Brits Complain Knife Ban Isn’t Tough Enough, 2A Patriots Troll Them

I was sent a link to the Facebook page for the Ealing Police Department which is apparently in the UK.

Which unlike our macho American police force here, spends most of their time fighting petty crimes, mean words, and pushing liberal propaganda like this….

Call me rational, but a hate crime should involve….oh I don’t know, violence or some kind of actual crime. Maybe like a black man throwing a white kid over the balcony of the mall for no reason. But I soon discovered very quickly, that the Brits have become a bunch of raging, sopping pussies.

They call themselves the Wolverines? Barf. Not to mention that they arrested some kid over a steak knife, a fucking steak knife!

I guess I was expecting the comments on the page to be all sorts of “who cares” and “our country is overrun with liberal bullshit” but I clearly expected too much out of them.

They were actually upset that the kid wasn’t being punished more. I shit you not.

Yea. It’s hard not to cringe, I know. Clearly knives are the problem and not, oh I don’t know, the unvetted influx of violent, undersexed migrants that are throwing acid in people’s faces and raping women because they can’t control themselves when they look at an ankle.

If you’re wondering where those laugh reacts on the posts above came from, it’s because maybe I felt the need to educate these Brits on the American way by posting the link to my page of 180k patriots.

Enter Player 2:

We had a little fun.

The craziest part of this whole thing is “What are you going to ban next….knives?!” Is a literal running comparison joke we say every time the Left tries a gun grab….and even they think that doing that would be bullshit.

What’s even crazier is that I scrolled down just a few posts and saw this one….

3cm….not inches…..3 fucking centimeters!

Explain to me how a country that has time to harass underage kids who probably need a knife to defend themselves from all the violence, rape gangs, acid attacks and terrorism….but doesn’t have the “manpower” to track ISIS fighters that just murdered their troops overseas?

Seriously y’all. Wake the fuck up, get rid of your terrorist-sympathizing London mayor, and STOP LETTING MIGRANTS IN THAT WANT TO RAPE AND KILL YOU WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO DISARM YOUR HONEST CITIZENS.

Fuck, we’re going to end up saving their asses again…I can see it. Because you guys….

…are fucked.

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