Voter Fraud Crisis in Nevada: Explained

During canvassing in the 2018 election cycle I started noticing more and more homes with the voter not there. All records are data from the Clark County Nevada voter rolls unless otherwise noted.

Chapter 1:

Let’s look at two registrations that in particular stuck out to me. Marjorie was born in 1930. She voted in 2012, 16, and 18. Her registered residential address is Harrah’s Laughlin Hotel & Casino in Room XXX.  Interestingly she has her election mail sent here:

A 3rd party Mail box /mail forwarding service in Pahrump NV a 2/12 hour drive from Laughlin. Seems unusual to me, how about you?

Next lets look at Evette. She registered to vote in June 2018, Voted in the 2018 election and in March 2019 the election department sent a notice that the residential address given is invalid. Lets take a look:

Now maybe she live in a cardboard box out back, but she could live anywhere in town, the state, the country or the world. Even if this is a valid voter, if we don’t know where they live it could effect the makeup of the state legislature other local races, even the U.S. congress. It only took 9 months for the election department to realize the address was no good.

We now have same day voter registration in Nevada not that we voted on it, it seems to us that if we don’t have SAME YEAR registration down pat, that might be a bit premature. I don’t see how it could possibly get worse.


The ballot was cast by mail. This person could live anywhere and it could even be identity theft. And before you say we would know if they are registered in another state…we actually have no way to know if they did vote in another state. None.

Nevada uses the E.R.I.C system to crosscheck registrations. It covers 28 states plus D.C. (Two states that border Nevada, California and Idaho are not members.)

Providing false information on a voter registration form (it’s really a legal affidavit) is a Felony that can come with a $20,000 Civil fine. Ever here of anybody charged or convicted? Yea, me neither.

So what happens? They attempt to contact the voter with forward-able mail. If the voter returns it with an out of county address the registration is canceled. If they provide a new address in the county the record is updated. No reply makes the voter goes to inactive status.

So what does that mean?

When the Election Department is notified that a voter no longer lives at the address at which he/she registered, forward-able mail is sent to the individual in an attempt to determine his/her new address. If the individual cannot be contacted, that voter is placed on “Inactive” status. The individual is still eligible to vote (if he/she still lives in Clark County), but the address on file is not correct.  

So what does that do? For that we go to the laws passed in the National Voting Rights act of 1993 (Motor Voter)

(d) Removal of names from voting rolls
(1) A State shall not remove the name of a registrant from the official list of eligible voters in elections for Federal office on the ground that the registrant has changed residence unless the registrant—
(A) confirms in writing that the registrant has changed residence to a place outside the registrar’s jurisdiction in which the registrant is registered; or
(i) has failed to respond to a notice described in paragraph (2); and
(ii) has not voted or appeared to vote (and, if necessary, correct the registrar’s record of the registrant’s address) in an election during the period beginning on the date of the notice and ending on the day after the date of the second general election for Federal office that occurs after the date of the notice. Note 4

So after we believe to the best of our ability the voter doesn’t live at the address, and if they don’t vote in the next 2 federal elections we can remove them from the rolls.

The problem in a state with no voter ID like Nevada is that anybody can walk up to the polls, claim to be the voter, and vote. This resets the 2 election clock and if we can’t find the person again it starts over.

I looked at 10 records over time. All had residential addresses, 9 were listed as inactive. All 10 voted in 2018 and gave a commercial address at the time of voting. The system reverted them back to the last known residential address and attempts were made to contact the voters. 8 of the 10 were inactive by 12/31/18 and all 10 were inactive by mid March 2019. We just don’t seem to know where they live. One of the voters has been giving an invalid address since 2012.

Over 16,000 inactive voters voted in 2018 and when I looked into the summer of 2019, over 2,200 had gone back to inactive status. We literally don’t know where thousands of voters live.

I’ve identified over 1,400 voters that listed residential addresses and a second residential address as a mailing address. These may well be mistakes from people who have moved, but it calls into question…are they voting in the correct district?

I identified 7,166 people using 3rd party mail services for their mailing address. Almost half have an incomplete address (no box number) of those 2,043 voted in 2018. Are the people registered getting the sample ballots? Do they live at the residential address or have they moved? Did they vote or were their registrations hijacked? No voter ID, no way to know who actually cast the ballots, no way to know where they live.

There are over 10,000 voters that use USPS P.O. boxes which are supposed to have residential addresses tied to them…but who’s checking?

Nevada’s entire election system is run purely on an honor system, and one that I’m afraid has broken down.

We need Voter ID!

A national 50 state database of voters that can be used to verify people aren’t voting in multiple states.

We need to stop sending election materials to addresses other than the one shown without a signed, sworn, witnessed affidavit as to reason why.

No more verbal affidavits for inactive voters.

Note 3 Clark County Election Dept.

Note 4 Cornell Law School LII

And that’s just it’s the technical aspect. The first hand stories of witnesses seeing buses and vans of people from California going from poll station to poll station to vote abound among local Nevadans. Certain unions in Vegas are also known for targeting and rounding up Hispanic working and telling them that if they vote Republican that they’ll be deported. Which means they’re either actively hiring illegal aliens and putting them on buses to illegally vote, or they’re threatening legal citizens and actively meddling in elections.

As if elections in Nevada couldn’t get any more unsecured, Democrat lawyers are currently suing the state to do away with signature matching (which was already too loose and open for interpretation to be reliable) and pushing for ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is when strangers go door to door collecting ballots to turn in, often throwing out ones that go against their agenda, and conveniently keep turning in “ballots” until whatever side they want to win, wins.

Last year they got caught bribing homeless people for votes in California for signatures on petitions and voter registrations, and getting caught on doorbell cameras saying they’d only take ballots if they voted Democrat.

Over 250k harvested ballots showed up in Orange County alone that magically swung an election that was previously going the other way only two weeks earlier. Same in North Carolina, where collecting ballots isn’t even supposed to be legal …but they’re doing it.

There is absolutely no reason to push for any of these fraudulent tactics unless the end goal was to be able to more easily manipulate elections without any traceable accountability.

How do you fix a rigged election system you have to vote on to fix? It’s impossible and dare I say unconstitutional the way the system is already currently set up.

There is currently one candidate running for Congress whose platforms prioritizes a need for voter ID…Mindy Robinson. She’s a conservative political commentator currently running in district 3 southern Nevada. She believes a complete overhaul of the election department is needed immediately. But of course, she still needs to win against a system purposefully designed to disenfranchise her as a Republican.

Robinson’s quoted as saying “We will fail at everything we do UNTIL we secure our elections and end this rigged system. Nevadans voices are not being heard, and they’re definitely not being counted.”


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