British Police Force Hard at Work Keeping Spoons Off the Street

As a proud American 2A supporter, one of the most common arguments against banning guns is to jokingly say “Why don’t you just ban knives too, while you’re at it.”

Well, Britain did. And while in your head you might be thinking they’re banning and removing machetes and samurai swords….the truth is that it’s much, much sadder than that.

I give you the Regents Park Police in the UK, who spends most of their time confiscating and saving the world from such deadly weapons as……needle nose pliers, prongs, scissors, and spoons.

That’s right, a mother fucking spoon. Can you imagine being the lame ass douche lining up the rusty spoon in this pic like they actually accomplished something?

The best part, is that as serious as they take themselves in their posts as if they’re saving the world….

….almost every single post they make is overrun by laugh reacts.

It’s interesting how they have the manpower to check under every park bush for turkey prongs and butter knives, but can’t get a handle on their 300% increase in acid attacks, or ISIS terrorists coming back into their country. “Priorities” I guess.

Seriously though…how are these fuckers cutting up dinner? Does it all just go in a blender, or what?

At least trolling British police FB pages is always fun….

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