King County Prosecutor Will No Longer Charge Suspects Who Assault Officers

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has decided to stop pressing charges against suspects that assault police officers during arrests made in King county in Seattle.

Sounds insane, but he’s actually already started implementing it by dropping charges against perps who assault law enforcement. One instance of a female kicking the groin of an officer was just dropped by Sattersburg despite his statement that he would at least charge criminals for intentional assaults that involved injury or pain.

What kind of assault isn’t intentional, by the way? Kicking someone is a lot different then just accidentally stepping on someone’s toe.

If you’re wondering what kind of lawless, immoral asshole Dan Sattersburg is, it’s worth noting that he ran as a Republican for his seat 3 times before declaring that he’s actually a Democrat. Even the Dem running against him called bullshit.

I should also point out, that the seat he’s up for is bipartisan anyway, and that people don’t just magically switch parties over night, not politicians anyway. Sattersburg felt the need to blame it all on Trump, though….

Yea sure, ok buddy.

Someone needs to check into this guy’s bank account to see if he’s been bought off by regressive leftists that want to see our country fall just so they can sweep in and gain more power. Seriously.

This news comes a day after the county Sheriff announced he would no longer send his men into Portland to assist with routine calls, because the cop-hating city council made it too dangerous for them to safely do so.

Expect more lawlessness and violence and the Left scrambles to distract this country from the major corruption unfolding in front of our eyes as we speak. There was no Russian collusion. Obama illegally spied on Trump and his family to help Hillary with the election (and still couldn’t find anything nor win.) Their house of cards is falling all around them, expect to see some high level indictments soon.

Stay vigilant patriots, the draining of the swamp has begun.


  1. You literally debunk your own headline before the 3rd paragraph of this article. Come on, dude. This is what we call misleading journalism, or as it’s better known “fake news”.

  2. GREAT!!! That’s a GOOD thing! Since they RARELY (if EVER) prosecute BAD cops who MURDER citizens and then come up with BS excuses like “Oh my, sorry, I filled this Black man full of holes because I thought this was MY apartment! My bad! He was probably guilty of SOMETHING anyway, no big loss, I did the world a favor”

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