UK Police to Hand Out Blunted Knives to Domestic Violence Victims For “Defense”

Nottinghamshire Police according to in England will now be handing out “blunted” knives to victims of domestic violence.

Why? I don’t fucking know, and I honestly can’t give you a damn good reason why’d they’d do it.

It seems that since guns were banned in England, knife crimes have increased (who’d have thought that, I know.) So to stop domestic abusers (and victims from defending themselves too, I suppose) a local British police department is handing out blunted knives.

Now…I’m no expert, but I’ve seen enough Forged In Fire episodes to know that you can still totally murder someone with a tip-less knife. In fact, the only thing the police have actually managed to do, is to make sure the death is a little more slower and painful.

Congratulations England on continuing to neuter yourselves all in the name of liberalism!

Douche. This isn’t the first time a UK police department got trolled by American patriots, and it won’t be the last.

Considering that acid attacks have increased there by 300% since you decided to import a certain ideology of peace that’s fond of using it, you’d think you’d outlaw caustic chemicals first, but nah.

Now excuse me while I go clean my guns so I can let freedom ring, out on the range later.

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