Why the Left is Growing Increasingly Anti-Semitic

(As originally posted on www.AmericanAFMindy.com Jan 18, 2018 but transferred to my Red, White, and F You: Unapologetically Patriotic website)

Although it’s been pretty well established that the Left can neither meme nor rationally debate, there has been something else strange going on with liberals since the election that I can’t seem to ignore…..and that is an increasingly growing anti-Semitic sentiment.

Zionists = Nazis? What the fuck does that even mean? Idiot.

I first noticed it when a college decided to promote a day where only people of color could attend. Not only is that racist as shit…but apparently also applied to the faculty. I guess it obviously wasn’t a day designed to learn anything at Everett college….because students of color began to protest and harass a Jewish professor for trying to teach his scheduled classes.

My first thought was “Huh?” Considering they’re still an ethnic and religious minority….they’re suddenly not minorities enough for the Left anymore? Do thousands of years of persecution, torment, and genocide no longer count for anything? The balls it takes to persecute a Jewish professor because you need a “safe space” from white people for a day….

I blame three main reasons for this….

The first of which, is that the left has no absolutely no idea what the true definition anti-Semitism even is….and the proof of which can be seen in their constant and incessant misuse of the word “Nazi.”

If you are a conservative and have spent anytime on FB this last year, chances are you were called a Nazi about something at least once a day…..doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish…..

Ben Shapiro, conservative Jewish speaker….”Nazi!”

Doesn’t matter if the president recognizes Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel….he’s still a “Nazi!”

Doesn’t even matter if you’re gay, married to a black guy, and Jewish…

Really BuzzFeed…..really?

I mean, they don’t know what racism, sexism, and bigotry mean either, but my Kingdom to watch a Holocaust survivor slap one of these fucking idiots over the head for trivializing mass genocide.

But I digress, the second reason behind this new found hate has to do with the fact that the Left has this sort of love affair with protecting and defending Islam to death….literally, to the death of subjugated women and gays in the Middle East that they have to completely ignore or fear being “Islamophobic.” You see, you can’t be pro-Israel without being anti-Palestine, and well…they just can’t have that.

Gal Gadot is a successful, empowered woman in a business dominated by men….but she’s Isreali so the left is conveniently split on how to view her.


Apparently The Washington Times thinks real Americans give a shit what terrorist sympathizer Linda Sarsour thinks about anything, but it’s a step up from feminists complaining about Wonder Woman shaving her arms I suppose…

Coincidentally, Gal’s expression here is exactly how I feel when the Huff Post shows up on my FB newsfeed. I didn’t see the Left defending her much either when Islamic countries were banning Wonder Woman over her nationality and gender either.

The left has rationalized it in their heads that’s it’s “just a few bad Muslims” while ignoring the fact that a whole section of the globe, including numerous entire countries, use Islam to subjugate women and murder gays.

Yea, of course the American Muslims I’ve met have been relatively nice and normal…..because somewhere down the line they or their parents were smart enough to get the fuck out of the Middle East so they don’t have to worry about getting stoned to death over nothing. I don’t care what you believe in, as long as you don’t try to impose those beliefs on me and start demanding Shariah Law like what’s happening all over Europe, Australia, and now places in NYC and Michigan (thanks Obama.)

Which brings us to the third reason…..they are anti-Israel because conservatives are generally pro-Israel, and well…..doesn’t matter what we say they’re just going to pick the opposite side. Conservatives like cupcakes? Than liberals hate cupcakes. It’s petty and dumb.

Don’t believe me? Remember how feminists shunned pro-life women at their stupid pussy hat march last year? They can’t even tolerate someone being against the killing of unborn babies next to them, simply because it’s generally a conservative leaning ideal…


Remember boys and girls, it’s easier to criticize and hate other people for having opposing ideas than it is to actually work on your own glaring personal issues and insecurities….

If you’re a moderate or old fashion liberal and are thinking about jumping ship now’s a good time if you haven’t already. We got guns, beer, and we’re a lot more fun to hang out with because we’re not offended all the damn time. ‘Merica.

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