But wait there’s more.

In a later, separate post she either deleted (or finally wised up and stopped making everything public) some of her followers go way, way over the line….

Notice anything? She says I called her a cunt 16 times in an email, and yet again STILL doesn’t post “proof” because it’s just not true. I already posted the whole email above as you recall, where I say it only 3 times.

It’s a stupid little thing, I know. But this is what she does. Exaggerates beyond belief just to perpetuate her false victimhood. It’s all that matters to these regressive leftists.

When this goes to court, (and I imagine that I have to take action at this point) she’s seriously fucked. Is she going to put her sad feelings in a folder as “evidence” or something? Cause that’s literally all she’s got.

And the weirdest part of it all…is how fucking clueless her and her cronies are to it all. More from the second post she made and wisely deleted/or hid…

Wait….what? The fuck did that come from? Anyone get the feeling that the FBI told her to kick rocks already because NOTHING posted anywhere was even close to a credible threat? Also, the laugh reacts kinda say it all.

A scare into me? I wish a MF would, soy boy.

Ok. So…..?

You’re not going to post that proof you have? I was kind of curious to see it myself. Because that’s what normal people would do, just saying.

Punch me in the face? Who wants to bet Van Brooks here is one of those creepy, self proclaimed “male feminist?”

Clearly “Trump’s America” is the problem here, douche canoe.

Against bullies? Get the fuck out of here already. The whole reason this broad is in this mess is because she was doxxing people she hated for being Trump supporters. Ugh. ?

And threatening to contact SAG to get me kicked out of my union? Insanity.

What the fuck? “Plunge to my death?” Am I in the Twilight Zone over here? Hey Shawn Simon, feel free to stop thinking your morally superior to people at anytime here.

You know what? Fuck these fake “tolerant” liberals, fuck this raging hypocritical bitch Lysa Heslov, and you know what else? If she wants me to call her a “cunt” 13 more times to make to make it even, I will. I’d hate to leave her short on that.

And if you think this heated article was something, check out Turtleboy Sport’s colorful take…

Oh, and Lysa…’re a cunt. (That’s 4)

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