The Left Escalates Violence as Antifa Arms Themselves

If you’re reading this you’re likely a red-blooded American that cherishes your guns, and understands the role they play in securing the rest of your God-given rights. In fact that connection is so common many of us believe introducing someone to guns is a great way get them to appreciate a more expansive view of liberty, one that in particular includes respect for things like free speech, property rights, and capitalism.

On the other hand this includes an unspoken assumption that because someone is a leftist they don’t understand the role guns play in the political process and aren’t willing or able to use them to advance their left-wing ideas. Thusly many patriots have this idea that because soy-sodden bugmen often tweet variations of “guns are icky” that means our side has all the guns.

Well, unfortunately I’m here to tell you that isn’t true: the hard left knows full well the role guns play in the political process, and they’re currently arming up and training.

(That last pic is the fall of Saigon after the forces of Communist North Vietnam invaded, and I have to admit a pretty witty response to a Pinochet reference)

I’ve been keeping tabs on this trend, and the other day I ran across a rather alarming piece in the New Republic:

The great thing about actually reading lefty rags is lefties are happy to tell you what they’re really thinking, if you bother to listen:

Now talk is one thing, but the pic in the article is what REALLY got my attention:

Why does this pic concern me? Because they’re fairly physically fit, they have decent equipment, it’s properly worn, and they carry themselves like they actually train in their gear, which is something you recognize immediately if you’ve ever seen it. Put it this way: I’ve been to invite-only classes covering topics like CQB Operations, Dignitary Protection, and Explosive Breaching, and the two guys in the front wouldn’t really look out of place at any of them (assuming they ditched the commie shit) because what they’re wearing (and also how they’re wearing it) is the product of making thoughtful, experience-based decisions.

If you don’t see the yawning chasm here, get some quality training ASAP.

Let me break it down, starting with this guy:

The first thing that stands out is he’s properly wearing his plate carrier level with the sternal notch, which is something people almost never do without instruction because it’s counterintuitive and less comfortable than wearing it wrong.

The right way.

Now I can’t tell for certain if he actually has plates in there, but the important point is: he actually knows where it’s supposed to go.

The second thing is quality magpul and glock magazines carried in HSG Taco mag pouches. The carbine mags facing backwards is for reloading with something known as a “beer can” grip, and another sign this guy has spent some time getting quality repetitions in at the range.

Another clue the presence of comms gear for coordination, IFAK(individual first aid kit) and hydration, which all mean planning and foresight.

Now let’s look at this picture:

For starters there’s visible Hydration, medical and comms gear on several people. He’s also carrying a Bravo Company Manufacturing carbine, a brand targeted at professional end users and popular amongst knowledgeable trainers and cops because they build no-nonsense duty-grade guns that don’t break the bank. He also has a glock like the first guy, and there’s at least three BCM Gunfighter stocks(I helped test and develop this stock BTW, so this is especially jarring for me) on four different AR15s, which tells me they’re making an effort at standardized, compatible equipment.

Now I can find things to nitpick over on all these guys (for starters like the drop leg holster adjusted too low, no weapons lights, or hobby-grade red dot sight) but that doesn’t change the fact they’re already way, way, better at this than I feel comfortable seeing from commies.

There was a similar piece in Vox the day before the New Republic piece came out, and the frequency of these types of pro-gun pieces in leftist rags only seems to growing.

Look the 2nd amendment applies to EVERYONE, and it was only a matter of time before the left realized that and started putting concerted effort into taking advantage of it. Are the ‘Days of Rage’ coming back?

I can’t say for sure. What I can say is we need to stop assuming we have an unassailable advantage in gun ownership and skill, because it may not always exist. Have you gone to the range lately? Have you attended any classes? Maybe you should.

But beyond that, maybe it’s time the right start working on our political organizing game:

Protecting ALL our rights means more than just stockpiling guns and ammo. it means doing a lot of hard work over a long of period time, and very little (if any of it) will be glamorous. But it’s what we’re going to have to do if we love our country and our freedom, because we simply can no longer assume the cartridge box is a guaranteed path back to liberty.

Erin Sith

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  1. I feel 3d chessed into thinking those psychos shouldn’t have guns, although I’m pretty sure they would all be court committed to mental facilities if/when they try explaining they only have them for use on the government and people…

    • Are you kidding? That’s the only argument that would fly with most of the crooked judges in this country.

  2. Is it an effort to standardize or a mass purchase by an interested party/donor? Considering optic choices and other corners cut, I have doubts these guys all just got together to throw down on BCM rifles.

  3. I interviewed a couple of these goons at the Phoenix anti-Trump rally. They were from a group called Red Neck Revolt, which has a local chapter, and published a video of their firearms training out in the desert. They are really nuts – look them up on the Internet, and then tack down their report on that rally – a mixture of paranoid delusion and communist language.

  4. Thanks for the write up. I do wonder, however, what is the level of Alphabet Agency infiltration into these groups? It is well known that .gov operators infiltrate right-wing militias for the purpose of observing them so they know who to round up when the SHTF. But living in a time where the left-leaning political weaponization of .gov agencies has become apparent, one wonders if these communist “gun clubs” are not just being observed and infiltrated– but actively assisted, funded, and logistically supported by the aforementioned rogue agencies/agents.

    Tin foil hat think??? Maybe. But in these crazy times??? Maybe so.

  5. Whatever happened to those 90s militias of the Timothy McVeigh variety that were supposed to be the counterweight to all this shit?

    And do not for a moment think that we can count on government and local law enforcement agencies in places controlled by the Left. They are explicitly on the other side. I agree with everything Erin says here.

  6. There was someone, don’t have a link to the article, that did some research on Antifa and their conclusions were that people like this were behind the cannon fodder thugs that normally show up at protests.

    These people are organized and those higher up in the food chain are serious people and very dangerous.

    The problem these people face, though, is that it’s a numbers game. There aren’t enough of them to really get the job done. Yes, there’s enough of them to wreak havoc for a while, but, in the end, they’ll lose.

    What interests me, though, is their end game. What, exactly are they after? They won’t tell you, but they obviously don’t plan to return us to our constitutional roots. Far from it. I believe their intention is to rule.

  7. Re: The “gear guy” — all that is true, but has he ever operated under fire. Everything changes when people are shooting at you.

  8. They have as much right to arm themselves as we do. My largest concern is that there are a few like these guys, who look like they know what they’re doing. For the great masses of Leftists arming themselves, most don’t know which end to point. A small few, like these, do. That’s concerning. Don’t forget people, that you need magazines and a way to carry them, as well as plate/kevlar vests and a small assault pack (food IS important as well as hydration).

  9. What’s creepy is that vox linked first person author’s work has appeared in term vogue. Why is a crazed leftist being published in a teen fashion mag. To ask the question is to answer it.

  10. There just aren’t that many of them, most are skinny snot nosed brats that have arms about the size of my wrists.
    If those guys come out they will be outnumbered about ten to one…
    Don’t sweat them…

  11. For a long time our country has been split about 50/50 on the left/right political spectrum so it only makes sense that some gun owners are leftists. Conservatives should try to actually understand the positions of the left, it is the only way to actually engage in discussions that can change minds. Don’t be like the leftists and simply say “Shut up, you’re stupid.” because that doesn’t work on you, so why would it work on them.

  12. Don’t disagree that some of them are prepared, but I wouldn’t overstate the message. Not looking for any conflict, but they’re not ready for us yet.

  13. Ball. Cal.30 M2 or M2AP just above the penis. He’ll drop in his tracks and be dead in under three min. Any center mass hit from the side or to the head with said .30 cal. The Ball Cal.30 M2 carries more kinetic energy at 800 meters than the AR 15 ball (any) does at the muzzle. Take the pro’s first. The others will mill around like girl scouts. Bait them. Walk them into your kill sack. Leave no survivors but maybe one or two. Leg shoot them. Follow the wounded home. Kill everyone in that support unit. Question the weak. Then roll up the local network. COIN WORKS. SAT CONG.

  14. We are simply running out of time. There is no Social Contract. We are multiple mutually hostile nations trapped inside one set of porous borders. I expect firearms based combat and terrorism to break out by early next year and am highly dubious about elections happening in 2020. Be ready for it to all hit the fan at any moment.

  15. It is a bit worrisome. I have long enjoyed the fact that when I do (infrequently) travel to the city I am likely better armed than the left. I’m not looking for trouble, I don’t go when there appears to be something going on, but it seems like you never know anymore. If the folks who are willing to ambush a journalist are now going to be carrying firearms AND know how to use them, it doesn’t leave you much wiggle room when it comes to self defense. I do wonder, however, if the police will continue to stand down if Antifa starts shooting instead of sucker punching people.

  16. I’ve always been amused by the notion that there are no lefties willing or able to fight. It was Chairman Mao who said political power flows out of the barrel of a gun. Leftwing street thugs have a long and disreputable history in Europe and the Americas, not to mention Mao’s Red Guards. The best face you can put on things is that, statistically, the levels of violence today are actually lower than they were during the 60s (and the reaction should be calculated accordingly). It is certainly just as large in the public consciousness as it was then. Maybe moreso.

  17. This is actually good news. Been wanting to conceal carry to these “anti-fascist” fascist parties and this just gives me self-defense as a good excuse.

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