Meet the Candidates: The Craziest Congressional Race Going on in America

An insane congressional race is currently going on in District CD3 which covers a vast area of southern Nevada including, southern Vegas, Henderson, and Laughlin. The district is currently being represented by wealthy Democrat incumbent Susie Lee.

Lee is a nefarious Pelosi puppet and one of 31 Democrats that voted for impeachment in districts that voted for Trump in 2016. She has arrogantly announced that she does not think her broken promise to her constituents will cost her re-election in November.

Susie Lee was voted into the seat on the guise she was a moderate Democrat, but she is anything but. Lee is for banning guns, mass refugee resettlement, and is funded heavily by big PAC money and Planned Parenthood. This should be a pretty easy win for Republicans especially with her Pelosi driven vote for impeachment, but the Nevada GOP dropped the ball on assuring there would be any kind decent Republican on the ballot to challenge her.

So who ended up on the district’s ballot?

Meet the top “Republican” contender currently in the run for the race for CD3: Dan Schwartz

Dan Schwartz is a lifetime politician, who’s funded his entire campaign almost entirely with his own millions. Schwartz is pro-abortion, anti-border wall, anti-gun, and pro raising taxes and enacting corporate income tax. Keep in mind, Schwartz doesn’t live in the state, he lives in a mansion in San Francisco, CA.

Why he’s on the Republican ticket when he’s a raging liberal, who knows. But he’s currently polling in first place because he’s bought so many ads on TV that he is quite literally “Bloomberging” the election.

Now meet current second place contender for the seat trailing a whole 15% in the last flash polls: Dan Rodimer

Rodimer has been attacking Schwartz (and rightly so) on the basis that Schwartz is not actually a conservative. In turn Schwartz has been attacking Rodimer’s moral character (and rightly so) which he’s done in numerous negative TV ads and mail pieces.

The ads are brutal too. Mug shots from multiple fights where Rodimer was the aggressor, lawsuits for fraud, harassment, tax liens, and more.

There’s pages and pages of it, and Schwartz backs it up with receipts.


• Arrested for assault

• Investigated for domestic dispute

• Sued for fraud

•Sued for forgery

• Arrested for assault a second time

• Sued for unpaid services

• Tax lien in Texas

• Sued a second time for unpaid services

• Arrested for assault a third time

• IRS tax lien

• Sued for material misrepresentation

• Sued for non-payment

• Admitted to battery

• Driving on suspended license

The two Dans have destroyed each other in the public eye so viciously, that they have effectively rendered themselves un-electable no matter who gets through to the primary. Susie Lee is a well funded Democrat incumbent that can easily beat Rodimer with his rap sheet and Schwartz with his lust for raising taxes.

So what are Republicans in southern Nevada supposed to do about a race where a millionaire Democrat is winning their own primary and the second runner up has a rap sheet you can wallpaper the other guy’s San Francisco mansion with?

Now comes perhaps the most interesting addition to the race, the late entry and dark horse candidate, popular 2A conservative figure: Mindy Robinson.

With a background in film and TV, the now 40 year old actress, host and political commentator has built an online platform of over half a million strong of patriots.

Robinson jumped into the race only a month ago (apparently after seeing the lack of decent Republican candidates in her own district) and is already third out of six in initial flash polls….polls that were taken very early in her campaign, before any materials, advertising, or mailers for her could have gone out.

Robinson is a vocal 2A patriot who’s against unconstitutional gun laws and is currently pushing for universal conceal carry. She’s against raising taxes, wants term limits, and is pushing hard to enact a national voter ID to secure Nevada’s wide open-to-fraud elections.

Robinson’s major hurdle in this race isn’t her strong conservative stance on issues (which fits in well with the district’s freedom loving constituents) ….it’s time.

Governor Sisolak’s unconstitutional decision to force the primary elections to be mail-in ballots only, effectively ends her campaign a month earlier than it should when ballots go out early in May. Having only been in the race one month, getting the attention of Republicans not familiar with her online brand in such an extremely short amount of time is a daunting task, but one she seems actively motivated to do.

While most candidates find it difficult to garner strong endorsements before their primary elections, Robinson was personally endorsed by conservative power house patriot Roger Stone himself. Stone is currently hoping for a presidential pardon over the unfair trial he punitively received at the hands of a crooked and powerful Deep State.

Mindy Robinson has also made national news multiple times recently for calling out of Governor Sisolak’s egregious breach of power and trampling of the Constitution during the quarantine.

She’s spent the last few years exposing biased media censorship online and the suppression of conservatives, while simultaneously advocating for the removal of child predators and pedophiles from social media who are currently and hypocritically allowed on the platforms without any suppression or punishment.

She is pro-military, pro-veteran, and pro-law enforcement and has recently advocated to protect the rights of LEO’s by enacting a national police officer’s Bill of Rights. The Bill would mirror Nevada’s already existing bill and one of the strongest in the country, and apply that federally to afford officers across America the same rights as U.S. citizens during an incident. (Because apparently California thinks otherwise.)

She holds degrees in both Political Science and American History and her online outing of Hollywood leftists and crooked politicians hypocrisy has garnered her a reputation as being a bit of a patriotic firebrand.

This is not her first foray into exposing crooked liberal Nevada politics either. Several years ago, she lead a campaign against the current Attorney General Aaron Ford when he tried passing a bill that would allow home intruders to sue home owners for defending themselves in their own homes. The bill was eventually pulled, in large part due to Robinson publicly and rightfully shaming him for it.

On top of everything else, she has also promised to donate part of her salary back into the community if she wins, to help fight the economic damage done by the quarantine and Nevada’s inept Governor.

While Robinson is certainly district 3’s best shot at flipping the seat red, she still faces an uphill battle to make up for lost time for jumping in so late and also trying to accumulate enough funds to campaign in the middle of an already deep economic crisis.

When asked what she’d like next for her campaign, Robinson stated “Well, someone at the Clark County GOP contacted me to see if I would be interested in debating my opponents during a live streamed event, and of course I said yes. But something must have happened because they voted against it, and Rodimer in particular has even gone as far as to block me on Twitter and pretending to not to know who I am when I asked him about it in person. Personally, if you’re afraid to debate your opponents because it might cost you to lose the election, then you shouldn’t be running at all.” She continues, “Nevada residents deserve to know who the best candidate is for them and who they think stands the best chance against Susie Lee in the general.”

Rodimer apparently did go as far as to block Mindy Robinson’s account on Twitter, as well as several other accounts that either ask about the debate or questions to his violent past.

When the head of the GOP Kevin McCarthy recently endorsed Rodimer DESPITE his outstanding history of crime, he was torn to shreds by hundreds of angry patriots that were hoping the establishment would back her instead. It’s a good read right here:

On top of all that, it’s recently been revealed that the two Dans are BOTH being supported by undisclosed super PAC money.

All I know is that there certainly are a lot of patriots rooting for Mindy Robinson, and with ballet harvesting on the loom for this state…this might literally be the last chance to save Nevada from becoming another California.

Primary Election is June 9, to learn how you can sign up to vote that day and where visit:

To help, donate, or learn more about Mindy Robinson go to:

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