OUCH! Police Respond To Man Who Shot His Penis

Preface: He’s alive, but the condition of his penis is unknown.

Now that’s a hook if I ever read one!

On Thursday, Marion, Indiana Police Department arrived to an Emergency Room where they found a man who had accidentally shot himself in his unmentionables.

Turns out Mark Anthony(no…not THAT Mark Anthony), Mark Anthony Jones, 46, states he was walking by a Girl Scouts cabin as the gun, stowed in his front waist band, begins to slip down. He reaches for it to pull it back up and the gun fires. The bullet pierces above his groin and exits through his scrotum!

Talk about Erectile Dysfunction.

Guess from now on he’ll be shooting blanks.

They say he didn’t have the balls, so he said he’ll give it a shot.

I have pages of these puns. MOVING ON!

Police report Mark Anthony (Jones) does not have an Indiana Handgun license.

For your viewing pleasure or if you’d like a little chuckle, here’s the Press Release from the Marion PD: