HuffPo Writer Caught Maliciously Doxing Conservatives

The fact that journalism is an industry disproportionately staffed by leftists shouldn’t be a surprise to any adult with a functional grasp of observable reality. If professionalism was something humans consistently practiced this wouldn’t be an issue, alas we’re all trapped here in Clown World where such concepts are strictly haram.

As you can expect in a world where even the best of them often don’t think twice about churning out laughably idiotic stories based on crudely forged documents as long as it trashes a right winger (I was actually referring to the fabricated CBS story on Dubya’s National Guard service, but I bet you were thinking about the Steele dossier; which only further illustrates my point) the explosion in Trump Derangement Syndrome and commensurate increase in self-styled “antifa” anarcho-commie wolfpacks has encouraged the more militantly woke of our fifth column/fourth estate to embrace a new status as a veritable propagandist and intelligence collection wing for the hard left.

This has not passed without notice, and a recent writeup in Quillette by Eoin Lenihan documents the nature of the problem:

Lenihan pretty much immediately caught a ton of flak for this piece, which just further illustrates how he was over a big fat juicy target. Not only did he get banned from twitter (ostensibly for once having had a now-banned shitposting account) apparently the Huffingpaint Shitpost’s premier hatchetman Luke O’Brien is now on the case and making alarming comments about Lenihan’s family, considering the fact O’Brien has a well-documented history of ensuring even uninvolved relatives pay the price for his target’s thought crimes.



O’Brien apparently forgot there’s a handful of conservatives still left on Twitter, and this particular interest of his was noticed and called out almost immediately:

Now before I continue, I need to give you the backstory on exactly what O’Brien did so you’ll understand why this is alarming.

The bottom line is O’Brien tracked down a twitter shitposter by the name of Amy Mekelburg and not only wrote a long expose on her that included enough information on her (uninvolved) brother it nearly ruined his wife’s business, he also called her spouse’s employer multiple times until he was fired.

O’Brien was confronted about these facts on Twitter by multiple people, and not only did he block this writer when I made factually correct statements citing his own piece in the Huffington Post as well as a related piece in the New York Times, he’s now accusing everyone that disagrees with libel. So in the interests of myself and this publication, I’m going to break it down methodically before continuing to shit all over him.

This is The Federalist piece if you’re interested:

I chime in:

I got blocked immediately, which tells me I struck a nerve considering I was only one of several people hammering him for it

First, notice how they keep ignoring what happened to her family and pretend they don’t see multiple references to her family’s ordeal; guilty conscience maybe? Naw these fuckers don’t have time for pleb shit like that, it’s just pure deflection.

And you don’t dox, Luke? What’s this then?

What exactly qualifies as doxing? I mean sure he didn’t publish GRE scores or the name of their first pet, but that doesn’t mean much in these days of weaponized autism.

“Identifying Information.” What did he say about her father and brother in his piece?

Huh. I’m not sure what the public interest of that is, but I’d say a business name and location is pretty clearly identifying information for someone that had exactly fuck-all to do with her Twitter account, and the results bear it out: (notice even the New York Times URL refers to it as doxxing)

Take a moment to read the comments:

This is bad. But it pales in comparison to the fact he actually got her husband fired over it, and still has the temerity to lie about it on social media when his own piece contradicts his statement:

You only called for comment? Then why did you continue calling even after you talked to their spokesperson and they gave you one?

Ok that’s at least two calls, and the only difference for the second answer was they added that he had been fired. Did you call a third time? If not, why was the second suddenly satisfactory to you? And why did you call again when you already admitted you knew his job was in danger? I think we already know the answer. These are your own words, and they clearly contradict your claims.

Also I’m not linking to his piece because fuck this guy, he can get his clicks somewhere else. Duckduckgo “Amy Mek” if you’re interested in reading it, it’s easy to find.

Oh I’d say you definitely know something about demonstrable lies, Luke.

Luke, it’s time you ask yourself a question:

What would Harry Potter do? I mean I know you NPCs jack off to Harry Potter and Star Wars and picture yourself as the noble rebellion or the scrappy young wizards fighting cheetoo Voldemort, would Harry go wreck someone’s loved ones to get back at them? Who is it in Star Wars that harms the innocent for what he believes is the greater good?

Note: we have absolutely no reason to believe that he actually slaughtered younglings with a lightsaber.

Dude, we know the real reason you’re doing this: you’re trying to intimidate people into not speaking up by targeting their families, because even the biggest and most committed fanatic out there probably has someone they care about, so it’s a pretty reliable pressure point.

This is why you absolutely disgust me, and it’s ultimately how we know I’m actually the protagonist in this story and you’re not: because I would never, ever do what you’ve done to someone else’s loved ones, no matter badly they hurt me. And you’re not even doing it for personal reasons, but because it’s your JOB.

You’re probably a psychopath, and I hope everyone around realizes one day what a sick and twisted fuck you are.

Talk about projection. And it’s “have.”

Update: looks like someone is a little pissy about being called out:

“Form of Luke.” Huh. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Update 2: interesting tweet thread including leaked chat logs of O’Brien’s cohort Cody Webb (@akrolla47)  apparently admitting he knows he’s not dealing with “actual” nazis, give it a skim:

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