What’s With Verified Leftist Accounts and Creepy Pedo Tweets?

What the hell is the correlation between TDS verified lefties on Twitter, and creepy public pedo tweets? Seriously….

First there was James Gunn, then there was Dr. Pizza….the latter of which was just charged with soliciting a pair of 7 and 9 year old siblings for sex….now there’s another raging leftie with a sordid past of old creepy child porn and pedo tweets.

As brought to my attention via @AnOpenSecret (which I also just noticed that Twitter took the liberty of unfollowing for me when I looked.)

Meet Jason Mustian, he used to work for The Chive but now he’s relegated to editing e-cards because I guess that’s still a “thing.”

He’s the typical raging leftie, can’t say a nice thing about anything Trump related, ever.

Yea, I don’t know what he’s complaining about here either, but Trump Derangement Syndrome does strange things to one’s mind.

Well as it turns out, Jason has made a series of off putting jokes about watching child porn…none of which were actually funny and just come off as Joe Biden level creepy.

That’s not normal, bro. You got to love the fact that conservatives can’t even say “learn to code” or call illegal immigrants criminals online without getting a ban….but “hey I’m just watching child porn” tweets? That’s perfectly normal and acceptable it seems.

His boss is a raging pro-baby killing leftist too, so I’m not sure how much complaining to someecards would do about it.

Now, this is the disclaimer….I’m not saying this Jason guy is a pedo, all I’m saying is that he’s got some old, super creepy comments out about it, and it’s not a good look for him. So don’t even try that “libel” and “defamation of character” bullshit on me, it’s not my first rodeo and this idiot is the one that publicly posted all this stuff. Freedom of speech says that he can say all that, and it also means that I’m allowed to vocalize my opinion on it…and point out the raging bias on social media about it.

But it does beg the question “What kind of person leaves tweets like this up? Is he proud of them or something? Why does the Left get outraged over every single imaginary thing….but child rape jokes get a pass?

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