City of Minneapolis Secretly Legalizes Voter Fraud

Much like the way Jerry Brown passed “ballot harvesting” in California when no one was looking, the city of Minneapolis has enacted “vote vouching.”

That’s when someone votes for up to eight other people, and man….I can just guarantee you that they’ll all happen to be Democrat.

Voting has to be done in person in almost every other country in the world. In what joke of a process, are we letting people show up to vote for other people? If they’re disabled…they can mail in their ballot.

Another strange rule is that residential facilities have no limit to the number of people they can vouch for

All this does is open up the door for voter fraud…which is probably the ONLY way Democrats will ever win an election with their criminal favoring, open borders, taxes to death, everything is racist platform they’re currently running.
No one voted these shit liberal politicians in, they rigged it for themselves.

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