County Sheriff Says Deputies Will Stop Responding to Calls in Portland

Clackamas county sheriff Craig Roberts instructed his men to stop responding to routine calls in Portland, Oregon.

He stated concerns for his own men’s safety, due to the “intense anti-police sentiment in our City that the City Council seems to share.”

Wrap your mind around what’s happening here. Because of Portland’s extreme leftism that’s supported by its own politicians….armed men can no longer do their duties safely on patrol.

This is not something that is the fault of the Sheriff at all, he’s simply concerned about the safety of his own men trying to work with what are supposed to be other public servants, that seem to care more about pushing a destructive, anti ICE, anti-authority system that is stirring the hate pot against them. It’s about time our LEO stop having to put up with Democrats unthankfully shitting on them.

Now, I don’t know what constitutes a “routine call” or not, or what they will or will not show to. But May Day is coming, and that’s when all the little Antifa assholes come out of their garage apartments to riot and loot about how “oppressed” they are, while drinking Starbucks and tweeting it all from their brand new iPhones.

If the Left thinks our own military and law enforcement are going to be there to disarm honest citizens, so that criminals, terrorists, and Antifa scumbags can assault us without defense….they are wrong. I won’t be surprised if even more LEO stand up to these destructive sanctuary city shitholes and effectively go on strike (while still performing emergency duties because they’re still solid, moral upstanding American people.

The Democrat’s House of Cards is tumbling down…so stay alert, and stay independently informed as they will sponsor and encourage even more violence in these cities as a punishment and warning to the rest of us to “side with them or else.” Chose what’s right, fellow patriots. We have been silent too long.

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