Liberal Verbally Assaults Old Man in a MAGA Hat, Publicly Declares Herself a Hero

An insane social justice warrior named Parker Mankey (which apparently is a female of sorts) decided to scream and berate an old man in a MAGA hat, just for sitting and drinking coffee at a Palo Alto this week.

Verbally assaulting the innocent man, just wasn’t enough though. She then decided to take to Facebook in a public post that has since been hidden (and you’ll see why in a moment) demanding the man be further harassed, doxxed, and blacklisted from everywhere in town. On top of that, she also self proclaimed herself to be a hero to all “brown people” for doing so.

Here’s the whole cringeworthy post here…

Holy shit, right? Can you imagine the level of insanity it takes to have seriously made that post?

I don’t know who this harmless looking old man is, but buy him a drink the next time you see him. How he didn’t pop that freak in her ugly mouth, I do not know. It also turned out that he was Jewish…so yea, total Nazi, amirite? ?

Because of course she looks EXACTLY how you would expect a gigantic leftist asshole to look like….

Ugh. Gotta love the way that red lipstick really brings out the nicotine yellow in that vile fucking looking mouth of hers.

Um and yea, it didn’t take long for people to start asking questions and start pointing out how she was completely fucking wrong on a whole new level…

So after what I’m going to guess was a box full of hate mail, from those angry shares…she felt the need to reiterate her already failed virtue signaling.

Hey broad, it’s a fucking hat.

Haha, yea she didn’t “ask for your opinion” guys…she just publicly made a shitty post on Facebook to hear herself talk about how fucking amazing she thinks she is for doing this.

Your going to publicly shame him and get him fired? Why do liberals not realize that that’s a two way street?

Oh look what I found on Google….

She also apparently likes being involved in her community, I’m going to guess that’s about to change though….

Her husband? That’s a dude? Man, I was wondering who all these unfuckable leftists end up with.

He’s a communist, that “fights Nazis” y’all. This couple sure ain’t breaking any stereotypes.

Look, I don’t know why leftists think acting like fascists is fighting fascism, or that fighting imaginary intolerance with actual intolerance is ok. But I feel like it’s completely acceptable to turn the tables and call them out on it.

Wouldn’t be the first time a liberal doxxer lost their mind over the tables turning….

UPDATE: Not long after I wrote this article and posted it, Gryphon Strings announced that they have fired her. Weird, huh? Anyway, don’t harass them, they did the right thing and they’re unfortunately suffering because of this dumb broad and her big mouth.

If you have a story about insane liberal intolerance or bullying, contact me with proof at [email protected] or message me online at or Twitter @iheartmindy

Yea I’m an asshole, but I’m the kind of asshole the world needs….


  1. Thanks for helping this person get the attention they were wanting. Very nice of you. Notice I was gender neutral in my reply , these days ya never know who you will run into while your taking a piss, might be some one named Parker.
    Black and brown brothers , what a fucking LOON.

  2. I love you. Thank you! Thank you for being the asshole the world needs and that I wish I could be.

    Accolades aside… seriously, this is messed up. Shame on that woman for acting so dang childish and thinking that she is the only one right. I’m a bit concerned about her “husband” being in politics though. That’s a tad scary what they could be doing to the community with such hateful disregard for others lives. Thanks for your reporting , you’ve got a new fan.

  3. It’s a shame Gryphon Strings had to get caught up in this. They are decent folks, and I’m glad they did the right thing.

  4. There is a scary twin identical narcissist in Grand Rapids. Probably not as attractive as this woman, but nonetheless equally frustrated with humanity and destined to bring death and dismemberment to anybody or anything that crosses her delusional utopia. Even her Church threw her out!

  5. Awesome work!! I have to reread this but did she say she was a brown person in the article? She looks very white to me. Again, I could be wrong.

  6. I’ll bet she is really glad she and her Commie husband have all this light shinning on them now!

  7. Nothing Good has come from the hate… everyone lost.
    The Gentleman from the music shop did not denounce her Hateful Values, or her Comments…
    He just said that they don’t operate like that “in the shop”.
    Birds of a feather…

  8. > shames someone for their appearance

    > dresses like a whore

    Welcome to 21st Century “conservatism”, where the platform is made up as we go along and values don’t matter.

    • Your definition of what a whore dresses like is pretty off. Whores don’t usually wear pants and sport mohawks. As a member of the punk community, I’m embarrassed and disgusted by this woman’s actions, but at the same time, I find your judgemental post just as disgusting and vile.
      You have now acted just like that twat and judged and labeled based on someone’s appearance.
      Ever heard the term, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
      You just threw a big one, and that my friend makes you a straight up asshole on the same level as this bitch.
      By the way, I’m NOT a Liberal/Progressive Democrat in the slightest, so don’t even try and go there. Just shut that Judgemental Pie Hole of yours and fucking go away.

  9. Just goes to show that you can’t be blatantly loud, intolerant and insulting someone who is just having a cup of coffee, or a meal somewhere whenever you want and expect clearly calm and sane society to join in with you while you insult a person when they have done nothing wrong, but are only wearing a hat or t-shirt that you don’t like.
    Those are also a part of Freedom of Speech.

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