Burger King Promotes Violence on Conservatives in Tweet

I like keeping tabs on the absolute cuck island of Lesser Britain not only because it’s a shockingly good avatar of Clown World 2019, but also because it perfectly embodies the trenchant observation that truth is stranger than fiction because, in the end, fiction has to make sense.

What in particular doesn’t make sense this week? Well, on twitter Burger King UK is now (apparently) inciting antifa attacks against British politician and candidates. Yes, you heard that right: a capitalist, billion-dollar transnational corporation is cheering on greasy anarchist leftists as they pelt right wingers with foodstuffs.

You remember my piece last week about Big Tech’s bizarre definition of ‘dangerous’, where I touched upon the milkshake-tossing campaign against going on across the pond? If you haven’t, go check it out:


Well, the milkshake thing apparently took off, then expanded to other right-wing public figures and now includes things like eggs and (allegedly in some cases) even bricks.


Things started getting so out of hand the bobbies even took a momentary break from seizing assault spoons and checking wank licenses to tell Mickey D to stop selling milkshakes:

Now you’d think in this sort of powderkeg political environment that a corporate social media team would tread carefully? Oh you sweet summer child; welcome to the age of Woke Capital.

Oh hai thar

Barreling into this volatile situation much like that night your (ok actually my) methed-out uncle missed a turn and punched his primered shitbox IROC-Z through the neighbor’s barn, the Sovereign of Sammiches dropped this tweet:

(Artist impression of BK HQ)

Of course twitter came to an immediate screeching halt as people dropped less important topics (like trade wars with China and their in-process “Belt and Road” annexation of the western Pacific, two carrier strike groups hauling ass towards Iran to rattle sabers, North Korea not wanting to disarm, etc) to focus on the critical question of finding out exactly why the fuck a second-rate fast food chain was posting like a lunatic.

BK came back later with a soft pedal of a clarification that basically did nothing to really dispute the interpretation that they were inciting assault, especially once Nick Monroe pulled up their twitter likes:

Then there’s this little (since deleted) gem:

The rest of twitter wasn’t having it:

Lefty twitter certainly reveled in it, without pausing to reflect on the irony of corporations aligning with socialists:

Free McMolotov with your happy meal

Of course Facebook immediately classified Burger King as a dangerous organization and deplatformed them, because rules apply equally to ev-ah who the fuck am I kidding, of course nothing happened:

Look, I get how corporate social media accounts occasionally post poorly thought-out things that get misinterpreted. The difference in those cases is as soon as they realize it, the post gets immediately yanked and the company posts profuse apologies to anyone and everyone that might have been even slightly offended. Sometimes, there’s even terminations (especially if it involved stupid interns).

However in this case there have been zero legitimate mea culpas or statements and the tweets remain up, even in the face of widespread media coverage. The only reasonable interpretation to that (lack of) response is that they actually did mean what most people seem to agree is the actual message, which is an endorsement of physical attacks on right-leaning public figures.

Simply put, this is absolutely appalling and incredibly dangerous. It’s one thing for big tech to hobble conservative messaging (which is already unacceptable) but a corporate entity giving their imprimatur for actions with their products that rise to the level of assault is a type of escalation we really don’t need and can ill afford. This is only going to get worse, and there’s no excuse for toxic woke capital going down this path in search of clicks. God help us all if this catches on.

Erin Sith

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