Clark County Bends to Democrats; Allows Ballot Harvesting

As you may know, I’ve been campaigning for Congress in a district and state already open and loose to voter fraud. There’s no ID needed to either register or vote, and ballots can be sent to any address including PO Boxes and mail delivery centers, so there’s no way to prove physical residency. It’s why I’m specifically pushing for a bill requiring voter ID in all 50 states to secure our elections from manipulation and fraud.

Because of the quarantine however, Governor Sisolak has decided on his own accord that the entire primary election will be done through mail-in ballots. The problem with mail-in ballots obviously, are that they’re open to fraud, getting lost, and allow for election meddling to be done completely anonymously. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a group of Democrats lead by an ex-Clinton lawyer took it upon themselves to sue the state to allow for ballot harvesting. If you don’t know what ballot harvesting is, it’s the reason why California is as messed up as it is. Basically, strangers collect other people’s ballots and then selectively and conveniently hand them in until they’ve got enough to win…and they’re not above using the homeless or illegals (why else would they pander so hard to them) to get it done either. This practice favors the left heavily because door knockers will often ONLY take Democrat ballots (they were caught on doorbell cameras doing this in California) and conservatives in general will not trust strangers with their personal information and ballots. Conservatives historically like to vote in person as a patriotic civic duty. The fact that ways like to loosen election integrity are almost always pushed by Democrats, says a lot about what their ulterior motives are when it comes to elections.

Well, instead of fighting the lawsuit that they propably would have won based on the illegality of ballot harvesting in other states…the Clark County election board has decided to make “concessions” for them to drop the lawsuit and to please them instead. What are these “concessions” you ask?

To allow for ballot harvesting, I kid you not. They’re also allowing for ballots to go to inactive voters because hey….what could possibly go wrong with a bunch of loose ballots being mailed to people that probably don’t even live here anymore.

Case in point…

The strangest part of all this is how the media is trying to paint it as a win

….this isn’t a win, this is the end of any semblance of fair elections as we know it.

I’m upset. Not just because I’ve already been disenfranchised as a grassroots candidate by having my election effectively cut short a month early by these ballots….but as an honest American. How much longer can we allow the Left to manipulate our country? When is enough, enough?