Warning About Antifa’s Escalating Violence Comes True: And It Will Get Worse

When I wrote my article last week highlighting the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club in order to illustrate the growing threat of armed antifa affiliates, I was completely frank that it was only a matter of time before they put those tools and skills into use. However even I didn’t expect to be sitting here almost exactly a week later, typing out an update after one of their members was shot dead while attempting a terrorist bombing attack on an ICE detention facility in Tacoma Washington. (If you missed my piece, please review it before continuing: http://redwhiteandfyou.com/the-left-escalates-violence-as-antifa-arms-themselves/ )

So how did the chapter react to their member’s act of terrorism? Surely they would disavow someone taking a rifle and incendiary devices down to commit politically-driven violence against fellow Americans?

Well I guess not. The tenor of the comments wasn’t much different either:

That’s pretty much the general consensus on lefty social media, but of course the platforms don’t seem to be shutting any of it down and most lamestream journowhores ( I pre-apologize to any prostitute offended by me conflating these two professions) are currently *crickets* on this issue.

Furthermore it looks like the JBGC actually helped the ICE bomber build the “ghost gun” rifle he bragged about, going from the build party pics on their account:

This shouldn’t be surprising at all to those paying attention, especially given the type of rhetoric you’ll see coming from this group:

“Just do it” indeed.

Pay close attention as I bring you future developments in this case.

Erin Sith

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