Liberal Director Still Upset She Got Outed For Maliciously Doxxing Conservatives

The story just keeps getting crazier….

Remember that insane liberal female director that relished in getting right wingers fired from their jobs for no reason?

Yea well, she’s apparently upset that I did a whole article exposing her for what she was doing from her PUBLIC Facebook and Twitter pages. That’s right…I posted the malicious illegal harassment and libel she proudly made public….and now she’s mad people outside her evil echo chamber knows what a piece of shit she is, and are messaging her about it.

So, to “prove” she doesn’t maliciously try to get people she doesn’t agree with to be fired she shot off emails to directors I’ve worked with….to try to get me fired. I know it proves my point, but clearly she doesn’t….

1. A guy holding a “suck my dick” sign at a gun rally DOES NOT MAKE HIM A WHITE SUPREMACIST. That is an awful thing to accuse anyone of…especially with ZERO proof of any kind to back it up. It’s slanderous, it’s libel, and he will clean your clock up with it in court. You also doxxed the guys standing next to him, for no fucking reason other than being a spiteful wench.

2. People aren’t sending you hate mail because I’m telling them to…they are doing it because you’re a malicious asshole who was long overdo for this awakening. Everything you did was public, all I did was compose a truthful article based off actual screenshots…something anyone could do, but I did it because they reached out to me for help in getting you to stop slandering and harassing them.

3. You went on my page of 150,000 pro-gun, patriotic conservatives and demand that “no one leave you bad reviews on your movie or else!” Like, you might had well posted a link to make it easier for them.

4. The balls you have to complain about getting called out on your illegal actions. You wrongfully doxxed and harassed those men, you lead the charge based off lies you made up in your head to justify your wretched behavior. I rightfully, came to their defense, I have proof of everything I posted side by side…and it was all public whereas you created a witch hunt to hurt people you knew nothing about from a picture you didn’t like.

5. Since you care so much about copywrites…..DID YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to use that guy’s picture to harass and doxx him? Or let me guess, anything posted publicly online is fair game when it only serves you, amirite?

6. You tweeted that I’m “white trash.” You bragged about how your rich friends and their “deep pockets” were going to bury me.

This however….

Is news to me. So is this…

What guy at a post office? You can’t just lie on people, did anyone ever explain that to you? I would have a civil case on you, so would that guy with the sign, not the other way around. Typical Hollywood rich bitch shit.

I mean, you seriously did an interview bragging about how big your Hollywood home is?

You are insufferable on a whole new level.

Also, stop creating different accounts to contact me. When this goes to court you realize that your IP address can be pulled from whatever sock account you create,, right?

Ohhhhhhh, you idiot. I don’t know who’s info you pulled but it wasn’t me. I’ve never had a different last name, ever….so all this garbage you’ve been spewing about me having lawsuits, and criminal records….wasn’t even me? Oh you fucking idiot….I will own you, please go to court with your bad info, please.

UPDATE: Since she claims to own every single picture of herself in existence (sorry, but your public profile pic is legal fair game) and demands for it to be taken down I will…which is more courtesy than she gave any of the people she gleefully doxxed the last 2 years. But yea, here’s the link to what she looks like anyway since all you have to do is google it

You have no legal dog in this fight. You are an elitist piece of Hollywood shit….and every time you harass me, bad mouth me, slander me….I will find an even bigger soap box from which to herald your crimes from….I’m not the one that’s a scumbag in all this.

So have a great day  #MAGA


  1. I hope you’re suing her. Please. Unless she starts losing money she’ll keep doing this to people.

  2. It’s time for these ill content evil spirits to get a dose of their own medicine. You know these “kind” of people generally have other agendas they are hiding.

  3. You need to keep suing her until she and her hubby are totally broke. Only then will they learn to shut their mouth.

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